Holiday Con ?

As any holiday can now be removed from the Green List, ie Portugal, where does that leave those already paid up ?

As less than 3 weeks allowed, to surge into Portugal as the only real holiday destination on the green list.

As I found in March 2020, booking Italy, when flights were cancelled, with loveholidays

AFTER 8 months of emails, I received £585 back from the £860 paid

THIS was paid by a venture capital company, who had bought up loveholidays, presumably at the cheapest price as effectively insolvent due to CVIRUS .

So venture capital will have benefited millions from such deductions and a knock down acquisition caused by poltics

So how many companies and mendacious profit can be made from regular transfer and removal to green list ?

As no option but to book green list contries.

Until max thrived from customers, for future control of foreign holidays by venture capital corporations ?

Who will be next to be bought – jet 2, tui ,and travel agencies who might have survived ?

Resulting in huge rip off and a few totally in control monopoly providers.

No choice , and dodgy holidays,

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