Mental Services 9 billion a year bonanza. ‘Those whom the government wish to profit from, they first make mad’




It is strange indeed, that in our times of unprecedented personal and national debt, austerity, and NHS crisis, our government’s main priority should be our mental health.

And this is  a ‘cross-party, cross-society consensus’.

But, it would appear their continued concern for our ‘wellbeing’ and ‘happiness’ is anything but altruistic.

Earlier this year The Mental Health Taskforce made recommendations;

Public attitudes towards mental health are improving, and there is a growing commitment among communities, workplaces, schools and within government to change the way we think about it. There is now a cross-party, cross-society consensus on what needs to change and a real desire to shift towards prevention and transform NHS care’.

And this is supported now by May here is article about her address to the Charity Commission most charities are created and supported by the government otherwise they cease to exist.

View story at

It appears a quarter of us suffer from a mental disorder in silence.

So how do they know we do ?

And, even more will be ‘at risk’ of a mental disorder if the state does not intervene.

Local communities will be supported to develop effective Mental Health Prevention plans for those at risk’

‘Those at risk’ are the old, poor, pregnant, minority groups, teenagers and children, 4 in 10 of whom, suffer from a diagnosable disorder.

What is meant by a ‘disorder’ and how such statistics have been found per se is unknown.

But all accept them as fact.

Admissions of children to mental hospitals has risen to 42% 2015/16, mainly for anxiety but could this also be because all new admissions are to private hospitals, who are paid up to £12,500 by the NHS.

More children than ever are receiving off label anti psychotics for ADHD

Teenagers, particularly girls, are suffering and at risk.

All national media continually  covers this mental  epidemic.

Scientists Link Selfies To Narcissism, Addiction & Mental Illness

Pernicious propaganda is used in social media so that normal words used are discouraged and reality distorted and even ‘feminism’ used see here

Natasha Bevan, co founder of Body Gossip, set up in 2014, provides self- esteem and mental health courses in schools.

She was appointed Mental Health Campion,  and produced a report, that 1 in 3 school teens have mental health disorders.

She purports to act for them, and their families, demanding similar courses, to those, her organisation provides in all schools.

Who approves such courses, and, on what basis, and why are they deemed education ?

Body Gossip, is a registered charity, but the Charity Commission, does not reveal details of their accounts.

The two trustees appear to be a research academic sociologist and a psychologist

Ms Bevan was sacked as Campion/Tsar,  just before she released her report,  appeared on Channel 4 news this week, and, was featured  in  national press, complaining government were not taking this issue seriously.

All good PR both for the government agenda and her organisation .

So social need, being a teenager, and even childhood, are, made potential signs of  a mental disorder

Already a quarter of a million of our children, are being treated for supposedly ‘mental’ issues

Why, how ?

And Hunt declares childrens mental health services are underfunded

But is it not very harmful to declare children on their conduct mentally disordered effectively for life so even more profit can be made ?

Read here, the tragic stories of the teenagers who committed suicide because of their antidepressant medication.

The Lost Children (2015)

Even the homeless are hounded, on the national news, not to be housed, there is no profit in that, but to be assessed for mental ‘disorders’.

Since release of The Taskforce Report, there has been a veritable explosion of mental health issues  in all media, mental disorders are everywhere- students over top up fees, academics,  Brexit  anxiety.

A terrifying, judgmental denormalisation of natural concerns, research dubious totalitarian push,  to create a sinister, insidious, mental epidemic, resulting in a dangerous, unprecedented, unchecked revolution, in health and social care, and the state’s control of the individual’s behaviour, medication, social interactions, and health for profit.

A market is being created. And is more likely, to be based on self interest, rather than concern and paternalism, and who will protect the  vulnerable ?

Big Pharma is behind it all and doctors show 80% of their ‘results’ are manipulated.

Citizens, teenagers and children can be mentally labelled, for often normal emotions or reactions to our dire, isolating, ruthless society, and poor education system.

And, the state, and its many agents, and even on message citizens, are  tasked to survey and judge, our mental health and decide what ‘normal’ behaviour is.

To enable this, we are told the stigma of mental health has been removed, allowing us like Alistair Campbell, Stephen Fry, Ruby Wax and soap characters, to discuss our ‘mental’ problems.

And provide a privatised NHS, with potentially 16 million customers, not including those ‘at risk’, who may never suffer this subjective mental issue.

So what might be the real reason for our government and now a cross party, cross society concern ?

Already 22.8% of the NHS spend is on mental services, compared to 15.9% for cancer and 16.2% for cardiovascular disease.

NHS England spent £8.5bn in 2013-14 and an estimated £8.62bn in 2014-15.

And the government is investing a further £1bn a year to deliver the mental health taskforce’s recommendations.

So private/charitable mental services, can get their hands on over a quarter of the total NHS budget.

It will make them happy, but what about us What do we get for this 9 billion a year spend ?

The recommendations do nothing to change our 30 year +, deplorable service, except to provide more counsellors, liason officers and suicide prevention teams to harvest customers.

And alarmingly, but is not surprising, in view of the governments connections to the pharmaceutical industry

This expensive transformation relies on the increased use of anti-psychotics and mood stabilising drugs.

As The Taskforce states;

There has been a transformation in mental health over the last 50 years. Advances in care, the development of anti-psychotic and mood stabilising drugs’

‘Prevention and Transform NHS care ‘ would appear a barely veiled push, to spend money  seeking out,  as many as possible- old, children, teenagers to drug, even though some of these people are only at risk.

Social medicalisation .

As excepting for vigilance in every part of society,  unethically treating  those ‘at risk’, who might never develop a mental disorder, and, the use of more anti-psychotics and anti depressants, nothing has changed..

Mental health, as an asset light service with few measurable, let alone measured outcomes, is already the most lucrative part of the NHS.

And as our present deplorable services show, throwing money, now already 22.8% of NHS budget at mental health, without accountability and measured outcomes has already proved disastrous, but very lucrative.

See the recycled profits of St Andrews Healthcare allowing its chief a £375,000 salary in 2010.

One autistic boy’s ‘care’ is worth £12,500 a week

Yet this ‘treatment’ has not improved the patients, quite the reverse, they, particularly the autistic are being made much much worse, institutionalised for life and dying in swarms.

A corporate state monopoly service’s duty, is to sustainability and profit, recycled or not, and successful treatment can be counter productive, if there is no competition and effectively no regulation.

No one knows how our minds work and  without measured control based outcomes, psychiatry and psychology are largely Emperors Clothes and conjecture.

See the Myth of Mental Illness written by a psychiatrist of 50 years standing.

And  deterioration can be blamed on the ‘disorder’ per se and ironically used to validate the ‘disorder’

There is also evidence that anti-psychotics can cause psychosis and seizures..

And how can the consumer complain, or sue, as unlike USA we do not have an insurance based/contractual causes of action.

As many disorders, currently at 375, as wanted can be created.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals

Each  disorder can be treated with a ‘magic bullet’ drug that is why the pharmaceutical industry largely created them and promotes the manual.

The Manual opens with a four-page colour spread of different drugs listed under trade names.

And these ‘disorders’ can usefully, be attributed to different facets of a pathological, or development disorder ie Autism can lead to diagnoses of ADHD,OD,OCD,..

Research by charities and Universities paid for by government give flesh to the latest created ‘disorder’.

Self harm, as a separate disorder, was unheard of,  and bi polar/manic depression was a severe mental condition of  psychotic highs and lows, but is now extended by  government funded research to mood swings.

Autism and learning disability have been similarly widen by adeptive  and ever vaguer assessment criteria, and then recently  made mental disorders.

There have even been recent suggestions for the creation of a radicalism disorder Mentalising not just social but political dissidence.

ADHD, Autism, Behaviour Disorders are diagnosed in children.

The very serious side effects of medication are ignored.

And often treated with a different magic bullet.

GPs, and psychiatrists are paid by prescription and intervention and are employees under strict codes of conduct, in now a commercially aware industry, and often forced to ignore or subvert ‘ First do no harm’.

The eventual monopoly privatisation of mental health services will boost our economic growth but at a huge cost to the deficit.

And to truth, individual autonomy and the nation’s sanity.




    1. Thank you Shirley.

      Yes it is a very informative, excellent blog on the state of the public mental health NHS, and we know the service has been very poor for decades, despite huge sums of public money being wasted not treating, but increasing their income and empire by drugging and encaging, those like the autistic and learning disabled, who do not have mental health issues just behavioural problems, if that.

      The problem is that this poor service, will be used as the excuse, to convert all mental health to private monopoly services, which has almost, effectively happened, and one of the managers, Dr Baker mentions, has already become a director of a private chain of hospitals, which worryingly advertise their hospitals as for ‘resistent service users’, says a lot about choice, competition and therefore service quality.

      And also that the same players are likely to be big in the privatised NHS.

      Once privatised will not be subject to FOIA Notices, and we will know nothing of their activities and they with scant oversight by the CQC, will effectively be unregulated, an even more horrifying vista look at St Andrews…………….

      Best wishes,


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