How The Priory/CAMHS’s Treatment lead to the death of George Werb.

Akgeorge-werbI feel completely brain fried 20mg was too much for me and someone should have protected me from myself’. ‘By the way this is the only time in my life I ever strongly felt that suicide was the only option’.

George was referring to his enforced anti psychotic olanzapine.

He had continually asked the dosage be reduced, as had his parents.

The day before his death, George tried to negotiate a reduction in return for the Prozac his consultant added .

And despite this psychiatrist, rarely, making notes of his consultations, preferring ‘an oral hand over’, he did take the time to record;

’I tried to persuade him to persuade him that olanzapine was the answer to his problems not the cause’

George thought he was suffering from various diseases since he was 13, and his parents sought help from various professionals, but had got no where, and were never offered therapy.

Eventually, after a 10 month wait CAMH’s diagnosed him with ‘delusional’ depression.

An extremely rare condition, unknown in hormonal teenagers, the delusions appear based on George’s hypochondria, and, usefully justified treatment with anti psychotic medication.

Within seven weeks George was dead.

Neither the Coroner, nor his Serious Case Review considered the accuracy of the diagnosis, the role olanzapine and Prozac or their combination nor George’s enforced hospitalisation, played in his death even after reading George’s suicide note.

How could they, when such ‘treatment’ is  the only treatment available. And promoted by an all party mental health task force.

Therefore, an open verdict, reflecting the very real likelihood, that medication caused George’s death could not considered, nor a jury verdict risked.

Instead, a narrative verdict was given, blaming the Priory for allowing George home.

Yet, hours before writing his note, George’s mother had picked him up from the Priory Hospital, and was shocked at his wide, staring, expression less eyes, and noticed he could not sit still.

Just after 6am, the next morning, a train driver reported that George, had ‘walked calmly and deliberately’ in front of his high speed train. He was just 15.

George was described by his parents as a popular, active, funny, talented boy;

“We remember George’s incredible life, his amazing achievements, his jovial personality, his very quick wittedness, his integrity, his beautiful smile, his contentedness, but above all we remember his absolute love of his life and his imperative place in our family.

“Living with George brought entertainment to us on a big scale, he was either singing, practicing lines, playing music or playing an instrument. He performed in talent shows, singing competitions, Oliver, and played the role of Bugsy in Bugsy Malone at the town hall, as well as singing in the local church choir and fundraising for the drama club that he belonged. He loved joining clubs and loved his sailing, badminton and karate lessons

“George had aspirations, he wanted to work at the Globe Theatre, either in performing arts or some other job, but it was one of his ambitions. He loved music and wanted to join a rock band. He loved cycling and coming home to tell us that he had found a new path or cycle route. He loved reading about World War One and Two and adventure fiction. He enjoyed school and was on track to achieve high GCSE grades and during May last year and while in hospital, he took biology GCSE and earlier this year we received his certificate and he achieved an A grade.


But all this zest and enthusiasm would have been removed by the dopomine block of  his anti psychotic, and George and his parents knew it was killing him but no one listened .

Medication and unhappy encagement in hospital were the only ‘help’ he was given by CAMHS and his family  noticed a ‘massive change’ in him.

George had for weeks had complained about the terrible way the medication made him feel but was just given melts, when he spat his tablets out.

It was then, that the state decided, he needed hospitalisation for ‘assessment and treatment’

Which could earn his private Hospital at least a £1000 a day. A secure ward today commands a standard £13,000 per week.

Yet despite this huge public cost, his parents removed him from the first hospital, as the room was ‘not fit for a dog’, his bed had no sheets, the curtains were too short, he was living out of a suitcase, he looked dishevelled and unclean, and another patient had threatened to kill him.

Despite being paid £800 per day it did not even provide basic accommodation.

George returned home for a short period, but was then sectioned under the MHA to the Priory, for ‘treatment and assessment’,and any objections were  made impossible.

But here, he did not even receive an accurate suicide risk assessment, let alone an assessment of his condition, the Coroner noting

‘The information used in the assessment was incomplete inaccurate and did not reflect the actual situation’.

And, the only ‘treatment’ George received was medication which clearly was having a devastating effect on him.

The Priory were being paid £890 a day, including the days of home leave.

Even basic communication was not provided either with his parents, who complained of this from the start.

George was given home leave, but did not want to return, and on his return, was so unhappy he attempted to kill himself with a shower curtain, but his parents were not immediately informed.

When his father visited, George had looked ‘hideous,’ and he thought he was getting worse.

Dr Hoyos, his consultant psychiatrist, who had to be seconded from CAMHS by the Priory, explained, George did not want to be in the hospital and had disengaged from staff and refused to go to lessons.

George knew he was trapped now by section and medication, and felt so desperate, he drew pictures of his own suicide with the words ‘game over young lad’.

But this was treated, as part of his disorder, and ignored .

The main points of the Serious Case Review were as follows;

Despite a nurse recording that George was very suicidal on 24 June 2013, a decision was made to allow George on home leave on 27 June 2013, without an up to date risk assessment, and hours after he had been prescribed an anti-depressant, Fluoxetine, which has a known side effect of potentially increasing suicide.

Inadequate records were taken by the consultant psychiatrist following consultations with George

A risk assessment had been incorrectly written changing George’s suicide risk from YES to NO the day before George died

The management plan did not have any note of current or past risk of self-harm or suicide the day after George had made a suicide attempt

A staff meeting had concluded that George posed “no current risk of suicide” two days before he died, contradicting a report given a few days before which noted that George had woken up in a low mood and had felt suicidal.

A referral to the General Medical Council (GMC) was made regarding this consultant’s record-keeping.

However, this was not pursued by the GMC.
See the Coroner’s Report to NHS England and their response.

Click to access 2014-0510-Response-by-NHS-England.pdf

But George’s death did not affect the NHS use, and funding of the Priory Group which in fact increased as all new public NHS beds were phased out.

This is the ‘help’ available to the 1 in 4 teenagers purported to have ‘mental health’ issues.

At best, George’s death merely ensures ‘treatment’ makes it impossible to commit suicide but those like George are tortured by containment and drugs, and this will continue, as the real reason for their issues and the affect of medication is ignored.

And then in 2017 another patient of the Priory Group at just 15 throws themselves in front of a train

And still nothing is done and millions of NHS money continues to be paid to the Priory Group



  1. And, such stories can only increase, with the push to harvest as many teenagers as possible to be pharma cash cows.

    And their stories, as many already are, will remain untold.

    Thank you for your comment Shirley, it means a lot

    Best Wishes,


    1. Sadly, it is much worse than that.

      The system has been deliberately created, to enable systemic abuse of our most vulnerable.

      It has been realised, nearly 20 years ago, what a huge goldmine, health and social care could be, if you created unaccountable, enforced through courts,monopoly services, that received guaranteed public, increasing income.

      The MCA allows effectively any medication/service to be enforced and no one can avoid that service or complain about it that is the horror.

      And like enforced adoption/child care, no one else in the world, has such extensive, enforcement and arbitrary, draconian restrictions placed on them, particularly not for profit alone.

      Thank you for your comment.
      Best Wishes,


      1. O it’s almost unbearable to digest the corrupt and evil practice of encagement of the vulnerable. Human beings in control at their worst for pursuit of money and power. Pure evil. God help the Good Doers and the Innocent Souls.
        Keep writing Fiona. Evil must be exposed for positive changes to happen.
        Best regards
        Danuta Gillespie

      2. If only it were that simple.

        All those involved know this is happening.

        3 successive governments, have conspired with policy and legislation to bring it about.

        The media and campaign groups, charities have facilitated it .

        Perfunctory, subverted PR is used, to hide what is actually happening ie all must be released from public ATUs, as the solution to the Winterbourne abuse, when Winterbourne was run for private profit, and is in fact the solution proposed.

        Institutions/ATUs are to be replaced by ‘community living’ ‘independent’ living when these are even bigger institutions with their own ‘specialist’ hospitals for venture profit.

        Those already hundreds of thousands of LD/autistic, whose parents were conned, although had no choice, as no other support available, and would have been made subject to MCA Order, have thought their adult children were to be well cared for in bungalows cottages etc with 24 hour skilled workers, find now they are a captive commodity, that can be put anywhere, with anyone, a statistic for ever more pharma and residential service provider profit for life, and, they, if not already can be cut out of even supervised visits.

        So my writing will have to do an almost impossible lot to change this all and can only expose.

        Thanks for your comment it is very much appreciated

        Best Wishes,

      3. I’m Flabagasted Fiona
        But Moving Forward Empowered Strong by Providence 🙏 I have to believe our Force of Good for the banishment of Evil 😈
        Thankyou for sharing your knowledge.
        Best Regards

      4. It is an expanding industry, cash for vulnerable people severed from their family, traumatized and abused by the state and private companies.

        Benefit private care companies – yes.

        Benefit vulnerable and families – NO!

    2. Individual stories like this must be read by more people, so these websites are shared with good people who aren’t aware of them. God, give us strength.


      1. This story was in national and local papers, and the only thing that would be thought by readers, was this boy, had a serious mental health condition, was suicidal. and should not have been let out on home leave.

        Which is what the coroner concluded.

        But it is very likely he didn’t, he had an over active imagination, was intelligent, a teenager and intelligent.

        And if you were to have asked him, what he wanted, which once you are on the mental health radar is dismissed/ignored, he would, as he kept screaming not this medication, and not that hospital, but he was given no choice, as he was making nearly a £1000 per day and this is the problem.

        We even have a private specialist hospital group Cygnet, which apparently advertises that it specialises in ‘resistant service users’ no wonder if they are worth £6,000 a week.

        Mental health services are for profit and unaccountable and over the last 20 years have been shown to be not fit for purpose with appalling outcomes.

        So the official version hides the real horror, and that it is systemic and hidden, people are being used as commodities for private mental treatment and pharma, which is not fit for purpose only profit.

        Such stories show the real personal horror, and are these poor abused, trapped , desperately let down individuals’ only eulogy, but, these ‘stories’ must stop this happening to others, by stopping the model of mental health services, which as now for profit, and unaccountable with no competition and absolute power, is getting much much worse.

  2. Finola There has been no mention anywhere except the Daily Mail that Colin Challenger barrister of Lambs Chambers rescued Teresa Kirk from prison where she had been sent for contempt by the Court of Protection. He acted pro bono. You should get the article up on your blog asap


    1. Thanks fo reminding me. I tweeted it out last week but forgot to link it into the COP Blog and will mention what happened.

      Imagine how many are serving the full terms, particularly as prisons are run on profit, AND pro bono that really cares/GOOD is difficult to find.

      Last time I had a figure on numbers IMPRISONED on gags, was those in family court when Harriet Harman’s sister a family lawyer, was campaigning their cause, and that I think was 180 that year back in 2010.

      Do you know any figures for COP MCA?

      Best Wishes and thanks once again

      Hope you have seen Martin recently and he is OK.


  3. No idea of prisoners under CoP MCA, probably very few, as the Court has such powers that it doesn’t need to bring a criminal case, it just finds one guilty without question.


    1. No, not asking for criminally imprisoned, but civilly ie under a MCA COP court order, like you or I would be imprisoned ie for civil contempt, technically until will purge it, so we could be put away indefinitely – the power of the state if you do not comply with any order, even without a committal notice, as technically contempt in the face of the court, its a very vague area so this can be taken advantage of, and in addition those who have, as you have, been made subject to a committal notice attached to a COP order, and arrested and imprisoned under it often without even a tick box hearing as I think the granny with special needs daughter in care she met and was seen hugging was. c


  4. Sorry misunderstood you. I obeyed the injunction against me to the letter,although it was totally illegal. I simply didn’t have anycontact with Martin for weeks. If I had disobeyed the Court would simply have stopped all contact. Latest news Charles has made a new statement re.P appearing in court


    1. Shirley, you have hit the nail on the head, worse than going to prison, any ‘care’ provder can stop contact, so you do not know what is going on, your loved one cannot even see you, thinks you have abandoned him and the provider can do what they like unsupervised, unseen for thousands a week.


  5. We do not know, but perhaps could find out the numbers, from a FOIA Notice to each LA, but the LA will then hide behind the confidentiality of the incapacitated service user, by saying he has a right to privacy, this being the excuse for closed COP.

    And, then the corporate providers, Priory, Cygnet etc can hide behind corporate confidentiality, and FOIA do not apply to corporate bodies.

    So, the public are precluded from even knowing the numbers of those encaged for life, who do not see any outside person even a very close relative.

    As to public domain, contact your own MP, if you get nowhere, then email all ENGLAND and Wales MPs, asking them to raise matter, as an urgent one of public interest in parliament.

    And take out, as you were going to those long months ago, an advert in a tabloid Mirror/Mail/Express, as read by more of public, the establishment know what is going on .

    And take out petition to Care, Disability Ministers and PM on Change org.

    And this is what, any of the many charities, some recently set up, should be doing, but they are run on a sustainability basis, and gain most of their money from government to deliberately back and sureptiously promote all this horror, and try to stop the real situation being made known, and tinker with superficialities.

    Best Wishes. Finola


  6. Hello Finola

    There is not day goes by without reading articles in the press about the dangers of over prescribing antidepressants and especially benzodiazepines

    Thanks to social media people are setting up forums to discuss the awful side effects of being on these medications and the absolute horror of trying to come off them. The medical profession are beginning. I hope, to start and listen to their patients and realise the dangers in these so called ‘wonder drugs’ that are peddled by the pharma companies. Who, incidently, woo the doctors with free lunches and freebies to get them to prescribe
    these drugs.

    Talking therapies, and lots of support is what is now realised as the best way to get off these drugs. These new directives are coming from the medical profession who are at last listening to the people who have suffered these side effects and withdrawal horrors.

    However, what about the people who have no voice? The so called ‘Cinderellas’ of our society. The people with autism, learning disabilities and severe mental retardation.
    Where are their talking therapies, support and understanding? Non-existent in most cases.

    They go through the revolving door. Medication which may help initially but unfortunately it becomes almost impossible to stop. If stopped it may cause withdrawal symptoms that appears worse than the original behaviour, so they are put on more medication which traps them forever in the revolving door. They need stimulation and understanding just like the people who can explain how they feel.

    Families that support people are in a ‘catch 22’ situation. Their loved ones behaviour could be so severe that supporting them could mean that the carers themselves break down with fatigue and despair. This challenging behaviour could be through life changes such as puberty, grief or, in my son’s case, change of epilepsy medicstion or perhaps the services they came to love and need have been pared down or gone forever.

    Families are offered respite from their loved ones, but the loved ones themselves receive no proper support. The support is usually in the shape of highly addictive medication which in turn entraps that person into a spiral of medical problems that disables them even further. Sleepiness, aggression, ataxia,restlessness and a loss of interest into things that once made them happy. Sometimes, as you, state, Finola, the families are completely removed from any contact from their loved ones. Something I find almost too terrible to contemplate. How dare so called caring state run organisations remove all contact between loving parents who have so much love and history between themselves and their son/daughter. It is beyond cruel.


    1. Thanks Pauline for as usual your very informative comment, will reply at length soon.

      But your last phrase ays t all ‘It is beyond cruel’ barbaric, corrupt, evil, not in anyway I n a person’s interests let alone best interests, illegal in breach of MCA and HRA S8 to mention justa few illegalities and it is for profit and 3 a day at least die and our governments have planned t and are relentlessly enforcing it with the backing of all charities, agents, pro essional bodies etc


  7. Pauline: One can come off medication safely, if one does it very slowly, if it is in tablet form. Have the smallest dosage tablet diazapam 2 mg. Break in half, then scrape a small amount off one half, administer the rest of the dose. Repeat this at 5 day or more intervals. Take a year to do this, at least. I know people who have done this very succesfully, including me for Martin. Martin’s consultant knew I was doing this. It is very unusual for any doctor to approve, I was lucky.


    1. Thank you for this helpful advice.

      No wonder the state don’t take it, as it would put the pharma industry, our third largest, out of business.

      And, with MHA, now covering more and more ‘disorders’, including learning disability and ASD, medication as with MCA ‘best interests’ is enforced for life, so profit is ensured.

      Best Wishes,



  8. Direct human violation of article 3 and 8.he has been subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment and quiet family life through the forced drugging and sectioning,ot to mention his right to life.
    It’s obvious to me that everyone in the system knows that it’s not working. So why are they doing it. I honestly believe that these young people are clinical trials.and guinea pigs. It don’t make sence , olanzapine has killed so many like Oliver Magowern and others yet they still force it on them. Parents need to set up a class’s action against uk nhs govenment.


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