Life in 2020


Who can heal the pain

When all act in vain

Who can stop the boot

When all seek the loot

Who can see the truth

When under the brute

Who is left to care

When none dare

Who can see if blind

When all unkind

Who can find peace

When contacts cease

Who controls the chains

When humanity wanes

Into the abyss of Hell

As Life has taught us well








One Comment

  1. Excellent! Have you wondered if you send this to your LA, what will they do? They will take it to a monstrous Judge that will Jail you at once as, we do not have Democracy here in the UK. On paper we have Human Rights and Democracy but, not in theory. Imagine, if I make any applications in regards to my VIP {whom they have stolen and allows No Contact}, they have threatened me with a CRO and COSTS against me. I think maybe if he dies, they will allow it. He has been arrested again and is now LOCKED UP but, I dare NOT enquire. They are saying “P does not want you involved/informed without P’s written consent” whilst, both the Police and the Psychiatrist have SENT ME all the information and P clearly lacks Capacity in all areas. Can you Finola see any logic here????


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