NHS Inpatient Mental Deaths Triple.No investigations. Numbers unknown.

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If our government really were concerned about our mental health, it would, at the very least record the number of deaths of NHS inpatients and investigate them.

Particularly as the number of MHA detentions has risen by 10% year-on-year since 2010/11.

The latest 2017 figures from Full Fact show deaths in MHA detention have tripled.

And those held under Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards have increased 56%


But the actual number of deaths in NHS mental  hospitals is unknown, not recorded and rarely investigated.

No single body is responsible for recording children or adults deaths.

This crucial information is neither collated, analysed or made public .

And as  hospitals are increasingly owned by private corporations Freedom of Information Notices are being refused on the grounds of commercial confidentiality.

47% of child and adolescent mental health service providers refused to answer FOI requests because of their private status.


So we pay up to £13,000 a week, an average £900 a day per inpatient for public NHS ‘treatment’, provided by private corporations, but aren’t allowed to know how many healthy people die and why ?

New laws introduced last year  remove those dying under Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards of their  right to a jury in a Coroners Inquest under EU Art 5  as not now in ‘state detention’.

Latest statistics from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust show 140 patients suffered “unexpected deaths” in just 9 months last year .

There are no national figures to compare trusts, like for like, but the consultant used said ,

’it did not appear that NSFT was an outlier ( out of line)in terms of high numbers of deaths or incidents.”


Panorama last year served FOI requests on 57 English mental health foundation trusts, increasingly private companies like Sheffield Health and Social Care .

Only 33 responded

In 2012-13, they reported 2,067 ‘unexpected’ deaths.

By 2015-16 this had risen to 3,160.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust reported 113 ‘unexpected deaths’ within its mental health services in 2016/17 an increase of 76 from 2015/16 an  over 100% increase in  just a  year.


The number of ‘unexpected’ deaths in St Andrews Healthcare is still unknown


3 years ago the government reported 1,200 people, 3 a day with a learning disability died every year within our NHS due to inadequate care.


A Liverpool MP asked Jeremy Hunt last year how many children and young people had died in NHS care from 2010 and he couldn’t answer.


Why are so many young and physically fit patients dying from mental health ‘treatment’?.

We have no answer.

As there is no system requiring any investigation, let alone an independent one,at best, deaths are being investigated by the owners of the institution where they die .

With no transparency of process and in breach of the basic rule of natural justice, that no man should be a judge in his own court.


The CQC and NHS England refused to investigate the 7 unexpected deaths in St Andrews Northampton in 2013/14 flagged by the local Healthwatch


A 2016 study revealed that Southern Health NHS one of the largest NHS Trusts, has investigated only 13% of 1,454 of all its ‘unexpected’ patient deaths since 2010.

Investigation rates being  particularly low for elderly patients with mental health problems (0.3 per cent) and for patients in general with a learning disability (1 per cent).

This was stated not to be an outlier.

So, we can therefore assume nationally, only 1 % of ‘unexpected’ deaths of learning disabled including the autistic, and 0.3 of the older patients are investigated.

All ‘unexpected’ deaths are supposed to be reported to a coroner so they can be investigated.

But official figures show that that of 1,115 cases recorded by the NHS, only a third, were reported to coroners over the last three years.


Norman Lamb blamed
’ Under funding of sometimes threadbare mental health services which are struggling to cope with rising demand for care’.

Yet a fifth of our total NHS budget is being spent on mental health , the CCGs budget being up by £342m, and an extra £1.4bn is allocated by this Parliament.

How can the present £13,000 a week and minimum £900 a day even be justified, let alone insufficient ?

And would venture capital be investing their cash, as they increasingly are, in ‘threadbare’ services ?

Last year the government ploughed £433 million into safeguarding the vulnerable in their family home or individual’s non state home.


With so many dying in state care, the vulnerable need to be safeguarded in state care, not removed to it,  as in such care deaths are not even recorded let alone investigated .


Simon Duffy in his NHS Slides for personalisation of services reveals the latest statistics for mental hospitals up to December 2017

• In the last 3 months 25.9% of inpatients had harmed themselves • 21.0% of inpatients had suffered an accident in the last 3 months • 22.2% of people had suffered physical assault in the last 3 months • Physical restraint had been used 34.2% of people in the last 3 months 11.4% had suffered seclusion in the last 3 months • 56.6% of people had been the subject of at least one incident involving self harm, an accident, physical assault against them, hands-on restraint or seclusion during the last three months •

Antipsychotic medication used regularly or at least once in the last 28 days for 68.3% of the people in the units



  1. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    “Why are so many young and physically fit patients dying from mental health ‘treatment’? We have no answer.”
    Enough is enough.
    Instead of marking its own homework the corporate parent/carer must be subject to full scrutiny and independent accountability.


    1. Comment from LinkedIn::-
      Femi Adenuga
      The actual drugs increase mortality by up to 50%. Olanzapine causes suicide ideation and aggression. The aggression is used as an excuse for further treatment. Modecate has been banned for use on horses but is still OK for human beings. Sodium Valproate causes diabetes and high blood pressure. Most of these drugs have already faced criminal proceedings in the US but are still being handed out like ‘Smarties’ in the UK.…see more


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    This post was written before the policy of do not resuscitate those in mental hospitals,
    resulting in record number of deaths.

    We will never know why they died, nor even ask.


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