NHS Safeguarding Issue re Issy.

The s47 MCA application by Sheffield City Council to the local designated Sheffield, Court of Protection in February 2015, was withdrawn in 2017, due to SCC’s refusal to fund Issy’s support ( presumably in her family home).

Local COP transferred this application to Sheffield Health and Social Care, a NHS Foundation Trust, privatised, Corporate since 2015.

An NHS, CSA meeting was held with all concerned, including the manager of the care company, we had paid privately for and found, its care worker had disappeared without notice reporting no safeguarding issues or problems with parents, but eight months later, her manager reported in the CSA meeting I was ‘running opposition’.

Issy’s NHS ‘intensive’ support team consisted of a ‘consultant’ nurse lead , a ‘consultant’ psychologist, a Developmental Officer, and psychiatrist medicator.

The use of the term ‘consultant’ made qualifications and role unclear.

But the psychiatrist assured us- The team would be doing the same for Issy, as if she were living in the proposed State facility, which they oversaw.

Not much comfort, when that facility – Kingdom House Lifeways/Cambian, had resulted in the death of Thomas Rawnsley, a healthy 20 year old, on the very day Issy was to be sent to it.

Six monthly meetings resulted in a raft of medication, including Prozac, already given to Issy at 15, resulting, as it did then, in extreme aggression and agitation, as it did again, and as always an anti psychotic was added.

But Issy still refused to leave our house, becoming more unsettled and not sleeping so benzo’s were added.

But these made her more aggressive.

Strangely, on the NHS’s thrice weekly arrivals, no one ever asked how we were coping, or commented on the new beds in the utility room they passed through, needed, due to Issy’s continued incontinence and distress.

For over a year all conversation appeared prescribed, us doing, as always, most, if not all, of the talking.

Eventually, I became so frustrated I dared ( Issy could be taken at anytime on NHS application ) to ask, why no one ever asked how we coped with years of sleepless nights and Issy’s demanding, agitated, unpredictable behaviour.

As a result the ‘consultant’ psychologist disappeared, and the development officer asked me twice, in two months, a perfunctory ‘how are you ?,

satisfied with my ‘fine thanks’.

Eventually, he too disappeared, and for a time we had, I assume his replacement, and another lady, both roles unexplained

So after 3 years of this intensive ‘support’, lasting 5 minutes, if Issy were asleep, and 15-20 minutes to cover 3 attempts to engage her if awake, we were left with one lady.

Two weeks ago, on needing to have the ‘consultant’ nurse authenticate yet another repeat 32 page benefit application form, we found she had retired

On contacting the consultant nurse’s replacement, she told us a safeguarding issue had been raised by our lady worker, in respect to Issy’s hygiene.

The worker then failed to arrive at our home for her visit.

We waited terrified, no notification, no show , reigniting our past experiences.

Would Issy be gone before Christmas ?

The ‘consultant’ nurse replacement did show as notified, with NHS Director a consultant’ clinical psychologist.

But not the worker who notified the safeguarding issue.

We were not told he, or indeed who, was to be in our kitchen, assuming the support worker who raised the safeguarding issue, would arrive also.

In the kitchen, with Issy asleep having been up 28 hours, I reminded both that I had a written agreement with the then head of SHSC Corporate Services, I quote her;

‘I can assure you that if either ( named previous DW and worker ) have any concerns relating to Isabel’s care they will inform you immediately while they are in your home.’

But they said they were unaware of this, and said this head of Corporate Services no longer worked for the Trust.

And later asked for a copy which I sent but was not even acknowledged.

I also asked if our thrice weekly lady worker had informed them that our central heating and water boiler had packed up, and we had been without hot water for two weeks, a fact this lady had been made aware of at the time.

No, they were unaware of the crucial fact,,,,,,,,that we had had no hot water.

The said lady worker arrived at her designated time two days after this meeting, the day before Christmas Eve.

Visibly distressed, and without any question on the issue, she declared that she did not raise any safeguarding issue.

At a regular meeting she had updated on Issy, she was still not sleeping and had bathing difficulties.

When she had found out a Safeguarding had been notified, she threatened to leave the team.

Her hands are tied, by no doubt a zero hour contract and a need to earn…………..

We, as always await whatever happens,………… under the boot.

433 millions government LA money, is now available to Corporate NHS, to find safeguarding issues but not in its State Care, where 3 a day died 6 years ago


Where Issy suffered 2 potentially fatal facial impactions, 48 bruises, PTSD , two bites, conjunctives, malnutrition.

We do not know, nor can find out, due to ‘commercial confidentiality’, how much of our money has already been spent on our Corporate NHS intensive support.

But know millions of our money, has already been spent destroying our child.

The number of deaths in SHSC is shown hereSHSC Deaths FOI 416 039

Note, in answer to last FOI question appears no investigation into deaths so no safeguarding enquiry before or after a death.

So no safeguarding in State for profit care.

amoss.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/sheffield-health-and-social-care.jpg” alt=”Sheffield-Health-and-social-care” width=”360″ height=”180″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-6005″ />Sheffield-Health-and-social-careSheffield-Health-and-social-care


  1. Several months ago I asked Surrey Adult Services to put in place their safeguarding protocols for financial abuse. Surrey had failed, since April 2014, to pay Martin his lower mobility allowance.(He is still on DLA high and mobilitly low). Martin was aware of this failure, and his bank statement had no payments recorded. Anyway Martin should be on Continuing health care. It was decided by the Cardiff safeguarding team on 9th October that the matter would be investigated by their safeguarding team. I was then informed that the “enquiry was closed” by Cardiff. Surrey MASH no longer functions – I merely get acknowledgement of my e mail. All the managers have simply disappeared. Martin is owed approx £5000 ongoing, and I am owed £44,000 (charged to Martin for care home fees when it should have been Continuing Health Care) This is electronic money, and it simply doesn’t exist. (see the post office). Martin was due to come home on the 21st, it was cancelled 10 days before. And so on ad infinitum. I really liked “corporate confidentiality” Martin’s fees continue at £2,400 a week – now £2,600,000. All my sympathy Shirley and Martin.


  2. Safe Guarding has huge implications. My husband was safeguarded against me, because the NHS assumed he was undermedicated. Consequently, on hospital admittance he was medicated up to the hilt. Hallucinating he did not have an informed choice and because of the safe guarding I was disrergarded – as was a genetic test which depicted his inability to break down medications efficiently. Death was inevitable, due to medication toxicites. One of the remarks I made to the coroner was, ‘Where was the safe guarding against the professionals? In my experience NHS professionals are protected against safeguarding.


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