Who cares? :(

My daughter’s profound thoughts on society on a visit to Chester

Who does Care ?- not the Gov NOT the NHS, not your neighbour the public

Living The Art Life

After a mini-break in Chester last week you would think I’d use this (mostly) art blog as a platform to showcase some of my snaps of the beautiful walled city; it’s fairy-lit alcoves and alleyways, the gothic Chester Cathedral and Tudor architecture or the boats traversing along the River Dee, maybe even the Instagram-worthy shot of my raspberry ripple ice-cream. All this framed by a blue sky and beating sun.

An overall enjoyable experience, yet, what I also took from the trip was a sense that dark shadows seem delineated amid the sunshine.

When briefly passing through the shallow underbelly of Chester, in what is more commonly known as an underpass, the shadow descended. From all angles, the harsh halogen light reflected off the perturbingly pristine white brick walls that narrowed towards the end of my vision, bringing my attention to one lone piece of graffiti at the side –…

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