ALERT, this “Pandemic” is a total scam.

we must examine the facts behind the shut down and total control of our world


Unbelievable to think, but after a lot of research it has become clear that this Corona pandemic event is a complete and utterly dangerous scam.

Even if there is a virus, Italy has reported 99% of victims had pre-existing conditions, half had over three, and the median age of deaths is over 80yrs, as reported by Bloomberg.

And in Germany, replicating the stats in S.Korea where testing is more comprehensive, the death rate is 0.3%, which is worse than flu, and which justifies a triage, with the 1.5 million UK people know to the NHS being isolated and protected alongside isolation of those who test positive or have symptoms. It does not justify the forced shut down of our entire economy, and the total devastation of the stock market, job market and pension funds.

John Rappoport explains the scam
In other words, this is no different to theā€¦

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