Fifth Death St Andrews Hospital, Northampton,Inquest Finding Quashed.

When I worked at St Andrews in 2017 not once did I witness any physically assessment of patients on clozaril. When I raised this to a member of staff, why no physical assessment, he wasn’t able to answer… the staff member was newly qualified, supporting me on induction period.
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Yet £13,000 a week paid by NHS per patient with no tax, as charitable
No regulation , no enquiry, no doubt many more deaths with no adequate or any inquest due to newly created Medical Examiner role ,certifying ‘natural causes’
Why ?


Less than two months, after Bill Johnson’s death, Kristian Thompson, a 19 year old talented cricket player, was found unconscious in a shower, in St Andrews Hospital, Northampton, where he later died.

Kristian-ThompsonOnly weeks before, Kristian, had lost more than 2 stone in weight, and, would ‘’zone out’’, and, be unable to concentrate.

His mother, had raised concerns about the effects of his medication.

His death, shortly afterwards, made her even more concerned, particularly, when she found out, that four other men, on similar medication, had died at St Andrews in the previous 10 months.

Kristian was a fit healthy young man, who found himself in St Andrews, after an assault, just 10 months before his death, which left his behaviour, ‘unpredictable’, and allowed him to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

At Kristian’s inquest, experts gave evidence, that Kristian’s death, may have been caused by sudden adult death…

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