Why despite austerity cuts is the deficit doubling ?Our people/country are being RIPPED off.


The Tories have won two elections on the back of cutting the UK deficit.

But our country and its people are more in debt than ever.



And despite ‘cuts’, more money is being spent on public services, but they are worse than ever.

Why ?

Because, ironically, austerity is being mendaciously used, to restructure public services to privatised monopoly corporate provision to make huge profits.

Public funds to support disabled adults and child protection provide private profit for residential care, fostering and adoption corporations enforced by secret courts in the guise of protection.

Whilst no money is available due to cuts, to support families at home, billions are available to remove the family members to private residential , adoption and fostering .

The eventual plan, is to use our public service as a cash cow for corporate owners and investors.

This is not privatisation as we know it, or were told we needed it; to improve services with minimum cost to the public purse..

This is monopoly, no choice , no accountability extortion for maximum profit.

There is no real tendering, as there is only usually one provider available.

Provision, as with social care, starts with smaller companies, charities, free schools, but these are quickly taken over by ever larger corporations.

With no competition, no measure of outcomes and providers made deliberately too big to fail, it is the perfect business model.

As with US Universal Health Services, US Acadia, Care UK and St Andrews Healthcare now owning all mental health services.

Successive governments eventual goal is for public services to be owned by ever larger multinational, whose affairs are kept secret behind ‘business confidentiality’ and maintain their contracts no matter how inadequate or abusive their services .

This is why the Mental Capacity, Carers and Health and Social Care Acts were passed.

With guaranteed income from ever more profitable captive consumers, no accountability and no competition, it is a recipe for poor service.

These corporate profits boost our GDP, but at huge expense to our UK deficit.

It is a means of ripping off our Country and our people for multinationals, venture capital profit.

How can this be cost cutting, when the service providers are venture capitalists making millions in profits often tax free havens ?

This is a triple rip off; of tax, services and public money.

Universities are also effectively unaccountable, tax free cabals, largely controlled by the government, all charging the same fees, with captive consumers, who can’t effectively complain and many of whom will never pay off their ever increasing debt .

A debt which creates an annual bill of £9 billion for the tax payer in unpaid loans; an unseen UK debt.


£36,000 per year is paid per prisoner to private prisons which are not fit for purpose.

£30,000 minimum/ max discretionary, is paid to private adoption agencies per adoption, minimum £900/max discretionary per child fostered to private fostering.

Adoption Cameron’s flagship policy now is a multi million pound, self regulating industry, which has not helped child protection, as Rotherham/ Rochdale rapes, and the LAs recent statutory attempt to avoid liability attest.

Mental Health services were also Cameron’s and now May’s flagship policies , but despite nearly a quarter of the NHS budget being spent on them they continue to worsen.


Almost 0.5% of our population are forcefully medicated and held captive without human rights, or any choices in private institutions charging an average £4,000 a week


Professions and vocations- Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists , GPs, Dentists, Solicitors, Barristers are employed by corporations on an itinerant, prescribed basis for corporate profit.

They form an industry of bureaucratic process, with meetings, reports and forms pushing human commodities, through ever more profitable pathways to residential services, adoption fostering and even death.

Most traditional solicitors firms have now been converted to ever larger, increasingly US owned corporate Alternative Business Structures.

Yet such structures are not allowed in the US or Europe.

They work on a ‘commercially aware’ only basis, and will only take on lucrative work.


As shown by the millions spent on Yewtree celerity witch hunts, whilst Rotherham/ Rochdale child rapes are ignored ,and a fifth of reported crimes remain unreported by police, our police, CPS and courts are being politically agenderised and controlled by the executive.


The executive rules, there is no equality before the law, as all prosecutions are discretionary, nor independence of judiciary, or profession; all work together as the executive directs.

Citizens have no privacy, there are social workers in schools, listening devices on lamp posts, GPs, teachers, employers, charities even the Samaritans illegally share information in secret with the state .

Data bases like MASH illegally record our private activities.

We can’t enforce our laws or rights as there is no legal aid, judicial review or lawyers .

Litigants in Person are at an all time high and receive no help and  facilitate inquisitorial courts that can’t be beaten and risk huge corporate lawyers costs if they fight.

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  1. Well done, exposing the criminals, abusing public money. Destroying children and their parental relationships.

    Nevertheless, it was New Labour Tony Blair who started most of this and has not been brought to court for his war crimes. Neither to court for the UK child robbery on forced adoptions. Well there is arrestblair.org

    It seems, in UK money counts most. Then Blue Blood.

    The UK courts of Justice are a joke. Especially the revolving door issue of nominating previous barrristers as judges. Well, the Couts are partially accessibly without lawyers.

    Here is another one from George Monbiot:

    A change in Goverment should not make it worse than now.

    Even Fathers4Justice should agree after the conservative did not keep promises.


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