Deaths at St. Andrews Hospital, Northampton

St Andrews Hospital, Northampton made a profit tax free as a ‘charity’ of 187.5 millions over 5 years ago, now far more ?

98% OF this money appears to be from public NHS funds

A director earns more than £675,000 A YEAR, see in blogs the others paid similar,
yet 4 patients died within months with same symptoms. in the same 8 bed ward

THE new consultant overseer of ward stated no previous discussions of deaths before his take over.
All died of natural causes

Inquest into one not reopened
No investigation into ST ANDREWS care to date, other than TV who appeared not to be able to gain entry.
Even if accountability proved ,and made public.  It would result in a ST ANDREWS buy out by corporate venture capital, at a cheap/knockdown price, where all could be hidden- deaths, NHS payments  by commercial confidentiality’

ALL MADE MUCH WORSE by even less accountability and even more profit.


St Andrews Hospital, Northampton.

An inquest into the death of 41 year old William Johnson, who had lived in St Andrews for 18 years, heard 3 other men on his ward had predeceased him, exhibiting  similar symptoms and on the similar medication.

The first death was on October 23rd 2010, second March 31st 2011, third April 3rd 2011 and then, Mr Johnson on May 31st 2011.

4 deaths, half the 8 bedded ward, in just 8 months.

This ward was costing the tax payer at least £ 96,000 per week tax free of NHS public money.

why did William die? For his care costing then over £10,000, A WEEK.

A Coroner, delivered a narrative verdict .

And he refused to reopen the inquest.

The only other inquest into the previous deaths had recorded death by ‘natural causes’.

Narrative verdicts were created in 2004, and merely describe the circumstances of a death not how it was caused.

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