Andrew Wyeth: Less Is More

My daughter’s profound words on Wyeth and the meaning of art.

Living The Art Life

I took a shine to this artist years ago, whilst studying at school. From my own crude attempts at recreating his work, I grew more inspired by the austere beauty he captures.

Art was in Wyeth’s blood, being born from a creative and artistic family, isolated in their rural hometown of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and submerged in their artistic endeavours. He was trained from a very young age by his father, a successful and talented artist himself, who illustrated well-known books such as Robinson Crusoe’s Treasure Island. The father and son had a very intimate connection personally, and through art.

At the pinnacle of his career, Wyeth was criticised in newspapers for being too liked by his audience, he committed the outlandish act of grounding the pretension of the high-brow artworld to a more ordinary level, in which ordinary people could relate to his work.

‘Christina’s World’ 1948, tempera…

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