St Andrews Healthcare, Northampton, Acadia and Universal Health Services.

St Andrews quite rightly, is in the news again WITH the horrific treatment of autistic Bethany exposed by a now ( expensively) ungagged Dad, remember the documentary some time ago ?

And now june 2019 in CQC special measures

Yet Cygnet Cambian Acadia are not.

Turf wars for billions ???. St Andrews is worth a fortune in future NHS income, but will this expose change the treatment given for 13,000 a week, if it is taken over by private venture capital likely part of the UHS empire- highly unlikely.

Like WINTERBOURNE view expose didn’t. it just resulted in its asset stripping for a cheap purchase at 33 million and sale now to UHS , but services the same not improved , and who is checking on abuse tonight?

Why is St Andrews being targeted?? rather than the treatment and care of our most vulnerable changed. Winterbourne 2 ?  Might be same modus.


he Chief Executive of St Andrews Healthcare earned £500,000 in the year up to March 2016 including a £99,000 bonus.

Despite the CQC rating St Andrews as ‘requiring improvement’in September 2016.

How could the head of a charity justify such payment out of public funds..

His predecessor was paid £325,000, down from £375,000 because of complaints his was a charitable appointment.

But he still received a total of £653,000 for all his roles in 2012/13.

95% of all funding for St Andrews is public NHS and as a registered charity it pays no tax.

45 million of NHS money was provided to build a 110 bed school at St Andrews in 2014.

This school now commands 20 million + per year tax free with an average of £200,000 + per ‘pupil’.

Social services requested my daughter be sectioned to St Andrews in 2013 refusing to acknowledge her…

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  1. Cygnet cambian are not in the news because they are clever. My boy was in St Augustins hospital run by cambian later taken over by cygnet. I can tell you when they messed up and they did mess up they simply moved my son so he wasn’t there problem anymore.
    Cygnet doctors, dr mirriam al amin called autism childhood schizophrenia. She drugged my son with clozapin until he could no longer recognises us and he walked onto oncoming traffic as he was so senseless on her meds. When we complained and they relised they messed up as autism isnt childhood scizophrenia and that is old knowledge aound 15 yrs old they said they would move him to a more appropriate facility close to home in line with transforming care policy and indeed called for a second opinion. And they did move him for 5 days and told the gmc that they had moved him to an appropriate facility and they put their staff on an autism course before my son left so they looked good on paper to the gmc and cqc , but as a sneaky trick after 5 days my son was moved to anorther ATU. Inspite of the fact that dr in the new hospital said it wasnt in my sons best intrest to be moved and my son had settled in and was making good progress.
    So you see they’re clever and sneeky. I even have a recording of them agreeing to work in line with transforming care policy and that dr mirriams knowledge was old. They refused to allow a solicitor to be present in the stakeholders meeting.
    And refused to give me the minutes of the meeting. Anybody wants the dirt or truth on them and wants to make a news report ask me .it’s revolting what they did to my son


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