Hung Drawn and Slaughtered.


Our electoral system and PM have given the power to rule the UK to a largely unknown party, the Democratic Unionists with 10 seats.


The DUP overnight went from the zero of direct rule with a public inquiry into their leader, to King Maker .


Arlene Foster,,, not only holds the UK to ransom but also Sein Fein .


So we would all be advised to get to know her, and her parties’ agenda, in a nutshell hard Brexit, traditional values, the Union and a soft border.  


Interesting times.


Some might say, and the facts appear to confirm, all this has been brought about by a Parliament that does not appear to represent their electorate or the UK
’s interests.


But their own political agenda.  





  1. Hi Finola: Martin is being ripped off. The S21A challenge to DOLS became a S49 call for reports the day it was registered in the COP. This god forsaken country and all the rest


  2. Thanks for your visit and likes and totally agree with your post … Times changing as those with just a small number of seats can sway the outcome ..As with the WANT to WIN takes over from our Democratic system and as my posts proclaim Democracy is dying and in its last throes of life … Plan is to replace Queens role with eventual Republic with changes to the Royal Assent … Theresa Mays one of eight Brexiit rules she started with no queens speech for two years announced yesterday … You and your daughter in my prayers 🙏 Ian


    1. Thank you Ian for your reblog,it is very much appreciated and your prayers which are even more appreciated.

      And all the best with spreading the word and your News Group.

      Best Wishes, Finola


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