Profitable Retardation of the Autistic ? Learning ‘Difficulty’ conflated to ‘Disability’.

As Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, build a new learning disabled hospital ,we must ask why to be learning disabled  is an illness, there are no physical signs, and why NHS pay £13,000 a week, per learning disabled patient, and for what  and why?

Who owns and will profit from Mersey Care ?

It appears at least a quasi private trust from its accounts below

Following our acquisition of community services for South Sefton and Liverpool from
Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, from 1 April 2018 we now provide clinical
services are provided from 65 sites across the North West. Our teams are supported
by a corporate team based at our offices in Prescot, Merseyside and Liverpool
Innovation Park. Around 8,000 staff serve a population of almost 11 million people.

These hospitals are the new private ATUs, that huge campaigns for years have forced ASD/LD out of, just another name, another PR

Public NHS is mendaciously replaced by private with overriding duty to profit, with no accountability for services or the amount of public money spent……………

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 gave all funding of NHS, to NHS England through CCGS locally, to anyone they deem a qualified provider, for any amount

Cambian/lifeways OWNED by UHS’cygnet, are the main qualified providers paid £9,000 + per week by NHS for these ASD/LD for life in ‘community care’

All is a turf war for the learning disabled including schooling like KISMUL who are building homes for them after 18

Huge profit making pathways based on the destruction and harvesting of learning disabled…………..



As Liverpool Health NHS Foundation Trust opens new learning disabled hospital

Plans approved for new learning disabilities hospital in Merseyside

We must ask why learning disability is now a physical illness and those with these difficculty are put in hospitals.

Could be the £13,000 A WEEK per patient paid by NHS

Autism, despite its  vague, non pathological definition.

And  vague criteria  diagnoses- lack of imagination and social communication.

Is the UK’s most costly medical condition.

Why ?

Because, ‘autism’ is so vague  it is the ultimate cash cow.

Despite treatment having little effect.

Analysis finds weak evidence for most autism treatments

And with the billions ploughed into the industry  outcomes for the autistic are  now dire- medication damage, early death and institutionalisation for life.

The autism industry has built a lucrative empire by autism  awareness, detection, and diagnosis.

I always worried about the more intelligent, and/or less obedient…

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