Coronavirus can shut down the world -the tool of Global Control?

hitler-quote lie

What better time to create a phenomenon, that can control global/national and individual behaviour, economics and politics.

As the EU disintegrates- Italy, the main target, wants independent currency, no migrants, and seeks trade deals with China.

Merkel, has lost control of Germany to nationalist parties .

Macron is a puppet president at the mercy of a yellow vest rebellion, Spain wants out, and UK is, after a huge fight.

Spain’s death toll now surpasses China , as soon Italy will

Convenient, as both Spain and Italy  want out of EU and can now be bankrupted, to be controlled by EU.

During UK lockdown EU demand delay of Brexit due to virus

Global, particularly, European debt is at an all time high, as more non exist money is eased in.

The Euro is in crisis, and only the minor EU players like Greece,Ireland etc are under forced compliance due to their deliberate bankruptcy.

What better way to distract citizens from their economic plight and politics, than control their social interactions, with fear of death, lock down and empty shops ?

To plough the world into global recession, with  below zero rate interest on deposits, so banks can steal individual depositors money ,whilst charging 40% interest on overdrafts of the businesses and people affected.

Create the biggest lie, Emperors Clothes effect, that must be believed,

as if not, death may follow.

It appears if you control the media and a few ‘experts’ you can control all on a whim, a prepared plan,

All that is needed is every media platform .

As Orwell knew information is all.

Facts and their source are controlled, and spun for fear

And even then, these are the facts given;

To date 798 in UK have tested positive, one death in Scotland,11 in UK, most with underlying health conditions

Far, far less than the winter flu epidemic.

The old and ill, most have serious preconditions- cancer, heart/lung diseases and appear the only deaths, and each day a new celebrity tests positive.

At 19/3 all schools, colleges and universities are closed. Cinemas, churches all put into isolation.

On back of 29 deaths in England the ages and health conditions of which are not given

144 in UK.

At 20/3 a man arrested and faces jail for ‘failing to isolate’ in South Africa

Within 48 hours now a criminal offence in UK.

Where are our civil liberties where is democracy and parliament in all this ?

233 deaths in UK , at 21/3 POP 68 MILLION, HOW many old /serious health conditions unknown.

The max use of safeguarding, locking all out from any contact.

Max social control, psychological obedience to authority, which will have an intrinsic effect on all nations.

By 22/3 twitter/facebook full of those who think they have symptoms.

But , this is used by media to extra terrorise by saying there are no symptoms.

At 23/3 there are peculiar symptoms like loss of smell

Now BY 22/3, only 281 deaths in UK

422 in UK- out of 66 million, by the 24/3.

MHA emergency legislation allows sectioning of mental without 2 specialists, as Matt Hancock ploughs even more money into private no doubt 14,000 a week per patient mental beds.

By 25/3 403,000 volunteers, unpaid labour, helps NHS a billion pound making huge profit for UHS USA industry via Cygnet that has now bought up Priory Group.

Yet now only 10 deaths in Scotland and 2 in Northern Ireland , announced with glee by media terror mongers.

All must be 3ft apart in shops etc and all are forced to outside takeaways and the old really suspect.

Community destroyed. All for self and hypochondria.

Schadenfraud rules-‘ I am not dead’ – they could be soon

At 23/3 with 8 dead in Scotland and Wales ie out of 5 million+, a stand in for PM if he becomes ‘unwell’ and many retailers close on High street.

303 deaths in England

Still ,all serious pre conditions of their health, or age, unknown.

Appealing to, and inuring, the most selfish/centralist behaviour

Yet 3 a day mentally disabled die in state care, actual death figures, not even centrally recorded.

‘Fake news’, any question of accepted media, is now a criminal offence

By 25/3 a quarter of the world’s population is in lock down

Prince Charles in his seventies has tested positive , displaying ‘mild symptoms’

This displays the problem undiscussed What is the test for the virus ?

And would age and ‘ mild symptoms’ fulfil it and a later death from another cause result in, merely by this test, the death being from corona virus.

Creating statistics .

This accords with the main numbers dying being the old and those with serious health conditions.

Read here, noone knows actual statistics of those that would have died anyway from natural causes

This disturbing insight into the statistics is by the BBC, a known establishment mouthpiece

But comes 2 days. after a Boris announcement on the reduction of its funding.

What we need and do not have are the statistics of those dying each year from natural causes, and how many more have died  from normally, to create this panic/endemic.

But, this will be dependent on a corona virus test, which appears so vague , to be based on the symptoms this dying group already have.

Rigging in favour of the virus,  ie those that died had the virus and died from it falsely alone, and making any exercise to find out if the virus caused their deaths pyric/useless

So a pandemic,  can be created resulting in total control.

At 26/3 we are kept now 3 metres apart, as we wait outside local supermarkets, as only 6 a time allowed in, yet all are crushed together in London tubes and national trains.

Government  plans to plough money into self employed- why to help ?

Indebting them to banks and removing their self employment to Corporate venture capital profit

40% interest on their overdrafts- profit banks and ensure they can’t remain solvent for long

And their unsecured creditors are not paid and ripe for take over by same banks


Scavenging for max profit and monopoly of all services with total control.

By 26/3, 578 in UK, who tested virus positive, have died yet we are not told if they died of the virus or another cause.

AND 3.3 Million Americans have lost their jobs because of the effect.

On same day South Africa has been put into lock down, despite no deaths there from coronavirus.

26/3 Contagion movie on ITV TV back to back twice in lock down at home in uk

21 year old Chloe,  in all media has died of the virus, her family reporting no medical problems, yet coronavirus, was not recorded by the hospital as the reason for her death

She died of an unrelated heart attack and had not even tested positive for virus yet media reported she died from it

What does this say of media, and all information about the virus and those purportedly dying from it ?

‘early warning response’, from EU ventilator manufacturers, making profit, to feed into to prevention of death

Will they avoid deaths ? how much profit made? Noone enquires

All flights anywhere out of UK cancelled

Basic questions remain unanswered, yet the effect is economically catastrophic

What exactly is this virus and danger ?

Science, is subject to its pay masters and per se, ever changing.

We must trust all experts, death statistics from whatever source.

for globalism advantage from virus see here,

An economic tsunami

Where did this virus emanate from ? Some say USA.

Who decides country lock down and policy of control.?

Lets consider the power given to the globerlisers

The power to control politics, society, INDIVIDUALS and world economies, particularly iin Europe

To bankrupt and scavenge companies at will, and control currencies and societies

Already, UK venture capital is buying up airlines to avoid bankruptcy.

Billions of our money is available without Parliamentary consent

For what ? And for what profit ?

Venture capital, Banks will own more, monopolise more

Some might see it as a health scare, others economic and political terrorism

Without the bombs and ammunition of a third world war, far more effective to maintain and further globel power.

we Will see the havoc that the after effect of this most audacious globel edict will reap

But, it will result in huge global control and profit, far, far worse than the deaths of a few .

far less than die in state care for profit and annually from flu.

A virus can control the world with few deaths and no investigation of its origins or effect.

The purpose of this ‘pandemic’, will be achieved without us knowing it, and as always, because of our ego, in our best interests.

Readers, understandably, may not have the psychological strength to consider my words, and dismiss them as another ‘conspiracy theory’, but remember, this term was created by the CIA in 1967 for such use.

Freedom of thought, let alone opinion, and the world are in peril.

at 28.3 the latest research on virus as 20, 000 uk are told they could die.,

As 36 die in Ireland, there is lock down but one million died of potato famine and were ignored.

Even history is mocked, as is all, on the back of a preventative health scare.

More experts crtise panic


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