A Land Uncharted: the Persecution of Julian Assange

As globerlisation takes hold, all will be owned by corporate internationals who control all everywhere including all media.

All will be hidden. We will be at the mercy of profit and PR.

Brexit threatens this, so is avoided, although France, Germany, Italy and most are now against the EU project.

We must fight against global totalitarianism of all .

We will have no information, law and be controlled zero hour slaves owning nothing with no rights.

Desultory Heroics

Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair

By Kenn Orphan

Source: CounterPunch

“The freedom of the press is not safe. It’s over. And I think our republic is in its last days, because unauthorized disclosures of this kind are the lifeblood of a republic.”

– Daniel Ellsberg

The persecution and arrest of Julian Assange is the first and most definitive step toward full blown global fascism. The symbolism of a gravely ill journalist being manhandled by uniformed henchmen is the exact imagery it needed to send a chilling message to whistleblowers and the press. The assault and eventual dismantling of what remains of a free press has always been that first step, and it is what lies on the horizon barring mass dissent. For decades the mainstream media has acquiesced to the demands of the corporate world of high finance that now owns them outright and the military and surveillance state that…

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