Tools of behaviour control ?

We will change the basic tools that we have used to control human behaviour’
PM 5/7

An unprecedented audacious attack on us.

Note the word human is used, we are now a global species

A million protesters in London alone, were ignored not even mentioned in media

Whilst 320 million paid to a private company 21/22 for virus media PR, to scout the world for stories on deaths from any source to attribute to c virus, and horror and jab the Teletubbies, despite even WHO stating children ought not to be vaccinated.

No media, no politics- the public servants now control us their pay master.

They say jump, we say how high.

Macron follows the dictate- all must be vaccinated

Against a virus with a 0.146% mortality rate and 99.9% survival rate , most dying with pre existing conditions/old age. stating virus not a high consequence infection disease

Daily Mail report 47% of new cases in hospitals have been vaccinated.

So benefits from vaccinations appear little- at best milder symptoms, if you get virus, it does not stop transmission, or catching virus

And 100,000 adverse affects many very serious, including death recorded in days on a facebook group, quickly removed and as a million NHS yellow card adverse effects reported.

Air lines refusing vaccinated flying due to potential blood clots and BUPA, Private Health Insurance refusing claim if thought vaccine induced.

Need to self isolate remains

In trial until 2023 and in any event experimental, never used before.

Effect of mixing different vaccines unknown.

And infection rates still surge.

So what did we get for billions spent and huge health cost of vaccination ?

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