Virgin Care terminates £270m prime provider role

As nhs england plays monopoly with our public money and certain cashstrapped services suffer we must repeal the Health and Social Care Act 12 that sold our NHS TO NHS England and reclaim it for the public who fund it


Virgin Care has terminated large parts of a controversial prime provider contract in the West Midlands, HSJ can reveal

Following an 18-month dispute with East Staffordshire CCG, Virgin Care has terminated all commissioning elements of its £270m prime provider contract.

On 25 September the provider handed the CCG partial termination notices for all services it is not the direct provider of. This includes hospital-based services, 111 and out of hours services.

Services provided directly by Virgin Care, which will remain part of the contract include community nursing, specialist nursing, care coordination and care navigation.

In 2015 East Staffordshire CCG awarded Virgin Care a fixed price, seven-year, prime provider contract worth £270m for community services.

As part of the contract, called “Improving lives”, Virgin Care took on the responsibility for the commissioning and integration of services for frail elderly patients and people with long term conditions.

When the contract…

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  1. It will never stop. Corruption upon corruption. See The Guardian today. Yesterday I had to tell Martin that the LA will do nothing at all to pay him the money they owe him for the last four years. The LA state they do not owe him the money because I failed to register the EPA Martin donated me in 2000 with the Public Guardian. The LA insists that Martin has been assessed as “lacking capacity in financial matters”. Yesterday I also asked the LA to simply confirm that they held the certified copy of the EPA that the regulations require. The LA refused. Martin insists we must go to the police. I have not met with Martin for over a year. It is most probable that I will never see him again.


    1. After all you have been through and exposure in courts etc this is desperate to hear.

      If M has fluctuating capacity as court has held how does he not have capacity for finance – it suits- and then when you are Attorney in this ignored, so LA do what they want and can as they are not accountale.

      Go back to Public Guardian if you can bear to after the fight, you have had for over 10 years to get no where .I assume you haven’t seen martin as no assistence from carers to do so because of care provider. Get M to request such a visit Sorry to hear all this shows how hopeless is the plight of epileptic ASD/LD indeed everyone at mercy of LA who have been taken over by Common Purpose Uk for gov ends. Thanks for coming let us know what hppens. Wish all was better you have fought hard for it to be best wishes Finola


      1. The LA are simply not accountable. I cant get Martin to request a visit, its too disturbing for him – “please can I visit my mother” and they will say no. The LA have also stated he is not eligible for continuing health care, after fighting Chiltern CCG for 12 years stating that he was eligible. The LA then took Chiltern to Judicial Review, but before that happened Chiltern agreed to pay 50% of CHC. We now have the ludicrous situation that the LA and CCG are each paying 50% of the £2400 weekly for CHC for a person who they say is not eligible. They continue this fight over money to the present day – I was first told that Chiltern would not pay their share, the LA had committed to paying 100%, now they say they are back to 50%. I am determined to stay sane Ive managed it so far!

  2. Finola: to continue. Fluctuating capacity – to have fluctuating capacity, one must have capacity. Martin’s epilepsy causes his capacity to fluctuate, but it never stops it existing. The other major cause of fluctuating is medication. This is solved by slow release meds. which are ideal. Martin is on two drugs which are slow release and it works – stable blood levels. The third drug (which worked) was changed by the so called consultant in 2014, and Keppra introduced, but NOT the slow release. An unforgivable error. Even worse I had insisted that Keppra is the worst of all the drugs for causing psychological instability, and I held the experts decision on this. Martin needs “all the practical help necessary” MCA – when his capacity fluctuates he just needs more.


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