Care Orders – Ultimate Profit and Control not Protection ?

Foster Care Associates sold to private equity firm CapVest Partners. …
When we wrote our Foster Care Business report in 2015, Core Assets Group had paid out over £18 million in dividends in just the previous two years.

The man behind CapVest is Irish tycoon Seamus Fitzpatrick, reckoned to be worth €97 million.

7 Nov 2018

95,837- 1% of UK children, have now been made statutory orphans by care orders, their home, parents and family replaced by a multibillion pound, largely


So no accountability or transparency for public billions and 1% of our children.

As this industry is ever greedy, these numbers continue to rise , adoption and fostering adverts are every where.

Heads of the Family Division- Sir James Munby and McFarlene continue to protest at the numbers in care.

Tony Blair and subsequent governments knew child protection could be a huge public money spinner and by media, executive structures and the law, conspired to feed it


So much so, LAs are now bankrupting themselves by siphoning off public money into private coffers.

Increasingly, LAs protection duties are being replaced by community trusts, such as Doncaster Childrens Services Trust, Achieving for children and CORAM, ripe for full privatisation.

These companies and LAs assess, and outsource via court order placements to private companies for fostering, adoption and residential homes,.

It has been estimated that it costs an LA £250,000 a year per child for a foster/care home placement.

Childrens homes are paid three times more than Eton at 200,000 + a year per child.

So children have a huge bounty on their heads and this produces a huge profit motive to remove to a care placement rather than reunify with their families.

All that is required for removal, is an application to a care court and proof on the balance of probabilities of ‘a risk of significant harm’.

Harm’ has been continually widened by the NSPCC to now nebulous ‘neglect’ and by statue to witnessing abuse including financial,

significant’ appears to be forgotten, and any future risk only is sufficient.

So it is impossible to perceive of a more expansive requirement for a care order which appears legally and practically impossible to oppose.

European and HRA law stating permanent removal should be exceptional, as a last resort, is ignored.

This means that Private quasi companies and LAs can control all aspects of family life including our children’s education , emotional welfare and medical treatment by care orders.

And their overriding ethos is profit or sustainability, not child welfare.

So much so, LAs have tried to exempt themselves from liability for child protection services by statue, but failed because of Munro opposed it, and more recently the High Court in respect to fostering.

80% of care orders are for neglect these including children deemed to live in ‘dysfunctional’ families.

Very few removed have suffered any actual physical or sexual abuse, prevention of harm is  the ethos.

Hospitals classify an injury as either accidental, therefore neglect, or non accidental – abuse, making it risky to take your children to casualty.

As many as can be harvested feed this industry. GPs ,schools, clubs and all agencies are trained to look for neglect/abuse first and communicate anything suspicious on secret MASH ( multi agency safeguarding hubs) computer sites.

Despite the rule of law, each LA assessor has it own definition of ‘harm’ and removal is by easily controlled local magistrates and care courts, whose judgements and proceedings are in secret and even judgments are rarely published.

So justice need not be even seen to have been done.

Appeals are practically almost impossible, even to the High Court, and an adoption reversal impossible, no matter how great the injustice, see the Webster Case.

Whether your child is removed also depends not only on your LA, but on where you live in the UK., only 35 per 10,000 children are in foster/residential care in Northern Ireland, 82 in Scotland and 62 in Wales and 52 in England.

England could save 1.5bn if it followed Northern Ireland’s example, which spends half its budget on preventing removal with no worsened outcomes for children shown. nhs

But there is no evidence, or even research that all our public billions with its destruction of millions of lives, has actually improved UK child protection.

UK has one of the highest child mortality rates.

Indeed, the much publicised horrific failures of protection were at the hands of the State itself-, Baby Peter and Victoria Climbie died in LA approved care.

And the boys in Doncaster, convicted of attempted murder were in foster care.

And this media exposure was then used to privatise LA child protection in Doncaster, and increase care applications .

Nor is there any evidence that it has improved outcomes for children, as outcomes for children in care continue to be much worse than for their peers.

only 14% achieved 5 A*-C GCSEs in 2015 compared to 55% nationally.

They are five times more likely to face exclusion from school and are hugely overrepresented in the youth justice system.

In 2015-2016 it was estimated that approximately 39% of the children in secure training centres had been in care.

The fostering industry is worth 1.7 billon of public money but largely unaccountable for its services.

22.7 % of foster placements breakdown and more than a fifth of UK children in foster care have moved home two or more times a year,

That equates to a lot of disruption and paid strangers in a child’s life time.

24,320 children went missing from care between 2012 -13, less than 2 years and in 2008  police searched for 10,000 a year in one year, spending even more public money and we have no definitive numbers of those still missing.

Read here the fate of one girl,who was adopted and only revealed because a High Court judge thought it ought in the public interest

Many have been groomed and raped as was Katie.

Far more emotional abuse than if left with their families.

But no one researches the affect of being taken from your family and brought up by several sets of strangers and it is not on the statutory welfare check list.

These children grow into adults who have had a lifetime of disruption, lost their family network and are left alone in the world.

Many suffer mental illness and even commit suicide.

Some mothers prefer to kill their children rather than see them in care – one after 60 professionals had arrived at her home and care was imminent for her 3 disabled children,

Another a child protection LA manager, Lianne Smith, took her baby son and infant daughter on the perfect holiday before suffocating them in their Hotel Miramar room.

Forced removal of babies is at an all time high as each baby is worth a minimum of £27,000 up to £54,000 to an adoption agency.

Between 2007 and 2014 a total of 13,248 babies were removed by the authorities.

Each baby was worth 27,000 up to £54,000 IF deemed hard of adopt easy to do, of public money to the adoption agency.

One mother had 17 babies removed.

in 2013, 2,018 babies were taken into care at birth or soon afterwards as opposed to 802 in 2008.

A senior judge in Milan declared that an Italian mothers treatment by a secret court resembled a horror film an unprecedented ‘act of extreme violence’ that could not have happened in Italy.

The mother had stayed in a hotel to attend an interview with Ryan air, she got the job, but lost her baby, when she was sectioned in the hotel, detained for weeks until her baby could be removed by Caesarean without her knowledge by court of protection order.
This Italian exposure -not allowed in UK- forced social workers to have to explain their actions to the head of the family division.

But the little girl is now adopted estranged for ever from her siblings, mother, father and grandparents.

Adoption and ever earlier State intervention have been seen by courts to be in a child’s welfare and the best option for a child, as the most ‘permanent’ of placements.

Yet we have no definitive number of adoption breakdowns nor those re entering care or outcomes for these children.

CORAM in 2008 paid £3,000 to assess families but £27, for an adoption from care so there is a huge conflict of interests between these roles

Care Orders are also the ultimate weapons of social control

Children are changing sex without their parents knowledge and being taken into care if their parents object

Such is the inference of State between parent and child the basic tenant of family life and society.

NHS can use them to enforce any NHS treatment as shown by Ashya King, whose parents were arrested and imprisoned when they arranged alternative treatment, which has now cleared their son of cancer.


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