The Disappeared Disabled/Mental – the shocking facts.

Caused by C virus restrictions, we have a mental health crisis – suicides, no support for carers of family disabled, no contact for the lonely. all constant confusion.

The desperate distressed’ s  only option a MHA section. and interminable removal to private hospital -anywhere .

Samaritans are no longer confidential, anyone who cries for help, at risk of loss of all autonomy- drugs, ECG encagement for interminable time under MHA section, as private NHS hospitals paid £13,000 a week per inmate

See Sir Stevens promoting this profit, as mental help

Caused by draconian  covid isolation

Makes millions for NHS England – Cygnet, Priory paid £13,000 a week per sectioned inmate for years with no hope of freedom.

NHS Money, the AIM, HARVESTING the  game, no solution to complex problems possible by prescribed stranger professionals in minutes, with appalling outcomes of a MHA section, as proved by those already held for years on drugs in private hospitals, they are cashcows for billions profit

Sir Stevens employed by UHS USA for eight years, who now own most of hospitals.

conflict of interests as privately funded by NHS England,

With 8 million NHS waiting list yet under a statuary duty to provide health care, with its debt paid off now,and half a million volunteers- where is its responsibility to the sick ? Who regulates it ?


The Francis report stated that systemic, organisational and individual failings contributed to “the normalisation of cruelty” in  Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The 2012/13 Annual Report by Healthwatch England showed 94% of the public agreed that the NHS and social services, could be improved.

1 in 3 of public surveyed, knew someone, who they believed, had experienced a serious mistake, abuse, or a preventable illness or death in a health or social care service.

All local authorities have now combined with the NHS to form Health and Social Care Trusts.

Increasingly these foundation trusts are being converted to private companies and run for max profit like Sheffield Health and Social Care and outsourcing to private hospitals and community living providers owned by US venture capital backed  multinationals like Acadia/UHS.

Last year a report revealed 3 learning disabled a day, died needlessly in NHS care

But these statistics can only…

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