The Destruction of Choice in Education

More attacks on public schools to force agenda of for profit, no choice State schools. Public money to private profit agenda. Increases defecit- where is austerity ?

Living The Art Life

I understand there are many students across Britain disappointed with their unfair A-level grades right now. However, these injustices are only being used to fulfil yet even more political agendas, where the route cause is never addressed.

Speaking as someone who’s gone to private school, and has faced injustices with the AQA marking system, as have my fellow pupils of the class of 2017, where my art class all received B grades, despite a range of ability, a partially blind man would notice, that remained unchanged even after two group appeals pushed by my headmaster (who left the school not a year later).

The only other private school’s art class in Sheffield also received an anomalously low range of results, that teachers did not even apply for a single appeal over, despite students’ concerns and disappointment. The same can be said with other Arts subjects where marking…

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