The new Gold Rush- Enforced Residential Care. How it happens. Part 1


Does anyone really believe successive governments care about protecting children and the mentally disabled?

Do they really believe they are worried about our mental health, our NHS and us not being burdened with our parents care ?

If so, why do welfare/mental services continue to deteriorate and how will even more public money help ?

No, such state propaganda is a PR smokescreen and fund raising device to disguise the real purpose- the provision of monopoly privatised, enforced, unaccountable for maximum profit ‘services’.

Allowing the siphoning off of as much public money as possible to their mainly foreign owners.

These multinationals and venture capitalists know, that only in the UK can they find guaranteed and increasing public income, and the opportunity to make huge profits from cheap itinerant ‘care’ of captive drugged consumers with little accountability as the LA/HSC commissioners also employ the providers overseeers.

Such Goldrushes will ultimately apply to most public services.

Lets deal with how the’ mentally vulnerable gold’ is mined.

Those at risk of being ‘incapable’ are targeted by a £433 million army of local safeguarders.

The mental, physical health and wellbeing of family love, reduced to ‘unpaid care’, is assessed by Carer Assessments.

And confidential conversations with GPs, social workers, support groups, neighbours are shared with any relevant party and entered on a Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub Data Base.

Agencies and any ‘support’ will be charged to secretly find ‘safeguarding issues’.

This agenda of information gathering is ruthlessly pursued and increasingly such professionals/ carers are employed on an itinerant, performance package basis by the company providing residential services.

So a conflict of interests exists between their ‘support’ and their continued employment and bonuses.

Because of this’ Arbeit macht frei ‘modus, you will know nothing of the real purpose of the state’s ‘support’ until the Court come knocking on your door with a s 48 MCA application to remove your loved one the next day.

The LA/HSCT’s legal department have been sent the safeguarding issues- unhygienic, disorganised house, insufficient/inappropriate clothing, food, bedding, slipping hazards, derogatory comments, mentally unstable, unfit carers spun and placed, out of context, in social worker and GP statements, all to show your loved one is ‘incapable’, abused and at risk.

A s48 application must be issued out of the  High Court of Protection in London so the LA will have already applied there ex parte in secret without any challenge .

Under the auspices of this High Court of Protection Order, all matters can now be dealt with by the local County Court.

Parents/spouse/child will be beyond shock at such a lynching and systemically unable to correct or reply to any allegation. And without a clue as to how to stop the removal of their loved one the next day.

Even if living on state benefits, they cannot get legal aid. And if they could afford advice who would they trust, and what is their status as abusers in a court protecting their loved one ?

The person you know and love is already owned by the State and you cast as his abuser.

Family will not be allowed to represent their son/daughter/spouse/mother/father.

Even if that relative has signed a Lasting Power of Attorney saying they can or they are their public guardian, as there is now a conflict of interests between parent and child, husband and wife.

Their voice is a state Official Solicitor appointed by the Court who they have never met.

Social services may offer ‘support’ to enable you to go to court but now you know it can’t be trusted .

The Nightmare has only just begun.





  1. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    Orwellian doublespeak routinely turns to full-blown Kafkaesque alienation, as those the state is beholden to protect are ultimately harmed. The state’s venture capitalist march relentlessly continues, right under our very noses, and in our names!
    Root and branch reform is long overdue together with policy overhaul which bans profiteering as a fundamental conflict of interest with providing any form of statutory social service for the young, elderly, disabled and vulnerable.
    What will it take to wake up the people???


    1. As I watch the Channel 4 News, it is clear the NHS’s most lucrative parts ie routine operations and mental health are to be totally privatised, and the latter harvesting customers, particularly for children/teenagers through ‘Just Wellbeing’ and other such community health programmes.

      Choice, accountability and patient lead services are needed, instead we are getting no accountbility, no choice ,for maximum profit services.

      For nearly 20 years governments of both persuasions, have conspired to create this situation, culminating in the Health and Social Care Act, which effectively results in some £95.6 bn budget in England alone, up for grabs with precious little accountability for services or tender.

      Yet Labour, nor indeed anyone, mentions all this and social care is a similar story.

      Thank you for your comment, a new political approach is necessary, it is our money, our lives and our health.

      Best Wishes, Finola


  2. Well said Finola.. your profound thoughts are “exactly” what I have experienced in the disgusting Court of Destruction. I had no legs to stand on as they {Judge, LA and OS} were into overdrive to “remove, destroy and deplete” my Family and they have done just that. They then are considering invoking a Civil Restriant Order against me if I dare make any application regarding my lovely missing vulnerable son {who now runs for his life if I do see hi on the streets by chance}. It i8s very confusing as to Sir Munby’s role in te Family Justice System. He says “it is lagging woefully” but, ye still he only gave false promises in his term as president. He now covertly states “The reason for leaving next year is because, he gets no co-operation in reforming the system”.
    What a whole load of rubbish. The main problem is Family Court Judges indulges in “corruption and unlawfulness”. They also shows No Respect for our Fundamental Human Rights The latter is the problem.


  3. Martin has now challenged his DoLS through a solicitor, and the matter is waiting to be listed (with Mr Justice Charles)


    1. Is that right Shirley! How come my Sols {who knows that my son is incapacititious} and is indeed being unlawfully ‘Deprived of his Liberty’ will not act or does not care to act? Who do you all think I hould contact about this at this precarious stage?


      1. It has taken 10 years to achieve this and I am not at all sure why. I have been almost completely ruled out of the process by the RPR and solicitor. Will keep you posted

      2. Sorry to hear you have been almost completely ruled out of the process, lets hope for once Martin is not and the MCA is actually followed.

        best wishes Finola

      3. I note what you are saying Finola but, my son suffers from LD and Autism, with an IQ of 59 and on top of that, he needs 24/7 care. How can he possibly have capacity to decide residence care and contact? They made all deciesions for him and it all backfired. They chose that he sees a dominant abusive relative {false whistleblower}. It is all documented in Judgements/PS/Reports etc.. After all the “false tears” shedding, they daftly saw it fit and in his best inteterests to have contact with this person but, once the relative showed their true colours and abused my son in all shape and form they were disappointed, STOPPED the Contact and hid it. And once I took it to the CoP, they then dismissed my application and classed it as “totally without of merits” and asks for a Civil Restraint Order to prevent me from making any further applications. When they should have apologised unreservedly. The blind CoA also approved of this injustice and minconduct. How can this proportionate?

      4. So mush unlawfulness here. I been through all of this as well. Autism was never mentioned in my son’s assessments as well. I was not even seeing my for months before he was assessed. Contact was stopped for a daft reason. Anyways, My son’s {RPR} Solicitor is the mastermind and does NOT want me me seeing my son. I wish I could be his RPR. That will certainly be in his Best Interests from the MCA, Health, Safety, Behaviour and Article: 5, 6
        & 8 perspective but, the biased Judge will not listen.

  4. We await his decision after now 10 years of Martin’s life lived with all his decisions made for him.

    So much for the MCA empowering the vulnerable, by ensuring they made their own decisions, if possible, and then if decisions were made on their behalf, these decisions were the least restrictive, subject and time specific, and needed to be made in their best interests, the reason the Act was passed.

    Thank you for this information.

    best wishes, Finola


    1. Its going to be interesting to see what happens – Martin is very disturbed at the moment, tomorrow the Surrey best interests assessor visits him to assess him. I have been invited- too far and too…….I am too tired to think straight. Epilepsy doesn’t appear on any of the assessments – Has the MCA ever been followed??????????


      1. How can epilepsy not appear in any of his assessments when that is the only reason he has been kept under supervision and in state care ?

        They are by its omission might be trying to show that it would not affect his capacity, which I assume they want to try to question without it, ie on his education etc.

        As it doesn’t but it certainly appears to be the only reasons now for years his decisions have been made for him and latterly he has been put under a DOLs.

        As we know, the way the assessment is done and defined under the Act as I blogged in the post the ‘Fool of Law’ it is unworkable and highly discriminatory, as it is not performed on anyone who is not deemed ‘disabled’ in some way.

        How utterly bizarre that it is not mentioned. But perhaps not surprising but how are they then without it going to justify all the big restrictions he has been made subject to now for nearly 10 years ?

        Take care you have been through so much I just wish you and Martin could get the justice you deserve…………………….

        best wishes,


    1. Here is the link I have just read

      This, like the new offence created last year of controlling behaviour in any relationship will only add a possible criminal offence, to support the removal and encagement of all vulnerable adults, which is the executive plan.

      It will not prosecute those itinerant paid carers who care for these vulnerable adults in residential homes for life, as they do not have a relationship with the ‘vulnerable adult or very rarely in their residential care.

      In any event their capacity assessment under MCA will deem these vulnerable adults cannot form relationships as they do not have sufficient capacity to do so.

      Sadly,It is yet another, along with the £433 million the LA have been given, device to control the lives of the vulnerable and their family carers.

      It will be used to prosecute for any found derogatory comments, or deemed undue influence family carers are deemed or can be found to have over those they care for.

      The law will be vague deliberately so, so it can be applied in favour of the state and as always the CPS and police are used for policy/political enforcement.

      All very depressing………………….. Yet, it is not a criminal offence to remove a vulnerable adult against his wishes from all he knows and those he loves to 24/7 cage for life, with every move of his decided by a care provider for profit, that certainly must be controlling, totally controlling and coercive behaviour, but all the state does about this is s4 MCA, exempting the care provider from negligence ………….

      Thanks for alerting me, after similar law passed last year to aid child protection/ stop abusive relationships, could this, in any event, not be used to protect vulnerable adults, so why is new law needed anyway ?

      Best Wishes,


      1. See finola’s answer. Hang on in there, don’t give up, we’ll get the bastards one day.

  5. Finola and Dandyman; latest on the application – they intend to bring other applcations if this application succeeds in whole or in part, and if this application fails. Other issues Art 5(4) ECHR the jrisdiction of the Court to consider the lawfulness of Ps deprivatioon and Section 7 HRA claim for damages – potentially unauthorised periods of deprivation of liberty. We seem to be this far due to luck rather than anything else?????? I haven’t spoken to the barrister yet, if at all, she is from No 5 chambers. I asked to be Martin’s RPR, Surrey’s best interests assessor turned me down 3 years running, it cost me £1,000 to see if a solicitor could get an answer for me, of course he didn’t. I believe all appeals in the CoP are turned down as being of absolutely no merit, mine was.


  6. I’m glad something at last is being done about yours and Martin’s appalling situation.

    It has now for the past 2 years, been made impossible by statue to appeal a COP decision to the CA unless it is ‘jurisdictional’ .

    This means, now that all County Court decisions including a DOLs cannot be appealed to the CA.

    Even a capacity declaration, it appears cannot now get to the CA, will get you the case citation on capacity, which one would have thought would be jurisdictional, seeing as it is a person’s ‘incapacity’ that by statue gives the COP jurisdiction.

    The only application, that can get to CA now, is one when a s48 has been applied for and obtained as per this post and challenged under Rule 89 .

    So all decisions effectively are stopped at the local High Court.

    Best Wishes , Finola


    1. No where else in the world has MCA/ DOLs, nor enforced adoption, both laws are making billions.

      The state can remove your children and decide their lives and your spouse, mum, dad on effectively nothing………………. often spin and lies .

      At least a million citizens must now be trapped under DOLs most like Martin for years and for ever……………………………


  7. In any case, here is my additional proposals:

    1. Yes! I believe that where Domestic Violence is at stake in the Family Home steps must be taken to protect the vulnerable adult.

    2. I believe that where there is ‘No Risk’ at stake to a vulnerable adult and they have “clearly” stated “I am happy with my family”, they should be left alone and not removed just to acquire ‘autonomy’ {which when defined seems to mean No Family Contact}.

    3. Family should always be the RPR or Nearest Relative because, strangers have their own beliefs, opinions and interests. In many cases, the Official Solicitor is against Family and that is where vulnerable adults re-assurances rests.

    4. The participation of P in his Proceedings is paramount {my son was not involved.
    Hearsay was used.

    5. I am of good character have been my son’s Primary Carer for many years and I am well known to the LA, Court and the OS but, they dislike me because of the dishonest aunt’s false words and my belief in proper care.

    6. Assessments should be done in the Family Home and with Family present.

    7. Adults should be allowed to partake in his/her cultural beliefs.

    8. LA’s, the OS and Home Staff must ‘encourage’ adults to return home in order to maintain Family Ties.

    9. Offcourse, steps shoud be in place to protect adults from Criminals and self-harm. In trying to protect self-harm unlawful DoLs may incur.

    10. Independent Psychistrist’s Assessments should always stand before ISW’s and NHS Psychologists, because, he is independent from the LA.

    11. ISW’s and NHS staff should not be assessing capacity for the CoP. The incumbent is the Independent Psychiatrist as he studied the ‘mind and brain’.

    12. Parliament ‘must’ ask Judges to be ‘truly impartial’ as they show no respect to Health, Safety and Family’s Article :8 of the ECHR.

    13. Adults ‘must be encouraged” to visit their family home {Lady Hale in P v Cheshire West}.

    14. LA’s should not use their financial ability to provide a larger or more posh home for the adult as a reason for him/her to live in their care, “A Gilded cage is still a cage”.

    15. Adults should be encouraged to live in the Community.

    16. Adults past and present wishes must be considered.

    17. Health must must be given priority {my son was always fit and healthy but, once forced out, he has become clinically obese and badly behaved {theifing and sexual in-appropriateness}.

    18. My son is always unkempt when in care.

    Many thanks, write soon with an acknowledgement and what shal I di as my son is being covertly and unlawfully ‘Deprived of his Liberty’ by the woefully lagging CoP itself.


  8. I have had my Asperger Syndrome and PTSD diagnosis overruled by police and social services.

    Police have sectioned me 4 times now, the first time for running away from the children’s home where I was being abused.

    The last time I was sectioned was a month ago, I’m still waiting for my paperwork and also for social services to get in touch with me. I was sectioned after I had a fit in the park, and I was in the back of the ambulance when they sectioned me, the paramedics told me they just wanted to check I was ok after the fit, they did blood test and heart test, and they promised me they wouldn’t hand me over to the police, because I told them I was scared of the police because the police abused me, but after the tests were done the police came in the ambulance and sectioned me.

    I’m sick of it, I’m too scared to go anywhere on my own in case I have a fit and the police section me. I feel like a prisoner.


  9. They keep taking me to St George’s Psychiatric Hospital in Stafford, and that’s one of the places I was abused in as a child, I was there for a year aged 14 to 15, for running away from the children’s home that was supposed to be a Place of Safety, I was there because I was locking myself in the bedroom and screaming a lot at home and playing truant because I have Asperger Syndrome and I was being raped.

    St George’s Psychiatric Hospital is a horrible place, it’s filthy dirty and there’s nothing much to do, I got told off for feeding the birds, they said I was wasting the bread, I only gave them a few old slices from the left over bread of the day before, old crusts, but they said I was wasting it, I also got told off for talking about being abused as a child, the occupational therapist said I was upsetting the other patients, which was a lie, some of us were talking about how we’d been abused as children, we were upset about the system, because the hospital and police were covering it up, that’s what we were upset about, she said it was off topic, I said I found it upsetting people being dragged off to have ECT, she just scowled at me when I said that though, she only got me in the kitchen to make a smoothie, I wouldn’t have gone with her if I’d known she was going to lock the door and start telling me off about not shutting up about child abuse!


  10. All there is to do at St George’s Psychiatric Hospital in Stafford is watch telly, which I pretty much hate, seeing how the BBC made a special program to cover up Pindown child abuse, and endless football/violent films/awful programs ie Eastenders, a really minute bookshelf with hardly any books and some scrappy bits of paper and coloured pencils which were blunt, they didn’t let me have a pencil sharpener at first, and the garden which I was told off for feeding the birds in.It’s more like a jail than a hospital


  11. They stopped me from seeing the Emotional Well Being therapist I was seing, they said I’d had too many sessions (you’re only supposed to have 8 then you’re supposed to be cured of whatever it is you’ve got) but then they put Stafford Police in charge of my mental health, it’s written in my St George’s Psychiatric Hospital discharge notes, and I had to nag them for those, they didn’t give me a hospital care plan the three weeks I was there, I didn’t even know I was supposed to have a hospital care plan but one of the other inmates oops I mean patients told me I ought to have had one, they told me I wasn’t allowed to talk to any of the other patients about child abuse, but when I moaned about them singling out one topic to taboo they said none of the patients were allowed to talk about why they were there, and when I told the others what the OT woman said to me when she tricked me into going in the kitchen to make a smoothie then locked the door so she could bully me over talking about child abuse they weren’t very pleased and one of them said they can f off because they can’t stop people talking about why they were there if they wanted to have a private conversation.


  12. I’ve got Asperger Syndrome but I can talk, if someone can’t talk they can just do what they like, it’s awful. They do anything to cover up the vile treatment. They told me I wasn’t allowed to know who my mental health team were, I had to really really nag them to get them to tell me, and even then they falsified one of the names. But from what I can see, the Agells run St George’s, along with Stafford Police and Social Services, and they’re all as corrupt as hell.


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