Millions Profit- Despite Acadia/ Priory Deaths ?

USA Acadia Healthcare, bought the Priory Group in 2016 for 850 million dollars and sold it to Waterland in 2020 for £ 1.1 million.

That’s an estimated at least 800 million profit on exchange rates?

And for 4 years Acadia were paid £13,000 a week per patient, by mainly the NHS- OUR MONEY

The Priory had a reputation of providing the best care for the rich and famous

Who paid them under contract and would not return if dissatisfied

What did the NHS patients get for the same amount paid by celebrities ?

Without contract or choice

Read here 12 deaths in the Priory that managed to get out into public media

A 300, 000 fine resulted from Health and Safety Regulation for the life of a 15 year old

This modus of huge profits from mental health was mirrored by Winterbourne View’s sale to Dansell owner of Whorlton Hall, THE then second exposed care scandal

Other than the CQC, check out the reports on Priory from mainly announced paper inspections, these services appear to be the only ones funded by NHS England, as qualified providers under HSCA12, as patients sent hundreds of miles from home for treatment.

So monopoly £13,000 A WEEK per person guaranteed, increasing income from NHS, apparent little oversight of service – No wonder all are globally investing

How can/will services by Waterlands be better than by Acadia ?

For such huge amounts of NHS money and such vulnerable patients.

When their overriding duty is to their shareholders and to make as much profit as possible ?

Profit from us, as vulnerable commodities, is future of mental/behavioural care.

A parent has posted fb that Priory should be closed down, but has been sold to yet another for profit corp

The ASD/LD are made worse by drugs and used as cashcows from public NHS money and sold on if any publicity.

We can’t continue with a system that profits from inadequacy and failure to care as Munro stated


  1. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    Priory Group made 800 million profit on their sale despite 12 deaths that managed to be made public

    How many more we can never know- no relatives and Medical Examiner certifying natural causes ?

    MHA only allows hospitalisation for treatment not death, and NHS pay £13,000 a week for it


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