Media hides NHS rip off no mention of Cygnet billion £ ‘treatment’ out of area/no money as always.


Gillian Speke’s petition to get her grand daughter out of a Cygnet hospital has over 15,000 signatures and is blogged here

But the only media coverage she, or anyone trapped in Cygnet has had is shown here.

And this is deliberately spun to not mention Cygnet or any of the details of her granddaughters 8 year horrific over drugged treatment.

Nor the 4 million it cost the NHS.

And Gillian is described as a ‘Campaigner for treatment at home’, but ‘home’ is a euphemism for an in local area hospital .

Another lady, whose teenage daughter is hundreds of miles away in Cygnet Bury, due to her ‘self harm‘, Gillian, the News Reader and the Director of Mind Charity, all speak only  about the fact, that out of local area placements have a ‘detrimental affect on patients as they can’t see relatives as often and relatives worry about them.

No mention is made of Cygnet’s inadequate, interminable, over drugging ‘treatment’ and affect of enforced medication.

Or, of the £900 + a night minimum NHS payment with £13,000 a week for a secure ward.

Nor the unrecorded, not investigated deaths of their physically well. patients.

To which another recent death in Cygnet House, Derby can now be added by this comment made on the December 5, 2017

My sister Nina died after being given Clozapine within 4 months of being placed at Cygnet House Derby. My sister should not have been given this drug in the first place. The Drs didn’t even follow their own guidelines or any other for that matter (neglect) In fact they did not care about her or us Nina’s family or what they had done. They have got away with killing my sister.

Something needs to be done before someone else dies . Surely this is breaches all Human Right Laws?????’


Nor the many  complaints of inpatients and relatives.

The News item infers out of area placements are the only problem.

Yet family visits are supervised , regulated, and can be cancelled at any time and for ever, if deemed in a patient’s best interests.

And the new item tells us nothing about Cygnet’s ‘treatment’ except it is the ‘most appropriate’ .

And the Newsreader makes sure to add:

As ever its down to money’.

All promotes the government agenda of yet more cash for private mental, yet 200million is the latest cash strapped NHS donation.

Already some  LA funds and now a fifth of NHS total spend is on mental health services.

It does not mention that the Government has already  set a national ambition to eliminate ‘inappropriate’ out of area placements for adults inpatients by 2020-21

But figures obtained by BMA through FOIA show the numbers sent out of area in England have  in fact risen by 40% in the last two years

In 2016-17, 5,876 travelled out of their area for treatment compared with 4,213 in 2014-15.

The Liberal Democrats health spokesman, Norman Lamb was “horrified” by the figures, which he claimed exposed the government’s abject failure to tackle mental health injustices-

’ Out of placement’ issue is a continueing distraction and irrelevant to the inadequate, dangerous, for maximum profit service provision.

And in any event, why do patients need to be sent all over the country when ‘treatment’ appears similar for all ‘disorders’ – medication and containment.

Mental health services were provided much more safely and cost effectively within local hospitals before the advent of the private mental health bonanza .

Which heralded the building, harvesting and herding of captive customers all over England and now Wales .

It is this NHS bonanza and its ‘commercial awareness’, that has caused the out of area placement problem.

As the Health and Social Care Act 2012  allowed CCGs via NHS England to choose certain monopoly providers as ‘the only qualified provider’, and this forced  patients all over the country to providers like St Andrews , Acadia and Cygnet

As more local health trusts are put into Special Measures by CQC, ironically, the worse services will become, as privatisation of both the NHS Trust and their providers increase .

Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust was the first to be put into special measures last year.

Isle of Wight MHT placed in special measures

And many more .

Sheffield Health and Social Care is already private since converting in 2015 and appears the only mental health trust with no out of area placements.

‘In area placements’ and more cash will not stop the deaths of inpatients nor improve our mental health services.

But the public deception will continue until all is privatised and  maximum NHS funds siphoned off into private profit .

And this increases as more are harvested, medicated and detained.


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