As unknown numbers of physically healthy patients, die in mental hospitals, with no independent enquiry and mentalhospitals are now mainly private- Cygnet/Priory, eating a quarter of the whole NHS England budget.
Such private hospitals can avoid FOIA on grounds of commercial confidentiality. Patients are effectively MHA sectioned for life, all all are employed by the hospital o under control and a single patient earns 13,000 a week NHS money and often die yet this is deemed ‘treatment’ under MHA . These troubled human beings fuel our economy at expense of our huge ever increasing deficit and NHS,and often their lives YET noone does anything.

Psychiatric Abuse UK

8 years trapped in cygnet             Elizabeth has been under two Cygnet Healthcares – one in Cygnet Stevenage and one that is supposed to be the flagship in Beckton.  I have been to their conference at the Royal College of GPs and I went with someone I know who has a brother in this expensive private hospital who wishes to be transferred elsewhere.   I was extremely interested in the conference which was very well organised and took part in a workshop called “least restrictive care” –  well I had to say what I thought –  Elizabeth thought it was like prison and I could not disagree with this description.

Most disturbingly, drugs are given at enormous levels to some patients. I list below the drugs given to the young person photographed above who has given her permission for her case to be made public as she would like to…

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