24 year old dies in Cygnet after 11 forced Olanzapine injections in 10 days




Jonathan Malia a father, keen rugby player, and fitness fanatic studying to be a sports therapist.

Was described as “a fun-loving, manageable, intelligent young man,”

He had been diagnosed with bipolar but had been fine for years.

But when he started to feel depressed and couldn’t cope, he sought help, assuming he would be a voluntary patient, instead he was sectioned .

Two weeks, and 3 hospitals later, he died from a “massive pulmonary embolism”.

His girlfriend had rang the hospital on his second day of detention-, he was not allowed to make phone calls or see anyone- and staff told her he was “being aggressive”.

Wouldn’t you be, if you’d asked for help, but found yourself drugged and locked up, incognito, in your second hospital .

Jonathan was then transited 97 miles, to the Chamberlain Ward in Cygnet Hospital, a unit that specialised in ‘treating’ patients with “an acute episode of mental illness that requires assessment and stabilisation”.

This appears a fairly common start to inpatient ‘help’ .

‘Stabilisation’ is achieved by the use of high doses of anti psychotics and/or other drugs. .

During the following 10 days, his girlfriend rang the hospital daily, only to be told Jonathan wasn’t in a fit enough state to get to the phone.

She rang on the 11th day and was told, he’d collapsed and been rushed to the nearby Lister Hospital were he was pronounced dead.

A massive thrombosis had triggered a pulmonary embolism.

When Johnathan had been admitted to Lister Hospital, he had had bruises on his head, arms and legs..

Four days of his fluid intake charts were missing.

Vital samples taken from at his post mortem and actioned by the coroner for analysis, were not, instead they were left to deteriorate in a fridge for three weeks and discarded.

There was no paramedic report available at the inquest.

The coroner ignored evidence that his death might have been caused or contributed to, by 11 restraints and injections of Olanzapine, which drug per se, has been linked to causing deep vein thrombosis.

And the Coroner ruled Johnathan died of natural causes.

Johnathan’s aunty said.’There has been a massive cover up – we also feel the verdict had been decided before the inquest ever began’.

Errol Robinson, a Birmingham solicitor who is acting for the family commented:

“Several features about the evidence that came out at the inquest give cause for concern.

One relates to the sample that was taken for analysis by the pathologist which was instructed by the coroner but not actioned. This deteriorated and was discarded, which is wholly unsatisfactory.

Also, the coroner did not accept the need to make any recommendation in relation to the development of deep vein thrombosis in patients taking such therapeutic drugs’

Johnathan’s aunty said;
“Our evidence as a family was disregarded by the coroner who I felt was very disrespectful to us. At one point he told me that my statement was irrelevant.”

“So many questions have gone unanswered – why was Jonathan given 11 injections of the drug. Why did he have bruises on his head, legs and arms when he was admitted to Lister Hospital? Why were there fluid charts missing ? Why were samples from his body left to deteriorate before anyone had analysed them? The questions go on and on.”


Despite a campaign, petition, and letters to the GMC and MOJ and relevant authorities, his family are still waiting for answers they will never get.

It is unknown how many deaths are even investigated internally in mental health care.

We know from the LLB Campaign, SLOVEN only investigated 1%of their LD deaths, and this was not an outlier for public mental hospitals.

We have no statistics for private hospitals and/or residential care providers.

There is no check, or, accountability for the use, or dosage of drugs in private mental health care.

NICE Guidelines can, and are, being ignored, and prescribing psychiatrists are employed by private  for profit mental care providers, and subject to stringent Codes of Conduct and appraisals.

Patients nor family have any control over the medication used.

Coroners inquests are the only possible independent investigation, and these are decreasing ,with no legal aid available to families.

That is if they have not been gagged and cut out by the MCA ,

Narrative verdicts are increasing .

MENCAP reported 3 years ago, that 3 learning disabled die needlessly in state care every day.

We can add to these, those like Johnathan, who simply ask for help.

Government statistics show that mental health service users account for 60% of those who die in the care of the state

And nothing is being done, except to plough millions of public money, now nearly a quarter of the NHS budget, into private monopoly, commissioned by state mental health provision, and a  cross party Mental Health Taskforce, that promotes the use of ‘antipsychotic drugs and mood enhancers’.

Here  are the latest statistics from CQC  on those detained under MHA, it is increasing as huge profits can be made, inpatient ‘treatment’ is around £890 per night.








  1. It appears to be that people with a mental illness/learning disability are deemed to be seen as unreliable witnesses when seeking justice for ill treatment or the mismanagement of the drug regime that often disables them instead of curing them.

    The psychiatrists that are treating them are in a win win situation as it seems that the patients they treat can never ever get any justice for the harm caused to them

    Shocking really when you think that a large proportion of our society are treated with such contempt and shocking really that this awful injustice is being delivered by so call ‘doctors’ who should have the ethos of ‘do no harm’ to their patients but are instead blatantly doing the very opposite.


    1. There needs to be a rally – one in every country – on the same – at the capital cites – with banners showing our loved ones we have lost to MH. Even though my son is still living, when I truely look at him, I know I have lost my son. It is a permanent grief situation for me and a living death for my son.


      1. Dear Catherine,

        Forgive me if I have interpreted your comment, but you appear to be advocating world mental health awareness by demonstration , this is exactly, what the UK government have been doing via all press, media, agencies schools for the last year.

        This is sadly, not aimed at helping these people, the UK government has shown, in so many ways, reduced DLA, benefit cuts, NHS neglect, austerity, that it does not care about the poor and vulnerable, but it does wish to harvest, as many as possible for private profit.

        And, already spends nearly a quarter of our NHS budget , on private extortionate NHS ‘services’, which are not helping those in need. See my blog posts .

        Logic dictates, and present mental services show, the government has not suddenly found the cure to the nations mental anguish,

        As you can see from blog posts, the only cure that they are advocating, for huge sums of public money, is encagement and forced medication with drugs that have been shown to create psychosis and depression, in those that did not have these mental problems.

        There are very few actual mental disorders per se, most are conduct and /or reaction to personal traumas, see Myth Of Mental Health by Thomas Szasz MD.

        If we were to do as you suggest, we would be creating a non existent epidemic in the rest of the world, where at the moment, particularity in the third world, there are few mental health problems. It is only in USA, Canada and now UK that such an epidemic has/ is being created.

        If you have lost your son to ‘mental illness’, examine what mental disorder you have lost him to, and whether this in fact was caused by his drugs/treatment, and /or dire personal circumstances.

        Before deciding we are all being lost to unknown, undefined ‘mental illnesses’, examine what these are, the effectiveness of proposed treatment, and who will profit from that treatment.

        I hope you get your son back and he himself back.

        Best Wishes,

      2. Rallies will do no good.
        We can’t Brexit after a vote.

        Police can stop them under the Public Order Act only politically correct ones like extinction are allowed. Petitions are the same as public enquiries are stitched up not independent .
        The structures of government need to be made legal – separation of powers and rule of law restored.

      1. The system of mental services killed this young man the professionals are merely employees doing what they are told and if they do not will be replaced by those that will

      1. We are pleased to say the holistic healer S Kellner Johnson is now back home permanently, and the M.H.A. Section 3 order on her has been removed, and the seriously debilitating medication she was forced to take has been stopped too. So, all in all, a very favourable end to this nightmare and SKJ is very happy to get her life back. It will never be known if the original authorising order to kidnap her ever actually existed, nor the order authorising the enforced medication, but complaints have been made about things, and will not be forgotten. An African lady known as Tosin also suffered a similar fate a few times, but is home now but still under the community care order and forced to take debilitating medication against her will, all the time – https://butlincat.com/2016/09/25/tosin-oluwatosin-adediran-invitation-the-false-kidnapping-and-sectioning/ – something which needs to be looked at. Thanks again. ​

  2. We have been campaigning and stood as independents at elections on this one issue. Otherwise it never gets talked about.

    It is illegal to force treat. The UN have made this clear, as has the mental welfare commission in Scotland.

    However, we have not yet succeeded in changing the law. The UN are coming to the UK this year which is why the mwc have changed their tune. It also helps we have a new boss at the mwc. The UN general comment No 37 is very useful. Hard to argue with, which is why we are banned from our local mental health forum.

    The cross party working group on mental health at parliament has human rights promotion as its remit, yet I have been physically removed for trying to talk about human rights there.

    Last time I went they promised “human rights will never be on the agenda”.


    1. May I have a copy of your picture showing forced treatment. Obviously it’s not realistic – I’ve only ever heard accounts of 5 people holding one down while a 6th injects. I’d love to be able to show people what that looks like.


      1. Sorry, Claire for not getting back to you until now and hope you pick this up.

        I only have the photo shown in my blog of two people one injecting . I fear it would be impossible ever to gain such a photo, as all of the parties involved are employed by the hospital/ care home/ residential institution involved and under strict codes of conduct and/or on zero hour contracts or short fixed terms.

        Within mental health services because of the systems put in place there can be no whistle blowing or information given.

        As all NHS England Mental is now private effectively, with the phasing out of inpatient beds to private sector hospitals and their ‘community living’, this will get worse as Freedom of Information notices do not apply to private companies and even the minutes of Health and Social Care Trust boards are not made public.

        The new NHS Mental is dependent on forced medication for its profit, so it will/can only worsen.

        I admire you for standing against it in Scotland, as you can see it is a great evil which has substantially increased in the last 10 years in England/ Wales with the passing of the MCA allowing it in ‘best interests’ and more people being declared ‘incapable’ of making decisions about their own care/medication.

        More and more are dying from the effects of medication which are not even acknowledged let alone blamed.

        We need people like you in England/Wales, who will politically stand up to the Government and Pharma industry for those that can’t.

        Please feel free to email me on finolamoss@gmail.com if you need any further information and sorry I can’t help with a photo. I also discovered, that they designing machines for injection to avoid the restraint. When the biggest restraint and danger is the forced drug.

        Best Wishes Finola

  3. I just can’t comment too much right now. This is bringing up too much stuff for me, having had a family member in hospital in a similar situation, although thankfully we got them out. However, one thing that hasn’t been addressed in this article, is one of the side effects of Olanzapine is anger. This poor man was probably made much, much worse by the drug, and then they repeatedly gave it to him. Are you even supposed to be injected daily??? I have no words. I pray his family don’t give up. Too many people are suffering from the hospitals “care.”


    1. Thanks for this. The problem is there is no regulation and care is for profit. Glad your family member is OK, Anger is side effect of lots of drugs and each individual reacts differently.


    1. There have been and are continuing, many deaths see gov’s own review, yet no change, or accountability and so will continue. Thank you for your comment it is most appreciated Best Wishes Finola


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