Shillfield ?

My daughter has just arrived back from Sheffield City Centre

Where, whilst waiting for a delayed bus, she was regaled with 3 anti vax protestors . One, a young lad appeared ASD/LD and handed her three leaflets, the other remained silent whilst an older lady regaled with how the earth was flat and the Queen died in 2017.

She went on to say that all of the Royal Family are paedophiles, and that planes never flew into the Twin Towers on 9/11.

My daughter retorted these arguments would not help her cause and did she know of the yellow card system

She was silent despite it mentioned in her leaflets

Was she deliberately poisoning the anti vaccine protest well ?

Was she a paid crisis actor ?

Are these groups deliberately giving out valid leaflets of the dangers of vaccine and virus sabotaging their message ?

Are they in all cities at bus stops, train stations- anywhere with a captive audience

Who can we trust when our gov pays £320 million for a year long PR contract this year

And at Event 201, WEF told everyone to “flood the zone” even before virus announced.

Who do/can we believe with such mendacity?


  1. I am not personally anti vaccine. I and my husband have had our jabs and so has my son, who has a learning disability, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. However ten days after my son had his second jab, he suffered chronic diarrhoea and began hallucinating. That was six months ago and he is still like it. Stool tests for infection and cancer have proved negative. I have yellow carded it and also written to Nice. No joy. (Apparently it is not in their remit to discuss vaccine problems). I am not seeking damages from the government or the NHS but I just want to know whether his symptoms were caused by the vaccine and how to treat it. It is the not knowing why he has suddenly become psychotic and has chronic diarrhoea that is so worrying. I may be wasting my energy here but has anybody else with similar brain damage like my son been affected this way after receiving the vaccine? Finola I would so like to know why such secrecy around adverse reactions to the vaccine exists especially towards people like my son.


    1. Sorry you and your son have been made to suffer just because you trusted the NHS , but they are not accountable even through yellow card system which they have now made risk adverse and 100,000 thousand adverse effects reported on one facebook site were removed.

      Sadly, and deliberately you will never know the effect on your son, A son who never goes out and is not at risk of virus , yet deemed, like my daughter, to be more vulnerable from it.

      Yellow card on BBC is just a reporting system , many have died, gone blind , permanently disabled but no one cares

      As do not have to,,, as no lawyers to sue and no experts would dare to say connected with vaccine.

      Thank you for your comment. It shows what is actually happening. Just very sad you are put through this on trust without a voice.
      Wish I could do more but will try to blog on averse effects and avoidance of help or exposure.

      Meanwhile we are left with an NHS, we can neither trust or complain about and is run for profit. not the patient and the dark prospect of vaccines for food, jobs, holidays and any social life.

      My thoughts are with you, only wish I could give you more hope as the world gets darker
      Best Wishes Finola


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