St Andrews Healthcare’s recycled income


St Andrews Hospital, Northampton.

St Andrews Hospital, Northampton.

St Andrew’s Healthcare, employs more than 3,000, providing mental healthcare, for psychiatric illnesses, disabilities, and brain injuries.

Through residential and ‘community-based’ care, and training and research at four centres across England.

One of its centres, St Andrews Hospital in Northampton, is the largest psychiatrist residential unit in Europe.

St Andrews Healthcare’s expertise and training has little, if any, independent input.

And despite the danger that all its various roles, psychiatrists, nurses, researchers, trainers are  employed by St Andrews  and  there is therefore a conflict of interests between their professional independence, and their employer’s corporate overriding profit ethos albeit recycled .

More than 95% of its patients, are funded by the NHS.

The average public payment per week  is in the region of £12,000 a week for a secure ward per patient and a likely minimum of £900 a day .

St Andrew’s Healthcare, as a Charity, pays no tax, so  that equal to  £15,000 per week per patient..

Charity tax relief, was historically allowed because individual provided their own money for charitable purposes.

Professor Philip Sugaman, was the chief executive at St Andrew’s Healthcare until 2014.

Due to public criticism of his £653,000 basic salary,

Not the 5 unexpected deaths, in one year, of his service users.

Professor Sugaman dropped his title of chief medical officer, and, salary, to £625,000.

Accounts show that from April 2013 to when he left in February 2014 due to ill health, he had received £285,000.

An historically-agreed leaving package, saw him net an extra £465,000.

A total of £751,000 in a single year.

On top of a £500,000 pension.

At the time, the average pay, of an NHS chief executive was £164,000.

The latest Charity Commission accounts for St Andrews, show a total of 64 members of  staff earned £100,000, or more.

The executive directors and company secretary, earned £941,000 between them, in basic wages,

And, they claimed £19,000 in expenses, and were awarded bonuses totalling £195,000.

Professor Sugarman and Mr Pellington did not receive a bonus.

The accounts saying

Bonus payments are based on the performance of the charity, the quality of services and individual’s performances.”

But there is no measure of outcomes for service users and see inadequate CQC reports on services.’s%20Accounts%20for%202013%20to%202014%20(reduced%20size%20for%20web).pdf

This Company Report states,

during 2013/14 income continued to grow ( untaxed), reflecting growth in occupancy ( more long term residential )as well as an increasingly specialist mix of service users, with a particular emphasis on autistic spectrum disorder and learning disabled.’

So the autistic, and ‘learning disabled’ are now the new goldmine.

This record level of income is accompanied by successful management of costs and finding new and more efficient ways of working’

‘more efficient ways of working’ has resulted in 7 revealed deaths at least, in those paying £6,000 per week for mental health services.

As a society ,should we allow, our most vulnerable, to be removed by court order under MCA and MHA section in secret, to secret, unaccountable ‘treatment’, that is, the most efficient for maximum extortionate profit?

And why is such huge profit allowed, when  our NHS public services are cut to the bone and Trusts have huge deficits .