Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

As millions are being made from tearing families apart and destroying lives nothing is being done except more greed and ease of removal of very lucrative commodities by courts LA outsourcers. Its our money, our children, our courts, our law we finance it all and private profits.
The foster care industry is venture capital backed private unaccountable and worth 1.7 billion on public money.via Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

The average foster placement is for less than two years, a fifth breakdown and many have over 3 placements a year, that is a lot of disruption- schools, friends, community and contact with many paid strangers, who replace their family.

Over 10,000 go missing, some never found. Read Sun expose and profit involved and think of the fate of these children so expensively cared for by the now for profit State.


  1. We go over the same ritual over and over so often on here and on FB regarding how unjust, unfair, inhumane, deeply distressing and wholly unacceptable the Family Justice System is in the UK but, is like we have No Voice. Soem of us just “Give Up” in frustration becuase, once we tell “The Truth”.. The biased Judges hates us, they prefer to listen to a person/advocate/SW “who tell lies” and they gladly accepts those lies. So, there you go..that’s Democracy for you in UnGreat Britain.


  2. We now know that proffesionals lie and sex up the truth so it sounds like what they want it to son like.
    They lie about autistic people to get them locked up.they lie in family courts to remove kids .they lie.this is sadidisic times we live in


    1. It is not the individual they have to do what they are told or lose their job. It is a gov policy enacted through the courts and all agencies to siphon as much public money as possible into for profit private companies with no accountability for their enforced services and they are fed with children, mental disabled which have huge bounties on their heads and no rights. We have been made commodities for profit from our own money


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