Winterbourne View- Asset stripped for millions and sold to Danshell Group.

Danshell-Infographic-2017In 2006 the Jersey-based Castle Holdings, a company backed by Lydian Capital, purchased Castlebeck from HG Capital, a Venture Capital transfer Vehicle for £255millon .

The sale earned HG Capital a £23.1 million fee.

£1 billion in fees were earned from just 5 healthcare sales in 18 months.

So much for our cash- strapped NHS.

Before the Panorama expose of the Winterbourne View abuse their owners Castlebeck’s finances were buoyant

Dispelling the myth that more money produces better care rather than more profit..

But in light of such  shocking abuse something had to be done, so bulldozers were sent into Winterbourne View and televised .

Despite the Castlebeck’s then inevitable demise, an expensive business turn round specialist was sent in  to restore its reputation, two units closed and 3 million spent refurbishing the other 20.

The Company had already undergone a significant refinancing process so that by 2011 its debts were £431m.

Which resulted in a take over by creditor banks led by RBS, administration of its assets and a sale of Castlebeck, as a going concern to the Danshell Group for just £35 million.

So, the only Corporate accountability for the horrific abuse of our most vulnerable for years was multi million pound asset stripping, a knock down cheap sale to another for profit private hospital group  Danshell,  and profits/fees for consultants, accountants, agents, administrators and lawyers.

So what is life like for Danshell ‘s ‘patients’ worth on average over £7,000 a week and up to £13,000 if housed a secure unit.

This post was written before Danshell owned Whorlton Hall Abuse exposure on panorama

The Company  hold these extremely lucrative commodities either under the MCA, in their ‘best interests’, or by MHA section for ‘treatment’.

Under  the MCA unlike the MHA, parents can be excluded on ‘best interests’ grounds and gagged  and need not be for MHA treatment subject to yearly review.

The LA commissioners and the CQC are the only oversight.

Yet both knew of Winterbourne View abuse for years and did nothing .

And the Courts will not intervene in care services. SEE SUPREME COURT CASE MN


So what do we know about the Danshell Group’s Services ?

Only what is in the internet .

There is only one Google review by Jacqueline Penaranda

every people here in this company is afraid’

No one has left a review at NHS Choices.

Workers Reviews are shown below;

August 2015
I worked at The Danshell Group full-time (More than a year)
Gained invaluable experience whilst working there of working with young people with mental health issues.

Bad HR department – paid incorrectly on several occasions.

Understaffed majority of shifts with a high reliance on agency workers. Put support workers in dangerous positions with no support following incidents.

Advice to Management
Support current staff and work as a team to support the young people.

Mis-managed to point of being dangerous’

Support Worker (Former Employee) –  Dundee – 11 November 2016

It was once a good workplace but has, in recent years, declined to low standards for the support workers reflected in its typically high turnover of staff.

This has hopefully changed for the better since I left.

free meals
lack of organisation, training & staff

The place like all work places has its good points and its bad , mostly good A Typical day at work was helping the clients with personal hygiene, grooming medication and giving them their food .

Management most of the time were helpful , co-workers were easy to get on with, friendly, we all worked as a team,

The paper work it was constantly getting changed, so what you were doing one moment in report wise could be totally different the next day , The most enjoyable part of the job was the interaction with the clients.

long hours, you had to stay on the premises during your breaks unless given permission by management, which meant you really did not get a brake from the place.

In 2014 Healthcare Improvement Scotland carried out spot-checks on Denshall’s Monroe House after anonymous complaints were made about the impact of low staffing levels, and procedures not being followed.
In 2015 two autistic residents from  Danshell’s Wast Hills home, were abandoned in a van for over 2 hours until spotted and reported to the police who rescued them.

One of the men, Darren Browne had been moved to Wast Hills in 2008 – more than 300 miles from his home in Inchinnan – because experts said it was the only place available to deal with his needs and his father had campaigned tirelessly for his return.

Months earlier in the same home, nine members of staff had retrained a 20 year old autistic for 11 hours , and eventually on calling the police, he was restraint belted, spit hooded, handcuffed, caged and removed to a cell .

NHS Improvement insist Danshell produce their own Quality Reports below.

Click to access Danshell-qa-2017.pdf

Let us remind ourselves of Winterbourne View and how these millions were made.

No Waynesickening-abuse



  1. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    “Dispelling the myth that more money produces better care rather than more profit …

    Unlike the MHA, under the MCA parents can be excluded on ‘best interests’ grounds and gagged.”


  2. Despite all that has happened in the last year. the residential home in which M receives non existant care for his epilepsy continues to charge £2,400 a week. Total now £1,250,000. M contributes £80 a week to his board and lodging, and in 2014 was declared not eligible for Continuing Health Care, in spite of it being in place for the previous 20 years. Perhaps one should add to this the costs of continuing court hearings in the Court of Protection since 2006. I think there is enough anonaminity (spelling?) in this comment.


    1. Thanks Shirley, its nice to have you back, let me know what has happened so far with M……

      It appears, that you can only get Continuing Healthcare funding, if you have no income/assets and it is the type of care you have enforced upon you rather than what you want ie care home of choice, at home with family, where you will get nothing no beds, equipment, nappies, nursing care etc, nothing will be funded except surveillance to remove ‘support’.

      Yet once a person is in the commissioned private provider be it hospital, or residential home, the sky is the limit and any amount can be claimed.

      They make their own rules, and no one is stopping them, as successive governments have enabled this syphoning off of any amount of public money without justification into chosen private providers, on the blatant lie of cost cutting/austerity. At expense of family, community, human rights, and best interests and most importantly of all, the wishes of the person on whom the money is supposed to be spent, who the MCA was drafted to give choice and autonomy to .

      best wishes Finola


  3. Finola for your information: Under the COP transparency project: 4th August 2017 10.30 am MB aPPLICANT AND SCC RESPONDENT befor HHJ Parry sitting as a designated Judge of the Court of Protection at the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, 2 Park Street, Cardiff. Originally as S21A challenge to DOLS (now a S49 or a Case management hearing?) on CAPACITY. Open to the public and journalists.


      1. Never knew there was one – I will try. I am not going to be there this time, nor have telephone contact, but Martin’s brother and a family fried will be there in their role as “interested persons”

  4. Finola today is the day. M is in the CoP in Cardiff (open court) with his brother and family friend to support him.At the moment he is eating lunch with the home manager and the family friend, while his brother remains in Court.

    So the transparency pilot seems to be working. “capacity MUST always be assumed” has not been mentioned in the last two hearings – perhaps his brother might be able to mention it.

    Martin is really enjoying himself.


  5. Martin’s predicament, lack of ability to be allowed to make his own decisions, graphically shows that the MCA is being implemented illegally.

    The overarching principle contained in s1 says, as you have, that a person’s capacity to make a decision is presumed until rebutted on the balance of probabilities, as provided for under the Act.

    And capacity can only be assessed and decided in respect to a specific decision, at the time that decision needs to be made in a person’s best interests.

    This is the basis on which the MCA was passed by Parliament to increase a vulnerable person’s autonomy not decrease it.

    The problem for the state and court is that, as Martin has now been held captive illegally for 10 years, if he is capable, and even if he were not, the Act does not appear to have been complied with, as he has had no capacity assessment, so the state would have to pay out damages if sued for false imprisonment.


    1. Yes, absolutely.

      We are thinking about that 10 years and wondering – how will those responsible get out of it, because, of course, they will.

      No way could Martin do it with legal aid, so I would have to do it for him, or pay for the barrister anyway.

      I would try as a litigant in person, but we daren’t risk anything. Martin is still a pawn in the hands of all and sundry – we,ve got to try and sort out his future now. But at least we had Martin in Court and an open court. Ive written to Sir James Munby to inform him of this. “P”in person the the court being treated as an equal – it should be in every newspaper in the UK


      1. In addition to damages for false imprisonment , where you can insist on a civil jury, who can also estimate damages, you can also sue for the tort of trespass to the person and all consequential monitory. psychological trauma and future suffering.

        If you had sufficient independent psychiatric evidence possibly also the affect of medication but that is ‘state of art’ medical so difficult.

        But as you say, this would open the floodgates for the many held illegally under MCA and damage/destroy the multimillion pound private residential ‘care’ industry.

        And think of all the millions of public money spent needlessly on lawyers and COP hearings…………….

        Best Wishes Finola

  6. the judge has not accepted the doctor’s assessment that M has capacity, and is asking for another assessment. This is in spite of the fact that M’s barrister stated that capacity must be assumed.


  7. Only just spotted this .

    The Courts apparently will keep going until they get the evidence they need, and as you say so much for the presumption of capacity in s1 MCA an overriding provision and the actual evidence of capacity.

    And also, that capacity can only legally be assessed under MCA, if there is evidence to doubt capacity in respect to a particular/specific decision, that must be made/is needed to be made, without delay, in a persons best interests, and capacity can be regained at any time and is in relation to every different decision as needed.

    Thinking of you and Martin………………………….


  8. Isnt this just lovely! In every way what the Cop is illegal – you and I know it, and……………….tne final illegality – Martin has epilepsy he is not autistic, nor does he have a learning disability per se, he doesn’t even come under “mind” but “brain ” which is a physical disability. Have you read what is going on with Sara Ryan?


    1. Excellent point, and the other main one, besides illegal ‘capacity’ assessment under MCA,

      Martin does not have a mental disorder, as even defined under MHA 09, when they usefully added autism and severe behavioural problems , epilepsy is not included.

      However, under the MCA anything can be ‘an impairment of mind’ as the list is non exhaustive, and if this results in failing the incapacity test, then a person’s presumption of capacity can be rebutted, so MCA is far more dangerous, as anyone could be grabbed illegally.

      And the test should only be applied to a specific decision when it needs to be made in a person’s best interests but this not being complied with.

      The Sara thing appears to be to promote the use of MCA, rather than MHA, which is very worrying.

      More psychiatrists will be trained to use MCA, instead of MHA, or more accurately, to use both as it suits, particularly, in our tightly caballed US Universal Mental hospitals, which means many more could have their decisions removed on ‘incapacity’ assessments, with no means of appeal to MHA tribunals, as there are no rights except at most to consultation and an on message paid by state advocates, so captured for life and provide guaranteed profits, under DOLs, and all can be gagged.

      Very worrying………………………


      1. More than worrying – in 2005 Martin was sectioned under the MHA and the system worked. He was discharged immediately without the need for a tribunal.

        In 2007 the OS wanted Martin sectioned under the MCA (MHA)???????, He went voluntarily under extreme duress (the police were waiting outside to take him by force) and was kept in the unit from October 2007 until July 2008 under the MCA. As we have said so many times this MCA is so illegal it is beyond comprehension.


  9. Latest financial news Martin’s home belongs to Ludlow Street Healthcare. They have now demerged from Orbis, owned by Santander. It seems Orbis must have taken over the majority of Ludlow Street Healthcare, which will leave them in the wilderness.

    Martin’s home is already totally disfunctional. God help us


    1. This appears the pattern of ownership of care providers.

      The ‘disabled’ are merely a very lucrative commodity, a guaranteed increasing income of huge public sums with no accountability.

      The companies are played with, by venture capital, holding companies and banks, like hugely profit making roulette, with billions paid out in sell outs, dividends and assert stripping like Cygnet , Winterbourne, Priory etc.

      At any time Sander or RBS, can decide to enforce their fixed and floating charges and asset strip and sell.

      Just a little research On Ludlow Street shows this as you say;

      Cardiff-based Ludlow Street Heathcare has reported a rise in its turnover and pre-tax profits. The healthcare business said Orbis Education & Care, which it acquired in 2011, had added £6m to its turnover, which grew by a total of £1m.

      Ludlow Street Healthcare Group reported turnover of £28.9m for the year to 30 April 2012 in its latest accounts – up from £27.9m in the previous year.

      The business said Orbis Education & Care contributed £6m to its turnover for the period. Pre-tax profit increased from £2.9m to £3.8m.

      Ludlow Street runs 16 facilities including psychiatric and learning disability hospitals, social care and education facilities.

      And after asset stripping our public money and most vulnerable, they demerge as they know some by out, charge enforcement, administration etc is on the cards.

      Beyond disgusting

      Our money, our services, our most vulnerable making so much money for fat cats and investors, often tax free, whilst the carers are itinerant on the basic legal rate payable.


      1. Finola can you help? COP Transparency pilot – open court. I am having to pay for transcripts of the hearings about £400 an hour. This can not be right. Do you know who I go to so that I can get them for free. The judge has refused.

      2. No I am afraid not, everyone I know has had to pay out of their own pocket, there appears no system I have been informed of to reclaim but keep bill and try judge again, and you have to use a court transcriber as you have found out and they have a fairly standard rate.

        Another nice little earner for ‘justice’ and our public court system.

        best wishes- Sorry Finola

  10. I have now tried Joan Goulbourn Under the COP transparency pilot both Munby and Charles want to know how it is working! I have already asked her to forward to Munby personally howgood it was for Martin to be in Court himself. Lets hope they agree to pay up.


      1. Glad the actual law is being applied. We don’t need an unworkable, removal of liberty/everything MCA. We, like all other countries, have more than sufficient safeguards without it, particularly for welfare.

    1. Google their Company accounts as I state they are expanding this is the gov modus for all asd/ld care. Monopoly unaccountable see Thomas Rawnsley- Cambian Care for max profit with noone knowing what is going on within these institutions and even if they did no media outlet particularly not BBC would publish/air. Winterbourne View was a deliberate expose.


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