The Final Social Solution- State Enforced Corporate Services and Betrayal of Politics.


The historic City of London is not strictly a London borough, but special dispensation is given to the corporation to run council services for its 8,000 residents.

LAs are being asset stripped and put into special measures providing lawyers, auditors, consultants with huge sums of public income to convert public administrative bodies to corporate entities that hide all from FOIA by ‘commercial confidentiality’.

These LAs outsource all services including child and adult protection to private corporate monopolies for decade long contracts.

Like Sheffield City Councils contract for road maintenance given to Amey Ltd in 2009 still in force despite local petitions and objections to the felling of 1400 healthy trees.

So monopoly enforced services with no competition. or accountability paid with public money for public services.

Health and social welfare has without us even noticing, been transformed into a multibillion pound corporate, no choice, no accountability service.

This historic monumental feat has been achieved by successive government manipulation of health and social care’s structure and funding and the public.

Charities, Universities, Experts, NHS, GPs, Social Services, Police ,Courts and all Media are used as marketeers and enablers .

The modi austerity, Neo liberalist, Socialist and Conservatist concern and paternalism .

Local Health and Social Care Trusts were created and they and LA  given huge amounts of public money under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to carve up between themselves and their chosen monopoly service providers.

Local Authority and NHS cost cutting allowed all to line their pockets with public money, by setting up their own private companies.

And then selling them on for millions to private venture capital backed monopolies.

There is no open competition for these services this is not privatisation.

But the syphoning off of unaccountable amounts of public money to certain chosen providers for unaccountable, enforced medical and care services.

The public have been made an ever increasing market, harvested by detection, diagnosis; ‘mental health’ sufferers, care and protection, prisoners, the homeless, babies, children, teenagers, old, learning ‘disabled’ including those deemed merely at risk of being part of this group.

Cameron’s ‘Big Society ‘ is now Community Care and medicine.

Last year 433 million was ploughed into local charitable groups/LA/ NHS private/ public, just to spy and remove citizens from their home and families on the pretext of  safeguarding.

Communiterianism was created.

Any Individualism destroyed by forced collaboration and ‘strong’ leadership.

Facilitated by secret community networks and leadership groups like Common Purpose UK.

With the ultimate prize for members or those on message of the perfect business model of guaranteed and increasing public income and a captive continually created consumer with no accountability for services.

LAs and NHS CCGs have been made mere outsources granting decade long contracts to chosen private monopoly providers.

The Tory party has betrayed its basic premise of the small state and instead created an all seeing, all powerful Big Brother, able to intervene and control any individual, their property,  family and liberty.

And the paternalistic socialist Labour/Liberals have betrayed their politics by making the public the commodities for monopoly, unaccountable capitalism.

So politics is dead.

We have no human or civil rights or indeed enforceable law and so are at the mercy of a ruthless all for profit state.

Children and babies taken into care are at an all time high, up from on average 700 per month in 2011 to 1650.

96% up from 80% 6  years ago, of Care Applications are successful.

So many are now removed from their parents, it is difficult to find foster carers and adopters, so  new care homes and ‘foster hubs’, that cost of £200,000 per child per annum, are being built.

For adults the number of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards introduced in 2009 under MCA can remove a person’s liberty, property and decisions and are at an all time high.

With 137,540 DoLS applications received by councils between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015, the most since the safeguards were introduced in 2009.

A tenfold increase from 2013-14 (13,700).

62,645 applications were completed by councils during the year, almost five times as many as the previous highest volume – 13,040 in 2013-14.

The number of completed applications having increased every year since DoLS were introduced in 2009.

In 2014-15, there were 147 completed applications per 100,000 adults in England.

Application rates varied considerably by region, with a rate of 389 applications per 100,000 adults in the North East, whereas the other eight regions had between 110 (East Midlands) and 150 applications per 100,000.

There were 52,125 granted applications in 2014-15, 83% of all completed applications.

This the highest percentage granted since DoLS were introduced.

Between 2010 and 2014 between 55 and 60% of applications were granted.

These numbers are in addition to the millions already institutionalised.

The aim of Globerlisation is world compliance to Corporate Monopoly Services for max profit.

801 years since the Magna Carta Libertatum, the Great Charter of the Liberties guaranteed no citizen would be imprisoned without trial by his peers, millions are now being for profit.






  1. Finola Have you read Munby on Teresa Kirk and her penal notice. Among all of us who have failed, she has managed to beat the Court of Protection into complete submission. Munby’s judgment is just to laugh at. Good on her, and Colin Challenger who saved her from her imprisonment.


    1. But it is a phyric victory, and really merely an admission that the court can do nothing, as she has defeated the court order by removing the person subject to it out of the COP’s jurisdiction.

      In such circumstances she is unable to purge her contempt and they cannot from a PR prospective allow her to stay in jail for life.

      It appears, that Grayling should have allowed review of her imprisonment anyway by the OS, which would have avoided the need for CA intervention, and all this expense public money.

      See Law Society Gazette which I quote below.

      ‘Quashing the committal order last month, Munby questioned in the judgment whether Kirk, could have been released earlier, if the official solicitor still had responsibilities in relation to contemnors.

      A direction requiring the Official Solicitor to review all cases of those committed to prison for contempt of court and report back to the lord chancellor was revoked in November 2012 by the then lord chancellor, Chris Grayling.

      Munby said:
      ‘As can be seen, the process of quarterly review by an officer of the court, instituted in 1830, continued until 2012. It served contemnors, and more generally the system well. Not the least of the merits of the involvement of the official solicitor was the fact that he was not dependent upon instructions from the contemnor and indeed could, and did, act even though the contemnor did not want him to.’


      1. and what about Colin Challenger who rescued her?Finola you are BRILLIANT. There you are – you have answered all my legal questions, once again. IF THE portugese authorities had co operated, could the SS have brought him back here?? What rights did Teresa herself have under habeas corpus? And what about Colin Challenger who came to her rescue?

  2. Thank you.

    I don’t know what SS agreement the UK have with Madeira, but if they were satisfied he was being looked after properly, I can’t see that they would force him back.

    It would also cost more public money.

    And UK would not want the publicity.

    Against HC, detainment was lawful,as technically they can keep her in jail until she purges her contempt.But as this not possible in the circumstances, as out of the order’s jurisdiction, equity will not allow a court order to be made, as equity will not act in vain.

    For HC, the court ought to have known at time of making order, that it was impossible to comply with, and therefore it was an abuse of process, so illegally detained.

    I can’t speculate on Colin and don’t know anything about the circumstances.

    Just know that citizens should not be jailed, if they are doing the best for their relatives.

    Particularly, as we have seen in media, state care for profit care is the latest government initiative, despite the fact such care services are commissioned and overseen by the same body the LA so huge conflict making the provision unaccountable and in secret with relatives cut out under MCA as contact not in service users ‘best interests’.

    Best wishes to you and Martin.


  3. I was 12 years old when I first saw the film based on Gorge Orwell’s 1984. Here we are 60 years later. and i feel like I am now living in it.


  4. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    Excoriating post about statism overriding individual autonomy and civil liberties. Such lamentable chicanery/impunity must be held properly to account.
    O Consumers!
    Not in our names.
    Beware corporatocracy before it consumes you …


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