St Andrews Healthcare, Northampton, Acadia and Universal Health Services.

he Chief Executive of St Andrews Healthcare earned £500,000 in the year up to March 2016 including a £99,000 bonus.

Despite the CQC rating St Andrews as ‘requiring improvement’ in September 2016.

How could the head of a charity justify such payment out of public funds..

His predecessor was paid £325,000, down from £375,000 because of complaints his was a charitable appointment.

But he still received a total of £653,000 for all his roles in 2012/13.

95% of all funding for St Andrews is public NHS and as a registered charity it pays no tax.

45 million of NHS money was provided to build a 110 bed school at St Andrews in 2014.

This school now commands 20 million + per year tax free with an average of £200,000 + per ‘pupil’.

Social services requested my daughter be sectioned to St Andrews in 2013 refusing to acknowledge her behaviour was due to a faecal  impaction,  despite 2007 impaction and a trigger  48 bruise restraint .

A secure ward bed in St Andrews can command up to £12,500 with a sliding scale per risk scale.

So worth a staggering £15,500 per week per patient as tax free.

How can such sums be justified when patients are merely locked up and medicated ?

And 136 million has been given to LAs to ‘rehabilitate’ them to be able to live in their local community.

And there is insufficient money to fund  basic non mental NHS treatment.

A lie to maximise profit, restructure and privatise services and justify more public money.

Already, nearly a fifth of our NHS budget is poured into Mental Health and Theresa May has  promised more.

In view of the profit available, with no outlay, equipment, cheap itinerant staff, a captive impossible to complain audience and no measurable outcomes.

Is it any wonder the mentally ‘disordered’ are harvested. And even more public money ploughed into such ‘treatment’.

A Dispatches documentary in March, ‘Under Lock and Key’ campaigned to ‘release’ those in St Andrews to ‘ community living’ .

But most ‘Community Living’ is has now been bought up by US Acadia and Universal Health Services, whose former chief executive Simon Stevens is chief executive of NHS England.

And, as seen in this blog, community living services are similar to St Andrews and they own hospitals.

And residents are  held under the MCA, not MHA, so have no rights to reviews, or appeal tribunals.

Parents are gagged and often excluded from care and could not expose or even know what was happening.

As  residents are held under Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, they are not ‘detained by the state’ and have no Art 2 right to a jury in a Coroner’s Court.

‘Under Lock and Key ‘, as with Panorama’s Winterbourne View can only serve to move NHS and Social Care money to privatised monopoly  privatised owners like the Universal Health Services’ Cambian provision for Thomas Rawnsley .

In ‘community living’ a removal to private hospital can happen at any time.

And with enforced medication and 24/7 surveillance, the resident is still under lock and key as evidenced by record numbers of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

Until our no rights, for maximum profit, drug them and lock them up mental services are changed nothing will improve.

All appear to be fighting for mental cash cows, not wondering how they can actually help their physical and behavioural needs with the huge amounts of public money they are being paid.

Mathew Garnett was apparently restrained 11 times in 5 months in St Andrews but it refuses to disclose individual ‘treatments’ because of the Data Protection Act.

I found the comment below from a mother with a daughter in St Andrews it shows the ‘treatment’ and lack of accountability in the mental services industry.

Beverley posted on 24/4/17

I can talk from first hand experience.

I am grateful to C4 for exposing the terrible things that go on in St Andrews daily.

My daughter suffered verbal and mental abuse from the staff and management at St Andrews.

On one visit to see my daughter she had 2 black eyes a carpet burn to her face and bruising to her groin which the director of patient services described as a ‘accidental kick by a member of staff ! she had been taken to the floor by her neck and the staff member had to be pulled of her by security.

I tried to report the injuries to Northamptonshire Police, but they told me there where cuts to their police force so couldn’t do it.

I then reported it to my home police force who took up the investigation with the Northamptonshire Police (after they had apologised to me).

The staff member was arrested but it could not go to court as no notes had been kept on file of the incident by staff members .

My daughter was put into isolation for days on end, I was not allowed to speak to her and was told by the manager of the ward that she would not be allowed out until she had shown some remorse. She had been placed in a padded room without proper heating or any toilet facilities and was given a bowl to use as a toilet. She was not allowed outside into the fresh air for 6 months because she was told she needed to get her levels up.

I bought her a Ipod for her birthday she only saw it once, before staff took it from her and she never saw it again. I complained and they said it was lost (whilst in the care of staff).

On almost all the the visits to see my daughter i found her heavily sedated, unable to make sentences and dazed. Again I complained but was told she had asked for the drugs.

I requested the notes from the ward rounds but this stopped when i found out that my daughter was constantly been drugged or restrained.

When I asked why they had been stopped the doctor told me it was at the wishes of my daughter. I was at my wits end and approached anyone and everyone who i thought could step in including a formal complaint to the CQC.

They visited St Andrews unannounced and found they had failed on 8 accounts with notice to urgently improve on: Staff training, including restraints and administration – patients files were all mixed up and serious conditions relating to a patients health had not been recorded.

The wards were filthly with needles spilling over the top of needle bins, ligature points everywhere for self harmers to attempt to take their life, not enough staff on duty to patient ratio with patients having to monitor each other.

A lack of knowledge about the Mental Health Act and Human Rights Act. ( i asked a manager a question on the mental health act which he informed me he would have to read up and comeback to me).

I wrote again to the CQC and met with them to again relay my fears for my daughter however, they were reluctant do to anything as they stated

“St Andrew’s was one of the biggest in the country and do close that down would mean a major shortage”.

I was astonished by this disclosure as it meant that all was lost.

I took my daughter case to the Parlimentary Ombudsman in the hope that they would take my case on – I found out that they will only take on 3% of hospital complaints.

I quickly found out why – firstly they sent me to NHS England to fight my daughters case, only to learn 3 months on that they had been in error in doing this as they should not have sent me to NHS but that it was the PHSO – Parlimentary Ombudsman that should have been doing the investigating – The whole process was a shambles from start to finish.

They told me i could not bring a case against St Andrews but that my daughter should do it – I constantly had to remind them that my daughter was 16 and sectioned under the mental health act so was not able to put forward a complaint – she wasn’t allowed to have a pencil let alone write a complaint.

I was told by one of their directors that if i didn’t agree to it being a complaint from my daughter then they would not continue with the investigation. This I told them was black mail.

It was at this time that i approached my MP Ranil Jayawadana with a complaint into the PHSO but he made promises but did not carry them through.

My daughter finally made an escape from St Andrews when a member of staff gave her a massive overdose of her medication – they released her to another hospital very quickly once they discovered their error.

Since leaving St Andrews she has thrived and is doing well. She is approaching her 2nd year of college and she is loving life.

I say to all non believers – St Andrews is a cruel, evil place which should be shut down.

Please consider stepping in to the shoes of someone with mental health issues or that of their parents – seeing someone you love subjected to the daily torture handed out at the hands of St Andrews will soon make you think again – i know, my daughter lived it and so did i and my family





  1. God that is so awful. I write blogs myself. And I wrote on one the cover up of abuse. When over there I experienced and saw first hand horrificic matters. Medical negligence. Medical misconduct. Cover ups. Silencing. Gag orders. Seclusion. Abuse. Taunting by staff. Verbal abuse by staff. Being held down against my will by male staff while having every strip of clothing took of me. I see in the above comment that they were prosecuting the trust. I have not heard anything like this. I am really sorry that you and your family but mainly your daughter went through all this. It’s horrific. But it hasn’t changed yet. St Andrews should have been closed down in 2015 when cqc were investigating the deaths. It wasn’t. We were told changes would be made. Changes. As if that was going to make it all okay. Make the families of those poor people okay. Never will they be okay and I hope st Andrews were prosecuted but the money gone into that so called charity is so great that I don’t know if this will ever be made right. I hope you and your family are managing to come to terms with what happened and move on peacefully in your lives. Katie woods.


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