The EU believe ”Brexit will die” if they keep postponing it – Part ii

If we can’t brexit we can do nothing,

and are at the mercy of a ruthless State, that only has its own interests at heart and the will to use us per se, as commodities – the old, distressed, disabled, our babies and children, our health and education all for profit and their benefit.

What power to we have if a one person one vote has no effect ?


These EU people delude themselves if they believe that the British people will simply let Brexit die. They really don’t know the British people very well do they? We have long memories & do not give in to foreign threats or intransigence. when Nigel Farage returns to Brussels with 70 Brexit MEPs they will get a flavour of what their attempts to block our decision is going to cost them. And as Corporal Jones would say: ”They won’t like it up ’em.”

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