Top Social Work Professor: Adoption Works For A Minority Of Children.

As gov funded research has already shown adopting families are often close to breakdown yet courts now for over 20 years have held this if possible is the most permanent option and therefore invariably in the ‘welfare’ of a child under the Children Act checklist, it is therefore the usual order of a care court. Yet the number of breakdowns is still deliberately unknown and the affect on a child of adoption is not researched . So adoption orders of courts are blind and cannot judge if in the child’s best future interest so should not be being made if other options like as often is the rehabilitation of the birth family. LAs are now effectively adoption outsources and courts rubber stamp. The adoption agencies are often private corporate and even were charitable the huge profits are recycled. Govs have encouraged this with continual increases in the public money paid per adoption now currently £27,000 per adoption and 54,000 if child/baby deemed ‘hard to place’ a wide ctogory most can be made to fit. So what is the purpose of this huge public spend that makes huge private profit ? Not the welfare of the child as I have said there is no evidence that it is a child’s best option, quite the reverse, but profit for the adoption industry.

Researching Reform

One of the authors of the UK’s Adoption Enquiry has told a BBC programme investigating forced adoptions, that adoption is not a suitable alternative for most children.

Anna Gupta, a professor of social work at Royal Holloway University and co-author of the Adoption Enquiry report also told BBC Sounds that while parents are able to challenge adoptions, the process is so expensive that in practice mounting a legal challenge to an adoption is not available to most families.

The programme aired on 18th October and covered a range of topics, including forced adoption.

The segment on forced adoption began with a call from a grandmother whose daughter had died, after her grandchildren were taken into care. The grandmother explained that her daughter had been a victim of domestic violence, but was aware of the need to step away from her partner and focus on rebuilding her life, which the grandmother…

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