Adult Treatment Units to ‘Community Living’ – Turf War for Billions ?

As the national newspapers reveal the horrors of ATUs, as the exposure of Winterbourne did 7 years ago, we must realise that removal from an ATU is to another institution ie ‘community living’ in the area the patient originated from it is not going ‘home’.

And the media revelations just result in cheap sales to other venture capital owners like Winterbourne’s sale to Danshell for 30 million resulting 8 years later in similar exposed abuse.

As in 2019 with ST Andrews.

And increasingly this new institution termed ‘home’ is also owned by the ATU owner, so the patients can and are being MHA sectioned back to the ATU at anytime, so a phyric victory.

Care is not changing it is still unaccountable and anyone- parents /friends can be excluded from this ‘home’ at anytime in MCA best interests. This is merely a manipulation not a solution and a turf war for billions. These patients never gain control of their care let alone their lives. They are saleable care packages for life.


Trade in people 1700s-1850s-1856-sketch-of-slave-sale-in-charleston-south-carolina-DC0TH0

I thought long and hard before writing this post, as I did not want it to appear to condone in any way, the atrocity of life and death in an Adult Treatment Unit.

Atrocities like the 7 year ‘treatment’ of 18 year old Stephanie Bincliffe in an Huntercombe ATU, paid £1761 a day to lock and drug her in a windowless cell.

And no one was held accountable when this fit young woman’s heart stopped after she ballooned to 25 stone.

Clearly, it is illegal and morally reprehensible to imprison and drug anyone, let alone the autistic and learning disabled, as this is not ‘treatment’, or, determinable, as required by the MHA.

But is the solution of ’community living’ any better ?

And why is it that the purpose of all campaigns is only ever to move the autistic and learning disabled to local ‘community living’ placements ?

Never back…

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  1. Finola your endless fight to expose the injustices that have gone on and are still going on in the so called care industry towards people with autism/learning disabilities has been valiantly fought.

    At last you can be vindicated. The big Pharma companies, the Venture Capitalists, the responsible clinicians (Ha, Ha) and the governments of all persuasions that have let these atrocities happen have a lot to answer for.

    I am scared for my son who will undoubtedly soon be one of the people taken into care when I can no longer look after him. I just hope and pray that someone in the care system will be fighting his corner. Hope Finola is all I have left.


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