How to Rule the World- Obedience to Authority


As a child born in poverty, I asked why, to be told, there will always be ‘us and them’.

I could not accept this, and wondered why everyone else did.

As a lecturer adult, I invited questions, pleased by enquiring minds that taught me so much.

But noticed over the years, the questions slowly decreased, replaced by obedience to every word I uttered, particularly, if on a Power point.

I began to wonder why, even nonsense, was never challenged.

I’d try to expose this obedience, by putting up a complicated diagram,unrelated to my legal teaching, and watched as students slavishly transcribed, and then stopped them to ask why ? to make my point.

This was in 2008, before Top up Fees.

Ten years earlier, I had been frogmarched with other lecturers at the College of Law ( now bought up by USA and renamed University of Law UK ) to a London Hotel, to be told how to lecture by an ex Russian American magician, and blinded by science and nonsense. I wondered why then . Now I knew.

‘Education’ was to con and control, this was the future.

Questions could no longer be asked.

Acceptance was all.

As children, my students had been taught that authority could not be questioned.

They knew success lay in following the leader in playground and class.

All was simple- you did what you were told.

The bully ruled.

Herd mentality was entrenched in all

All reduced to following to survive.

This is how you rule the world- as Hitler knew, if you control the youth, you control the future nation.

And the adults ?

by the creation of Equality and Liberalism, destruction of politics, law, professions, families, relationships, religion,media and even thought, by Racism. Feminism, Sexism, Class-ism, Genderism, Professionalism, Totalitarianism..

Boot on head.

As the all powerful, via money, gobble up by capitalism to further evermore totalitarianism.

Any powerful person, dissident or not – Assange, Trump, Prince Andrew,Michael Jackson, Weinshein, Clifford

Could be destroyed, so all were made scared.

Fear and money are the weapons, the world the goal

And from top to bottom, they control this agenda, which even two World Wars only dented and Huxley and Orwell only nightmared of.

We are given a choice in the forthcoming election between furthering Globerlisation to rule the world via no Brexit Labour, or increased scavenging for profit and oppression of the UK, Tory

Both favour the horror of totalitarianism and oppression.

As my wise childhood friends told me – there will always be us and them

I still can’t accept it, although it appears the reality.


  1. If you’ve a religion that’s spiritual and practical, you’re free of them and us, in a way, unless you’re in a concentration camp or tortured or starving. Mine is a leveller at it’s root, it says we’re all equal to our creator, and pain and joy touch every one including ‘them’. The richest or most powerful are in a hell where they keep exploiting – but will pay in the end.


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