Comments/Information on Cygnet’s actual services


So what do we know about the actual provision and quality of Cygnet’s increasingly MHA/MCA enforced services ?

The public service users, nor their family know little about Cygnet’s service and even less about the outcomes for service users.

Despite £7,000 min a week and £13,000 on secure units and Cygnet expanding to incorporate all public beds and our government’s 9 billion mental services spend.

A locked ward patient is worth £13,000 per week here is a blog post on February 2017 of a mother whose daughter is against both their wishes on such a ward in a Cygnet Hospital.

CCG s commission their services without competition as they are the only ‘specified provider’ under Health and Social Care Act 2012.

All that can be gleaned about these extraordinarily expensive services is from the internet.

Although by October 2017 more appeared in the media see here of abuses

As to be expected Cygnet’s own glossy, PR savvy site, proclaims their excellence .

NHS Choices reveals that Cygnet has not filed a Quality Account Report

Quality Accounts are self created annual reports to the public from NHS Healthcare providers giving information about the quality of their organisation’s services.

NHS Choices Site contains only one review from a member of the public headed;

horrendous hellhole

Staff turnover high no basic education provision no meaningful psychological input. I could go on forever about this place words cannot describe just how shocking it is I would advise every man & their dog to avoid this place like the plague.

Visited in February 2016.
Posted on 02 October 2016

Employee Reviews of Cygnet shown on Glassdoor are mainly French care workers, written on a French website.

We can only assume, Cygnet, has been recruiting cheaper more itinerant French workers.

In an industry dependent on  written and oral handovers and multi medications, where accurate and precise communications are essential.

Posted February 2016
Job satisfaction and training available. Regular ward meetings. There are some very good staff that make the team run well.

Lots of bank and agency staff working here, which can make the shift difficult. Lack of Consistency between shifts can make work hard.

March 2016
it was Alpha when I worked there and at that time no pros

endless night shifts 12 hour each lasting for one month or more, managers used bully tactics and favouritism

Conseils à la direction
manage don’t bully

Sept 2016
The service users.
Sometimes there are usable toilets

The management are promoted internally and you wonder whether they have any experience at all.

Many staff are unqualified

No one cares about the people we work with.

Many staff have no place working anywhere, let alone with vile enable people.

This is just a way to siphon off public money.

Advice to Management
Your golden goose will end one day

We also have Will Perk’s Mum’s comment to the press about her 15 year old autistic son’s treatment in Cygnet Woking.

‘In Woking there’s a lack of communication, they get his meds wrong.

I had to report them because someone threatened him and said, ‘If you don’t stop it I’m going to punch your effing face in.’

“Another member of staff was restraining him and pulled his hand right back and hurt him. Both of which I complained about and both of which have been sorted. Both members of staff admitted it. It went through all the right procedures for safeguarding and the hospital was just saying, ‘It’s not unusual I’m afraid for this industry’

And when autistic Mathew Garnet was pushed by an inpatient in Cygnet’s Woking hospital, whilst playing on his Nintendo, his swollen fractured wrist was ignored on the excuse that ‘he did not express pain’, and he was not taken to A and E for 24 hours.

And his mother described his treatment as the equivalent of ‘being left on an A&E trolley for 6 months’ .

Is it any wonder, that the USA now own nearly all NHS mental service provision with such public sums paid for such public services.

And in 2017 for private mental health providers ‘things can only get better’.

And here is the proof yet more expansion and building of new hospitals by Cygnet.


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