#Scaremongering #Covid19: #Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is #fear!

We are controlled by media here is the proof, Facts are now irrelevant in this age of media control

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Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is fearFewer people are sick each day, and yet there’s no sign of panic abating | Kit Knightly | Off Guardian | 5 March 2020

Shall we start off this little overview with some cold hard facts? Not the ones about death rates, and the flu, and clinical diagnosis. We’ve done that. A lot.

No this is just simple maths; There are, according to official estimates, fewer people with coronavirus today, than yesterday.

That has been true every day since February 17th.

Here’s a graph showing global “active cases”:

Here’s a graph showing the number of daily new diagnoses with the number of daily recoveries:

Here’s a graph showing the daily change in death rate vs the daily change in recovery rate:

To sum up, according to official estimates, every day for over two weeks, fewer people have the disease, a…

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