Anorexic Jodie’s Cygnet ‘help’No psychologist, communication, assessment, protection, just death, cost £21,000.

With the death of NIKKI GRAHAME, we must ask what help do they receive for our £13,000 per week per patient in private hospitals ? Outcomes , accountability do not exist but profit does.

Read here, Jodie’s decent, as with all – Thomas Rawnsley into a dustbin costing more of NHS money without even communication, with the service user, let alone care/treatment, but huge payments made by NHS, on the severity that State NONEXISTENT care has created.



Jodie was a former air cadet, 12 GCSE straight A student, with exceptional talents in Maths and Art and ” would always put other people first and was a lovely, thoughtful, caring, creative, adventurous and highly intelligent’

She had battled anorexia and depression since she was 15

“She was very ill but she wanted to get well and move forward, but never got the right help.”

Despite her family fighting’’ tooth and nail all the way through Jodie’s mental health care to try and get her the best support.”

Jodie’s ‘help’ was, the only ‘pathway’ available to an ever increasing number of teenagers with mental health problems.

GP to CAMHS to inpatient, first an eating disorder clinic, where she did start eating and her mood improved, but then suddenly, she again became suicidal and set fire to her bed.

But ,” was horrified by what she had done and the…

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  1. Good question for Judges, Solicitors, NHS, and advocates. They will run from this question. When I asked them.. they ran away and warned me that they will ban me from making any more applications. I did it again and they asked me to “withdraw” my valid application after everything backfired on them while serious wrongdoings/failures are hidden. This is how our Justice system works here in the UK.


      1. Exactly, and all Acts, Guidelines/Practice Directions mention that the UK Government MUST adhere to the vulnerable’s articles:5,6 and 8 of the ECHR and article:12 of the UNCRPD but, they covertly violate, bends and disrespect these articles to protect another Judge’s wrongdoings and there is no one to complain to. Perhaps, Hitler would have done better!!

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