As nearly a quarter of our NHS England’s budget of £95 billion, is spent on privatised, monopoly Mental Health, we need to give patients rights, independent representation, and make their ‘treatment’ accountable.

And stop Mental Health’s huge, unjustified costs, a minimum of £900 per day and up to £12,500 per week.

Resulting in public money making huge profits for private owners and investors.

And, massive pharma profit, now our third largest industry from the horror of enforced medication and its incapacitating, often deadly side effects.

With no independent investigation into these deaths or proper physical care.

The police are being increasingly asked to free forced inpatients from hospitals who are held illegally.

The concerns of years of CQC reports, with no apparent accountability of NHS England for their extremely lucrative commissioned services.

Stop/reverse NHS Social Care Privatisation. Vote Corbyn.

Psychiatric Abuse UK

“Mental patients are in a worse position than prisons.
They can be held, and forcefully medicated without consent or crime .
They have no visitation rights, or rights to an advocate or lawyer, independent of the system they are locked up in.
They can be forcefully restrained and injected at any time.
Police can be called to use, as they are being tsar guns in the wards to control.
More are dying in mental hospitals than prisons, with no even internal investigation let alone independent external.
Prisoners by statue, are entitled to an independent investigation into their deaths and a right to a jury in the Coroners Court, if held under DOLs MCA this entitlement has now been removed.
Prisoners have HMS Inspectors of Prisons Rights.
Approximately 60% and increasing prisons are now public, whereas all new mental health beds are in the private sector.
A prisoner makes £36,000 a…

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  1. Why no one with real power ever opens up about this topic?

    It happens.. it is REAL.. this is “Inhumane and Degrading” Treatment.

    I am 100% sure if a dedicated Parent was to discover this apalling atrocity being done to their Family member, and gathered all the evidence and took it to ECHR {after exhausting the local crap Courts appeals here}, they will blatantly REFUSE to look into it.. The ECHR is more inhumane than the UK Government.. they “will find a way to reject your robust application”. Vote Labour anyways..


  2. The Human Rights Act appears to be used politically, as our government desires, there appears little if any separation of powers. the courts are no longer independent of the executive, particularly, at a local COP level where all these decisions are made.

    This, despite the fact, that the Mental Capacity Act created the Court of Protection with centralised High Court Jurisdiction, all decisions are delegated to the local effectively county court judges and often it is the same judge making all decisions.

    It is impossible to appeal any of these now, as by delegated legislation they are deemed ‘case management decisions’ and cannot be appealed above the local High Court, even if it a incapacity declaration which is jurisdictional.

    Despite the HRA s3, providing all legislation must be read and interpreted to give effect to the HRA forcing courts to interpret the MCA in accordance with it, this is not happening.

    Indeed, the clear literal wording of the overriding provisions of the Act – least restrictive measures be taken, giving effect to the wishes of the ‘incapacitated’, specific decisions when needed at a specific time, is not even being adhered to.

    The HRA is being left to the use of a free standing HRA actions, such as under s8 Right to Family life, or s6 Right to a Fair Trial brought by a family member.

    Such actions can’t be brought by the ‘incapacitated’ themselves, as their Next Friend is an Official Solicitor chosen by the State, who will not be of the opnion the state has breached the HRA.

    And it is unlikely a family member will get be able to get representation,as there is no legal aid and due to the chances of success unlikely a solicitor will take on such a case.

    And if a solicitor does or the family member does as a LIP, they runs the huge risk of the OS, HSCT and LAs legal costs more than bankrupting for a very rich person be payable if they lose.

    If as I assume you have, you go to the ECHR, after exhausting all domestic appeals likely to be High Court local COP, then with 97% ECHR applications are deemed inadmissible, so yours will be deemed inadmissible.

    In the unlikely event you are one of the 3%, the ECHR will only check that the necessary law in the country has been complied with ie the boxes ticked, that’s why DOLs were created, not that the actual Human Rights are being breached.

    Thus now over a million citizens have every decision made for them in secret for the rest of their lives and many die unnecessarily for ever more profit despite the HRA.

    Here is a link into your blog post for readers to explain what happened to your ECHR’s action.


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