The Antipsychotic Scandal- Affect on Mind and Body.

As even psychosis has no pathology, and there is no evidence that any mental disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains, what effect do drugs have ?

What permanent damage do they cause to our brains and bodies ?

How will the UK Mental Task force recommendations for even more use of anti psychotics and antidepressants really affect our health and well being ?

And, why is our government recommending the use of anti psychotics in light of the scientific evidence of their effect on the brain and body, side effects and complete lack of any long term benefit ?

Neuroleptics- Anti psychotics

Risperidol, Thorazine, Haldol, and other first, and second generation anti psychotics, powerfully block dopamine pathways in the brain.

And reduces a person’s capacity to respond emotionally to the world, and makes it harder  for them to physically move around it.

On a pathological level, neuroleptics change the brain’s chemistry and shrink its volume.

The brain compensates for the drug induced dopamine block by producing an increased density in its dopamine receptors.

Studies have shown this pathological change increases a person’s biological vulnerability to psychosis.

As schizophrenics treated with neuroleptics have more severe psychotic symptoms and relapses when the drug is withdrawn, than do those who have never been treated with anti psychotics.

Philip Seeman published a paper recently, showing both second and first generation atypical anti psychotics induce this ‘dopamine super sensitivity’.

And Martin Harrow’s long-term study showed patients who stopped taking medications, had markedly better outcomes .

He also reported, that medicated patients were much more likely to be psychotic on long-term medication, than those taken off early and he therefore concluded drug-induced dopamine super sensitivity was likely to be the reason for the remarkable difference in outcomes.

This super sensitivity also stops the actual sedative effect of the anti psychotics over time.

So neuroleptics, change the brain chemistry appearing to actually create psychotic episodes in those like the autistic and learning disabled.

This also  suggests the chemical imbalance theory that, increased dopamine causes psychosis is wrong.

As once a sensitivity is induced by anti psychotics, the neurotransmitters, desperate for normal levels of dopamine change their pathology and become over sensitive and a first psychotic episode and/or increased episodes result.

Therefore,  treatment for schizophrenia appears to be based on a false premise that suits pharma profit,  out of its apparent strong sedative effects as it historically was used as a tranquiliser.

But its effect is to adjust the brains chemistry to enable it to acquire the lost dopamine by becoming super sensitive to dopamine detection and it is this change as a  result of  a deficiency of dopamine that causes psychosis and /or increased episodes.

This surely suggests the brain needs the very dopamine being blocked to function normally.

Little is known of autism or the effects of reduction in dopamine specific to the autistic, here is a study on the increased rates of use in autistic children

How does it feel to be medicated ?

Some have described the effect as like a stroke, others a heavy blanket.

Most, cannot describe how they feel, as they are autistic/ learning disabled, institutionalised, and in any event, ignored.

They are turned into zombies by powerful neurological chemical suppression.

As far back as 1972 researchers concluded neuroleptics ‘impaired learning’.

In 2005, a large MRI imaging study by Lieberman showed statistically significant shrinkage of the brain’s grey matter in those treated with haloperidol or olanzapine, after just 12 weeks.

Yet, school children are drugged if autistic/ADHD for years.

These researchers found, in institutions they sat ‘staring vacantly at television’, and in the community lived in ‘virtual solitude’, socially disengaged and unmotivated.

A study by psychiatrist David Healy, of 20 hospital staff, given 5mg droperidol (a haloperidol type),and then required to perform various psychological tests.

Revealed they all felt heavily sedated, and found, physical and mental activity, required a much greater effort.

One said even obtaining a sandwich from a machine, was just too complicated.

They felt disengaged from events around them, demotivated., restless, anxious, and irritated, some so distressed they felt suicidal.

My 9 year old daughter on Risperidol in her fruit shots, as treatment for her aggression  in fact caused by an undetected poo impaction, cried almost permanently, but as an autistic could not describe her misery.

Some also reported, an inability to make judgments, about the effects of the drug, as they found it difficult to identify and describe them, whilst under its influence, so side effects could not be properly ascertained.

Click to access 1998-The-immediate-effects-of-droperidol.pdf

Do the benefits outweigh the risks and side effects ?

By the end of the 1970s, the National Institute for Mental Health and leading authority in schizophrenia research William Carpenter, expressed concern, that anti psychotics, might have the perverse effect over the long-term of making patients more biologically vulnerable to psychosis, than they would be, in the normal course of the illness.

This concern was based on an old study by Samuel Bockoven and three new long-term studies, funded by the NIMH.

Additionally, there were growing concerns about the frequency with which, medicated patients were developing tardive dyskinesia.

This led Jonathan Cole, the then head of the NIMH’s Psychopharmacology Service Centre, to write;

“Maintenance Antipsychotic Therapy: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?”

So after 25 years of studying anti psychotics, researchers came to a terrifying conclusion:

These drugs might in fact, worsen the very symptoms, they were designed to treat, and had devastating side effects.

In the 1990’s the pharmaceutical industry  dealt with this bad PR,  by marketing a new range of  second generation atypicals, which they purported to have better long-term outcomes.

But, there is no scientific evidence that they do, in fact, they appear worse.

And, the first generation ones, particularly Risperidol, continue to be extensively used.

MRI studies by Gur and Andreasen, show both types of atypicals, caused changes in brain volumes, that were associated with a worsening of positive symptoms, negative symptoms, and functional impairment.

And, recent evidence shows, that anti psychotics shrinking of the brain, has grown even more robust in both new and old atypicals

And as mentioned earlier, the dopamine sensitivity, which appears to cause psychosis, is also induced by the new second generation atypicals.

The World Health Organization, in two cross-cultural studies, reported that schizophrenia patients in three developing countries had markedly better outcomes than in the U.S. and other developed countries, and that in those poor countries, only a small percentage of patients—16%—were regularly maintained on the drugs.

Robert Whitaker Explains His Research After Being Pigeonholed As Anti-Medication

See also the millions paid out for the damage and death caused by anti psychotics in the USA.

We also have to consider the physical side effects, of this powerful neurological suppression, particularly over years of medication.

Here is a Forum of people permanently damaged

Remember, anti psychotics are only licenced in the UK for psychosis and short term use for severe behavioural problems.

Despite this they are prescribed ‘off label’ for bi polar, autism, irritability, self harm and behaviour problems,despite the fact, they can cause permanent psychosis, fits, diabetes and tardive dyskinesia, respiratory and heart conditions.

And appear to have no measurable benefits.

And worse still, are being promoted by our government’s Mental Health Taskforce.

One report from Public Health England estimates over 35,000 people a year are being prescribed antipsychotics and/or antidepressants – often more than one medicine in the same class – without a clear clinical justification and for a long time without adequate review.

Las Vegas massacre caused by anti anxiety drugs such as anti psychotics as was the cinema shootings and many more.

Links not investigated as too damaging to big Pharma now UK third largest industry






  1. I agree, I cannot see how these drugs are going to make one function better. It is like if one’s brains are not normal.. this drug will make it normal. This has not been proven. The drug may calm someone’s behaviour a bit but, as Finola says “Once the person gets off it.. the problem restarts”. So, why take it. The next things is “side effects”. Every powerful drug has a serious side effect. I believe that sufferers must be trained how to try to cope naturally as these drugs WILL and DOES affect the brains PERMANENTLY.


    1. And worse still, those who are not psychotic- the learning disabled/ autistic/ irritable- will be made psychotic, by the anti psychotics that has been shown.

      And, then it aids the pharma industry, as they can then justify medication for life.

      It would be extremely naïve/ stupid to believe, with the parma industry’s history and connections with government and its status, as the third largest UK industry, that they are acting in our interests.

      They are selling products, and the worse the person is made mentally, the more products will be bought.

      This is the horror of unregulated, monopoly unchecked industries, who only owe a duty to their investors not their consumers.


  2. My son was damaged at birth. Forceps delivery that was executed so badly that it damaged my son (brain haemorrhage) and me (foot drop).

    This left my son with learning disabilities and cerebral palsy down his left side and a weakness on his right side. However he was happy, kind, loving and a joy to be with He developed epilepsy when he was seventeen while in hospital recovering from an hip operation.

    Medicated on Carbamazepine and for five years was seizure free. Unfortunately after five years he went on to suffer from startle fits which required him to be then medicated (after trying many other drugs) with lamotrigine as an add on drug. He took this combination for 17 years, still having fits from time to time but gradually developing depression too and was often quite angry with me. It has been well documented that epilepsy medication can in some people lead to psychosis. In 2008 he stopped having seizures but was still having occasional angry outbursts at home (never ever anywhere else). We started to decrease his medication. In my opinion the way it was being taken down was wrong but my concerns were ignored by his psychiatrist (why a psychiatrist was treating my son for epilepsy still bothers me). The outcome was hallucinations and nightmares and complete terror for my son.

    In the last two and a half years he has been medicated on so many anti-psychotics, each with terrible side effects. He has lost any inhibitions regarding any social niceties, and will misbehave and become angry anywhere He has gained nearly three stone in weight. I do see my loving son occasionally break through these awful episodes but it does not last for long. He sleeps for hours on end during the day and wakes up a lot in the night. He has been catatonic and restless, impatient, anxious and ataxic. Still we cannot reliably say how he is suffering. We do not know if the drugs are doing him harm or not. It is a nightmare.

    My son has been permanently damaged by these awful drugs and as far as I am aware nobody has been researching the benefits or otherwise of medicating people with a learning disability. In fact it is all experimental. It makes me weep to think that I cannot tell whether he is suffering or not or if he feels any better.

    The medication that frightens me the most is Lorazepam. This drug is given to treat angry outbursts and anxiety. It does the trick for a while. However it is highly addictive and can lead to more aggression. It drugged my son into a zombie like existence. Sleeping and eating is the thing that matters on this drug. Nothing else. `No interest in anything else.

    My son is currently on an epilepsy drug which is being given off label. I am beginning to wonder if this is doing him more harm than good. My fears are again being dismissed by his psychiatrist My son is forty four years of age and is like an old geriatric, sitting strapped in a wheelchair all day when he is out of the house and now walks so unsteadily indoors he is becoming dangerous to leave alone in a room in case he falls. It was not so long ago that he walked up and down stairs and everywhere indoors with no problem. What is the answer?


  3. Dear Pauline,

    I hope, as many as possible, read your beyond tragic story.

    A small error in the delivery room,( I myself was a forceps baby with a point on my head, but thank God survived), followed by a money hungry psycharitric industry, have destroyed you and your son’s and families lives.

    And the lives of so many ,and it can, and will only worsen, as the brain injured, and now all those labeled, even if ,just as learning disabled, due to inadequate teaching, suffer a similar fate.

    As deliberately suppressed research disclosed by Robert Whittaker has shown,psychiatry is in bed with the pharma industry, the deemed mentally disordered, the captive customers, that make their profit.

    As many as possible, will be made captive zombie cash cows, as the venture capital backed private monopoly care provision, the only LA support, takes hold under the Mental Capacity Act.

    No one can refuse, or get a second opinion on the enforced medication, as the court will enforce it and remove your child or adult.

    The simple truth is, that ‘Do no harm’ is ignored and psychiatrists, replaced by others, if they do not do what the industry wants, and, are now merely tools in it.

    Eleanor and I went around an art gallery in Sheffield last summer, and saw two beutifully groomed, spotless middle aged men strapped in wheel chairs, being pushed around by two care workers.

    Their heads flailing from side to side, groaning and making soft noises, on seeing Eleanor one gave a look of happy recognition, through his drugged haze, of making human contact ,lost for so long- we were moved to tears and beyond disturbed..

    The art gallary featured a politically correct sculpture of a normal and thelidimide armless lady,in a naked embrace, as a sop to disability, the hypocracy of this, in view of what we had witnessed sickened me.

    Who were these captive zombies, what were their labels – learning disabled ? autistic, or just unlucky, like your son.

    How does it feel, to be where they are ? And how, as a society did we allow them to be put there.

    And how can our successive governments, conspire to create such lives and many many deaths merely for profit.

    Thank you so very very much for sharing this, and I hope many read it, and reflect on what is happening to so many for profit.

    Best Wishes to you and your son, and I only wish, as you do, that fate had not been so cruel, and your suffering not so great.



  4. Thank you Finola for your empathy.

    I did never ever feel that my life with my disabled son was tragic. The tragedy is what is happening our lives now. The tragedy is that I cannot save my son from deteriorating The tragedy is that we live in a country that is being taken over by greedy giant organisations that are preying on our vulnerability. The tragedy is that successive governments have been complicit in this gung ho attitude to medicating learning disabled people. The biggest tragedy of all is that no one is looking, listening or caring about what is happening to the lives of people who are disabled and their families who are caring for them.

    I have two other children. One older and one younger than my disabled son. Both academically bright, both born by caesarean section. Both have had successful careers. Both with spouses and children. All these experiences denied to my disabled son. He did not have these choices. That is another tragedy.

    One can only hope that more people like you who have tirelessly worked to open a window on what is happening to our loved ones, are listened to. Bless you Finola.


  5. Thank you Pauline, your words mean a lot to me.

    I did not mean to suggest, as you rightly say, that your life with your son has been in anyway tragic, just as you have pointed out, his suffering and yours, were preventable, and as you say he has been denied any choices.

    I feel the same about poor Issy, besides her relationships with her family, she has only known a few months of friendship with another 7 year old girl at school, see blog, who she spent all her free school time with, and went to the park at weekends. How must Issy have felt, when her only, and ever companion, was torn from her by the girls parents, who I assume, did not what the stigma of autism.

    Other than this, and a few nights on holiday at 4, with a french girl in club med, who ran around with Issy hyper actively gabbling away in french , her mother mysteriously, as Issy had not then been diagnosed, saying to me, ‘They know their own’, she has had no friend, and deserves, and needs one, and this is beyond tragic.

    And yet ,the deliberate lie is allowed ,that the autistic, cannot form relationships and have no empathy to suit the industry.

    As I have witnessed from Issy’s suffering, their problem is, that they are over sensitive to others emotions, and in fact, are capable of much more profound relationships, this makes their treatment and plight doubly horrific.

    As the learning disabled and autistic are treated as insentient objects, for profit, factory farmed, their physical pain, ailments and effect of drugs ignored, not known, indistinguishable from their ‘behaviour’ . As you mentioned.

    Sadly, I know of no one but myself, who is fighting, or even exposing, what is happening ,and that is deeply worrying and alarming.

    Parents are too frightened, as most have lost their children to the state, and the rest hope, if they remain silent, they will somehow escape the system, but sadly they are deluded.

    And we have a huge government PR machine in place.

    Thank you once again for such eloquent support, it means a lot.

    Best Wishes,



    1. Hi Finola you forgot me! I’m fighting everyone there is, but not winning. Martin is fighting too, wants to take on the Judge in the Court of Protection, his RPR doesn’t even know what Article 5 is. Everyone is corrupt. Pauline there are only about three epileptologists in the UK, so you get a psychiatrist for your son. Their next step is to get a psychiatrist for you, accuse you of abuse or (Munchhausen’s by proxy) and stop all contact with your son. BEWARE. I know of many cases where this happens –


      1. Sorry Shirley, I meant charities and campaign groups, clearly you have been fighting longer than anyone since 2007.
        And personally you have fought everyone and more than anyone,of
        And are till fighting in your eighties……..

        Deeply sorry if I caused any offence

        best wishes, Finola

      2. Sadly, I can’t see how you could get to the CA.

        As you know from this blog, once your child is 18, you have no rights over his care, place of abode, medication. even to see him- no rights whatsoever.

        If you get him to sign a lasting power of attorney in your favour, this will be set aside by the COP on illegal retrospective incapacity at time of signing grounds.

        If you do manage, as an alternative, to get guardianship, then the COP at any time can revoke this and will.

        In view of your position, I assume you have neither.

        If you were to apply to COP, you have no cause of action, or locus standi.

        If you are unhappy with the capacity test, there is nothing you can do, and even if you had been a Respondent in any original COP proceedings, appeals stop now at High Court level.

        It is not likely, in any event, to be capacity, that excluded you, but, that they have decided, that it is not in your son’s best interests, that you see him, as they often do to ensure secret, controlled care.

        Your son should have a RRP appointed on DOLs review as this is a deprivation of liberty issue but as this is a tick box exercise and the RRP does not have any decision making power you are unlikely to get anywhere.

        It is the beyond terrifying sword, that hangs over every parents head.

        Once a person is declared incapable as they all are now, illegally, there is nothing they can do.

        That is the reality of life in the UK under the MCA, and it appears no one, is prepared to do anything about it.

  6. Shirley they cannot accuse me of abuse because I am doing everything the psychiatrist tells me when medicating my son If anything the abuse lies with the way he is being medicated.

    However I do not believe my son’s psychiatrist is deliberately trying to harm my son but believe he has not got any idea how to get him back to how he was before we took his epilepsy medication down. Unfortunately he will not listen to my fears on how he is being medicated, even though there is evidence out there on the internet from people who have gone through the same sort of side effects and case reports from other neurologists I also believe he sees my suggestions as impertinent because I have no medical training.

    There has been only one time when I refused to do as he said and that was to refuse to give my son any more Lorazepam. The drug that is regularly used to keep people quiet in ATU;s and in places where the staff need to be in control. This drug in my opinion should be banned.


    1. Thanks Pauline.

      The power of psychiatrists is absolute, and it must be beyond horror, to be forced, to use medication which studies have shown does more harm than good.

      But, with ‘incapable’ adults, this is what the MCA, now can do, by the very real threat of removal from parental care, in that persons deemed ‘best interests’.

      And, under 18 their are easily obtained care orders.

      Will research Lorazepam.

      The effect of the drugs per se are bad enough, but no one has done any clinical trials, on the combined effect of them and their effect on the brain and body, as they will interact with each other per se, and with the brain’s chemistry and polypharmacy is now the norm.

      Best Wishes,



  7. Finola no need for an apology. I lived inswitzerland for 30 years, and was able to deal with Martin’s anti epileptic drugs with the full co-operation of the pharmaceuticals (especially Ciba Geigy) and all the consultants. We were able to work out the best for Martin as a team, and did interaction, physical and psychological side effects, all of it. I am now a sort of expert. Sodium Valproate made Martin’s hair go into tight curls. All the benzodiazapines are highly volatile. If I take a very small dose of Diazapam I am completely away with the mixer – worse than being drunk.


    1. Shirley, you know more than anyone, about dealing with epilepsy, and your contributions on the effect of different drugs have been invaluable, and hopefully will inform many, and thank you, for taking the time to make them.

      As you say, benzodiazapines are highly volatile, so imagine mixing those, as they do with all the others, in enforced care, and worse still the learning disabled/autistic cannot tell people, how the drugs make them feel, not that anyone cares, as they are just repeat prescriptions, with care providers adding extra, as and when they need.

      The anthesis to your care and monitoring of Martin’s medications, if only you could do that now, But the state now must control all for profit, thats why MCA passed.

      Sorry again Best Wishes to you and Martin


  8. Your reply to Dandyman should be in all the text books. It is exactly what has happened to Martin. His latest RPR has not read the DoLs, states that Martin’s wish is to live in his own home in Leamington Spa, with agency help. If the LA do not approve this she will appeal to the CoP. She has told Martin this. In spite of my pointing out several times that her role is to appeal the DoLs on Martin’s part, she insists I am wrong, and asks me not to stop her doing her job. Meanwhile the Dols (end April) states Martin is unlikely to ever regain capacity (which he has never lost) It is all beyond insanity. The situation re. medication has changed since we went to the CoP, Martin’s medication was changed after 22 years, and all is chaos now. Also Dandyman NO CHANCE OF APPEALING WHATSOEVER IN THE cOURT OF pROTECTION. fINOLA IS RIGHT. Whoops capitals gone all wrong.


  9. Finola go on to Bailii CC vAB and another EWCOP41 COP10107023. Capacity to litigate, and please let me know how I can use this judgment to get Martin in person in to to Court of Protection to litigate. This is the first time that a judge has written about capacity as it should be. If you would rather e mail me please do so.


  10. To Shirley,

    Just, sadly confirmation of what you have already found and know see below;

    Department of Healths Depivation of Liberty Guidelines. Couldn’t link.

    I assume you may have seen these.

    They are, the usual propaganda treacle, high flown, repetitive tripe, that actually amounts to very little, other than meaningless bureaucratic process.

    The RRP can call for a Review of care if;

    •the person no longer meets the age, no refusals, mental capacity, mental health or best interests requirements

    RRP appears similar to IMCA, a sob to independence from state, and, purporting to giving the ‘incapable’ rights, but are paid by government, through charities, so if they start opposing the system, which, in any event, they are not given the power to, will not be paid anymore……………….

    Systemically, neither IMCA or RRP, are given ANY powers to oppose , any care/DOLs decision.

    At best , all they can do, is write a report, call for a review of a DOLs, saying that Martin has regained capacity, but the decision maker, is the local authority/ HSCT, who commissioned the care, and, would be liable, if inadequate, or if service provider, withdrew provision , and, they would have to find another provider ,and that effectively is impossible, as now, monopoly provision.

    NB. Neither IMCA or RRP can take part in the decision making process, they merely have a consultant capacity, this is the deliberate flaw in the system. So effectively there is little point in them.

    And, as you know, they were stated, as only to be used, where no family/friends, willing to act, which again is deliberately being ignored, and family have no rights except, at best consultation, which they cannot, in any, event enforce.

    So well stitched up.

    Martin could apply to COP himself, but,as he has been illegally declared incapable, the judge, will appoint a OS to act on his behalf, and we know they are paid by state and not independent.

    So, there we have it, neither the vulnerable targeted by state, who have a statutory duty to provide adequate services which the public pay for, nor their family, have any rights under an Act implemented to empower them………………………………..


    1. Shirley/Finola, I’m in the same boat. The OS deliberately does NOT want my son’s voice heard and the Judge foolishly goes along. Hearsay evidence is then used to promote Parent Alienation and there is no way to challenge them. The inept OS an be dismissed though if there is enough compelling evidence that she/he has not acted fairly, competent and had adverse interests to P’s best interests. See Practice Directions Supplements Part 17 of the CoP {144-1}. but, as Finola says “It is a doom and gloom situation to get a fair Hearing”. Once your loved one is targeted.. you have little ground to stand on. This is my personal experience. How can Ministers state “our Family Justice System is the best in the world”?? That really beggars belief.


      1. How can there be compelling evidence to remove an OS, when an expert says the autistic/LD/VULNERABLE have no capacity to form a relationship with their own parents, and the LA/Service provider, says it is not in their ‘best interests’ to see their parents, as either upsets them and/or he does not want to see them.

        Judges are not foolish they are simply not indpendent from executive and enforcing government policy.

        This is notthe family justice system, which is very similar, but the court of protection, where peope are encaged at 18 rather than at birth

        Any ideas how we change all ths ?

      2. They are saying he “has Capacity” to decide NOT to see us but, where is the proof? They rejected the accurate Ind. Psychiatrist’s Findings and had an incompetent SW’s and NHS Psychologist do another assessment that is full of LIES. They gave the “false-crying” whistle blower contact {and lied and say he decided that} but, the whistle blower proceeded to ROB him his money, abuse him mentally, breached the Order, asked for the dismissal of the SW/Appointee and my son to live with him/her and nothing is done but, STOP the contact. I have all this evidence. I am impeachable but, the Inherent Jurisdiction is invoked on me by the the OS and NOT this dishonest person. The LA the OS and the Judge was all FOOLED by the fake crying individual who was and is ONLY interested in abusing the vulnerable. They now have “food for thought”.

  11. I am afraid, I am not sure what is going on here legally from these facts.

    But, the LA/HSCT must be paying for this care, and have commissioned it, and an adult social services manager must be overseeing it .

    If they got the expert evidence, that now says he lacks capacity to see you, this must be because they want to maintain his existing service provider, and that is what the service provider wants.

    Don’t understand how an OS can have inherent jurisdiction, as this is only a High Court prerogative, and in any event, he would not need this, as he can rely on MCA.


    1. He’s gained the capacity NOT to see us Finola but, it is LIES and fabrication. He does not have and cannot gain such capacity. he’s been turned against us. The OS instructed the Judge to invoke the Inherent Jurisdiction on me and not the whistle blower but, the whistle blower is the one it should have been invoked upon as she/he has abused all of them. They are very disappointed in he/she now and STOPPED her contact. So,w here does that leave me?? I am impeachable for many year and they can now see it but, they will “not accept it and apologise”.


    1. It is worse than the Dark Ages, as then they did not harvest and create ‘mental illnesses’ and make huge profits out of encaging and drugging these for life.

      Successive governments have ruthlessly and surreptitiously worked out that the Emperors Clothes of ‘ Mental’ HEALTH, which now includes any conduct disapproved of, is indeed, at a minimum of £900 a day NHS public money, a gold mine, particularly as inmates are kept for years with no measure of outcomes and the learning disabled/ autistic kept for life.

      Thank you for your comment it is much appreciated Best Wishes Finola


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