US Acadia Group pay 1.28bn for The Priory Group .NHS billons on Behavioural services feed USA Venture Capital Profit.

US Acadia, bought the Priory Group for 1.28 bn last year and now owns half of all mental/behavioural services in England..

95% of The Priory Group income is now public money.

In 2015/16 it received over 250 million of NHS funds.

Joey Jacobs owns Acadia Behavioural Healthcare Services and earned 8,241,847 dollars in salary, bonus and shares in 2014.

Tom Riall, Formally chief executive of Serco, with all its known financial scandals, was made CO of the Priory Group

And he is also a Director of 166 other learning disability companies including the Affinity Trust now Affinity Group and effectively controls most mentally disabled residential groups. His net worth is 1.66 billion

After five formal notices served by Coroners because of deaths in the Priory Group, Riall moved on to My Dentist.

Does this sound like a cash strapped NHS ?? no, quite the reverse, it is a bonanza for private venture capital .

No competition, as all is owned and controlled by one company and run for maximum profit

Only those hospitals and residential units owned by US Acadia are funded by NHS England through its CCGs, as the only ‘qualified providers’ under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The system is fed by no support in parent’s home due to LA cuts, but this is just the excuse, for an LA policy that feeds venture capital regardless of its service.

The rest of this lucrative behavioural industry is also privately owned by United Health Services, who own Cygnet Hospitals and Cambian Group including NHS CAMHS groups. UHS previous executive was Simon Stevens who now heads NHS England which controls all CCG funding.

As we have seen there are no independent or indeed any investigations into service user deaths and even when there are and they last 18 months as in the death of Thomas Rawnsley, all is whitewashed and does not affect the service provider showing there is no accountability even for death, as evidenced by recent death reviews, yet these services cost our NHS billions.

via US Acadia Group pay 1.28bn for The Priory Group .NHS Mental feeds Venture Capital Profit.


  1. re; your post 3.55pm today /Arcadia group/priory group profits etc;. This week on radio 4 Adrian Goldberg had a 30m minute programme on NHS+ private use – which was heard again this (Sunday) morning. I found it very weak and wishy washy after expecting something would be said about the COST to NHS + Directors/managers etc fees. I felt short changed since it was – I felt a smoke screen – showing ‘how grateful we are that it is there to pick up where NHS ends. It was understated underrated and why can’t we hear More programmes highlighting the astronomical cost/burden which although we may need he use of privately run health schemes ; we are TOLD at what cost! a big admirer of yours – Shirley t.


    1. Thank you Shirley your appreciation means a lot as you can imagine the situation makes me very disheartened. As we should all be. I to do not know why the media and particularly Cobyn etc although he has at last started attacking the root of all this evil the Health and Social Care Act , or the monopoly and mergers commission or Public Accounts Committee or anyone ie CCGSLAS who OK these huge amounts are not doing anything. It would appear as I saw from my daughter’s enforced 177,000 a year education that any amount is allowed for certain chosen providers and we can’t mention the service or amount. It appears gov policy to throw billions into venture capital and noone is mentioning it just demanding more for NHS to throw away.


    2. Thank you Shirley. The public have no idea how the NHS money is being spent and the gov want to keep it like that as effectively NHS England via CCGs pours unaccountable billions into private often USA multinationals via the law in Health and Social Care Act. We and NHS are all being ripped off with no accountability and no transparency.


  2. Another interesting area: Surrey Social Care debt: Business Care debt operation (part of Orbis)transferred to Surrey Adult Social Care Team –


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