Autistic/Learning Disabled Adults are never allowed to remain or live with their families. Why ? Universal Health Services own Cambian and Cygnet. What do we know about them?

For those thousands of autistic/ learning disabled holed up, illegally in ATUs for ‘treatment’ the grim, unfaceable reality is, that they will never be free. And their families will never be able to see them again for life without the control, supervision and constant threat of a mental hospital for life.

THIS is the future fate of all ASD/LD, as they are the ultimate Health and Social Care Cashcows.

And Acts like the Mental Capacity Act, Mental Health Act and more recently the Health and Social Care Act 12 have been passed to ensure their fate.

The plan for the LA/ASD is simple, they are harvested to ATUs all over the UK on a commercially aware basis but only to private venture capital backed NHS ATUs, mainly owned by US multinationals UHS or Acadia.

Who are paid up to £13,000 a week by the NHS CCGs under HSCA, as the private ATU is the only ‘specialised provider’. so they remain as long as possible as shown by the 7 days of action campaign .

To be discharged, they have to have an agreed care package from their local CCG/LA, this generally can only be to a community living unit in their local area usually owned by the very Company, who owns the ATU from where they are being discharged, as this again is the only ‘specialised provider’ under HSCA.

133 million has been given to LAs to facilitate their move to these ‘community living’ units under the lie of them going home and additional CARE LA funding is available to pay these local providers, as on average supposedly because of deemed complex needs the ASD/LD can command over £8,000 a week for life, so they are a hugely lucrative commodity.


UHS PIC 1e275a4f3c2d6020578c358a360dd8f9

UHS own more than 200 psychiatric facilities in the USA and admitted nearly 450,000 patients last year.

UHS now run nearly half of UK NHS mental health services, owning both the ‘community living’ provision of the Cambian group and the Cygnet group

Health and Social Care Foundation Trusts commission UHS services for Clinical Commissioning Groups, as the only ‘qualified providers’ under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Nearly a fifth of NHS England’s budget is already spent on mental health services.

In July NHS England named  its new adult/CAMHS care models to Cygnet hospitals just 10 days after some rated inadequate by CQC.

Priory Group are the main other providers. See here.

The inadequate/abusive mental services despite all media propaganda is not a shortage of money.

Since last year all new inpatient admissions to private hospitals.

And mainly enforced under MHA section, or MCA ‘incapacity’.

And unlike in…

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