Thomas Rawnsley- No natural causes.

How could a Court order a Jury to find Thomas died of natural causes ?

After The Coroner removed any issues relevant to his right to life from her Jury only allowed because of Thomas’ Right to life.

Natural causes refer to internal factors — like a medical condition or a disease — as opposed to external factors, like trauma from an accident.

… On a death certificate, natural causes actually refers to the “manner of death” rather than the specific cause.-

A Coronors Court investigates manner of death and will/should not be involved if death natural.

From Thomas death certificate He died of ‘hypoxia and Downs Syndrome’

He was a fit 20 year old, with no history of any serious medical conditions before State and its ‘care’ intervention.

Hypoxia and Downs are not conditions or diseases you die from.

The hospital he was eventually sent to, when effectively clinically dead, was so concerned it issued a safeguarding notice to the relevant authority

A Coroner is only required if a death is suspicious and not of natural causes was notified.

So why a Coroner Inquest ?

The coroner agreed to an NHS investigation into his death– why and why NHS investigating if natural causes ?

Thomas from pictures in this blog and video, had a severe chest infection and was clearly overmedicated, surpressing his body, making it impossible/difficult to breath with an untreated chest infection leading to a heart attack and no oxygen to his brain.

No chest x rays were given- nor it appears any medical attention from an attendant GP to avoid his death

He was given anti biotics but continued to deteriorate, but unseen, as his Mum states;

he did deteriorate but all the staff said he didn’t and he often feigned illness. Also the mars sheets are missing so don’t know what he had

When his Mum cried out for this weeks before he died she was gagged by the Sheffield Court of Protection on specific application on her cry to contact media.

This was after months of her receiving distressing phone calls from Thomas and a huge carpet burn to his stomach from being dragged and a complaint to the CQC that had not even inspected Kingdom House AND DID not do so until 8 months after Thomas’ death.

Here a facebook post by his Mum

Here in a Facebook post his Mum describes 3 days before he died, even then no medical treatment

Thomas‘ Dad shouting in a meeting only a couple of weeks before Thomas died that they were killing our son,

writing to the department of health around the same time begging for help in getting Thomas out of Kingdom house, as our concerns were being ignored and we were treat with contempt for daring to complain about Thomas’ rapidly declining mental and physical well being, that makaton wasn’t being used so the ability to understand Thomas was inadequate or that Thomas was dragged across a floor causing an injury to Thomas torso in the days leading up to his death were irrelevant and only the last few days of Thomas’ life were to be taken into account.

In Kingdom House paid £8.000 + a week for his care, him being one of three cared for, in a house two thirds empty and rated by CQC as good months later with no mention of Thomas death.,,

The 999 transcript from the night 3 days
before Thomaa’ death when I beg them to get an smbulance states that staff lock themselves in the kitchen while my poorly son is left alone screaming in agony and a staff member is shouting that its my fault for mentioning an ambulance.the paramedics turn up with 4 police officers and find that Thomas” oxygen levels are 93% but tell us his stats are fine and he’s ok. Thomas died 3 days later

Lifeways PR comment

No description available.

And a Court OF UK LAW, was allowed to order a Jury to find his death natural ?

another Court of Protection ordered his ‘care’ in Kingdom House, where he died.

Funded by NHS APPROVED and overseen by LA . state protected by natural causes


  1. Shocking and terrible and beyond belief that this coroners court could come to this decision. No assessment or training but powerful medication to keep Thomas compliant.

    The psychiatrist who authorised Thomas’s medication should be struck off. Did the psychiatrist not see how over medicated he was? Christ you only have to look at the photos of Thomas to see how over medicated he was. Where was stomp? Another NHS directive being totally ignored by the medics.

    If this is justice then we should all be afraid for the safety of our loved ones in so called social care.


    1. They decide if overmedicated,,,, so STOMP irrelevant and where are NAS, MENCAP, etc DOWNS CHARITIES WHERE IS ANYONE ? tHANKS FOR REPLY———————– what can will be done ?


  2. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:

    Yet another disabled dies of natural causes. No liability on NHS/LA commissioners and oversight

    another statistic in the 12 a day dying of care that costs 9,000 a week making huge private profit
    Even if coroner involved, no blame and all via short verdict from jury natural causes not care .
    death average for fit ASD/LD 28 why ?

    No investigation if in residential care under dol/ls, no accountability for care and medical examiner, not coroner, usually certifies death from natural causes
    And family often excluded even from visits in MCA best interests

    So profit and death ensured .

    Due process disallowed by State.


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