Care Reform? 136 Million to move LD/Autistic from public NHS Units to Private ‘Community Living ’

In our times of austerity with LA budgets so tight there isn’t support for adult family carers, beds or equipment; benefits slashed to £62.50 per week for 24/7 care, and DLA reduced to £103.

Our government is providing 136 million to transfer 3000 LD/autistic from NHS hospitals to private increasingly venture capital monopoly corporation ‘ community living’ care with no public only private hospital admissions of the autistic/LD and/or behaviour challenged

So this 136 million goes straight into USA Universal Health Services/Acadia and three monopoly community living providers and LA administration. .

Such siphoning off  of NHS/LA money to private profit has been planned for years, Laing and Bouisson, specialist consultants in care development produced this report in 2011.

Commissioned by the Director of Learning Disabilities NHS under the ‘Valuing People now’ initiative.

How is enforced removal for life from family friends and real community, to ever more profitable care in anyway be Valuing The disabled ?

It is exactly the opposite as it writes them off behind the closed walls of an institution for life.

And in our days of austerity why is the huge cost of this not being considered in comparison to care with their families at present ?costing £170 a week ?

It is far far cheaper  for them to  remain at home in the real community.

This shows the whole purpose of ‘community living’ is to make as much profit out of the disabled as possible. As provider are paid  at least £4,500 + per week, much more if as with the autistic the need is deemed ‘complex’.

Learning Disability Today featured an article this month entitled,

Local Plans To Transform Care for People With Learning Disabilities Launched’.

And as always the National Media followed

A national implementation plan to develop ‘community services’ and close inpatient facilities was published in October 2015

by NHS England, the Local Government Association (LGA), and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS).

They say,
Building the right support set an ambition of empowering individuals and their families to have more say in their care’

But did not say how ‘community services’ empowered them.

The service users and their families still had no rights, or choice and any ‘community services’, which are owned  by monopoly corporations like USA Universal Health are enforced by the Court of Protection, and families gagged for life.

The article continues;
by developing and strengthening good quality support options in their communities.’

There are no ‘options’, as no choice is given, there is only one provider, one community placement.

Where has this ‘good quality’ support suddenly come from ?

Who and how has the quality been judged ?

If it does exist, why has it not been utilised before?

What is meant by ‘their communities’ ?

As residents are subject to 24/7 surveillance, and deprivation of liberty order, and in addition, now community deprivation of liberty orders, it can only be the disabled will live and go on accompanied outings to a planned venue in the area they originated from.

This meant  the disabled and where they originated from had to be audited, so in 2013 the Health and Social Care Information Centre published a Learning Disability Census.

Stating it was to deliver action 17 in ‘Transforming Care’.

A national response to Winterbourne View’.

How could this be a response to Winterbourne, when ‘community living’ is the same for profit living arrangement as Winterbourne View was owned by similar venture capital to Winterbourne’s Castlebeck.

The only reason for the move back to the disabled’s locality  was to appear to give the campaign the purpose of family involvement and living in their own community.

But neither parents nor disabled are given any rights or say in this care or even guaranteed access to  their loved ones.

This can and is being removed if service provider decides it is not in the disabled’s ‘best interests’ under the MCA.

The real purpose was to devolve money to local Health and Social Care Trusts increasingly private companies who commission this care.

This  was the first ever audit of inpatients in the NHS assessment Units.

Governments had not even counted the number of ‘Winterbourne type residents’ but had paid out millions of public money for their care for decades.

This audit was needed to shear up the remaining public health provision between the chosen venture/private capital providers and to ascertain which Local Authority/ NHS payments for past/present treatment could be reimbursed from- see Sunday Times 2014

And  to achieve the only change to care services- treating   inpatients in the area they originated from rebranded as ‘community living’.

The last general audit of the total number of LD/Autism/CB  was in 2011.

This first specific numbers from each locality 2013 audit hyperboles that it per se,

marks a significant progression in enabling transformation of care’.

How could it ?

The Article continues
and, as a result, reducing the number of people with a learning disability and/or autism in England who are in hospitals ( public NHS )by up to half over 3 years’.

A third of the ATU 3000 have been there 5 years or more and will be zomibified from their polypharmacy ‘treatment’ and in need of rehabilitation, so likely to be moved to the community living’s ‘specialist hospitals, and be still medicated on release like Thomas Rawnsley.

Read here, the huge amounts per week, being claimed by public NHS ATUs- up to £12,000 per week, this will be transferred by the Lamb campaigns, to private venture capital ‘specialist hospitals’ Priory Group, Cygnet, those like Cambian’s in ‘community living’ settings, and St Andrews Hospital.

The Article continues;

To this end, 48 local Transforming Care Partnerships (TCPs) – which are made up of people who use services, their families, ( without rights ) providers of services, clinical commissioning groups, local authorities and NHS England specialised commissioning hubs – are tasked with taking forward these intentions and designing new, high-quality, community-based services ( big player monopolies Dimensions/Cambian/Hesley   commissioned, and overseen by these TCPs, so a conflict of interests.)

that reflect the wishes and circumstances of local residents.

(I assume this refers to local residents and not the vulnerable residents who have no choice).

The first awards from a £30 million, 3-year NHS England revenue fund to help TCPs where there is a need to speed up the delivery of new services have now been finalised.

Funding of almost £6.5 million has been designated to 23 TCPs on a match-funding basis to help get new services up and running while older models of care are still in place, ( unclear what these are) allowing for safe and effective transition between the two.

NHS England has also confirmed that £100 million of funding will be available over five years to support Transforming Care projects – up from the £15 million announced at the time of Building the right support. Investment of more than £20 million has already been provisionally earmarked for schemes across the country in 2016/17 including new housing and services.’

136 million of public money paid over to private, chosen, often venture capital backed service providers to establish ‘community living’ facilities .

These services are untested, monopolised and for profit,  and commissioned by the state with no effective input or choice from the service providers or their families.

The LGA’s community wellbeing portfolio holder, Cllr Izzi Seccombe, said:

Councils remain absolutely committed to supporting people with a learning disability and autism to live close to family and friends, in good quality accommodation with support from highly skilled staff. On occasions when a person’s mental health needs does require an admission to hospital, steps must be taken to ensure it is properly managed with the individual discharged in a safe and timely way.’

Public NHS Adult Treatment Units have merely been replaced by private for profit ‘specialist hospitals’, owned by the ‘community services’ provider.

No new beds are now commissioned in NHS public, replaced by ‘community living’ provision for life, enforced if necessary by the MCA..

In England, 24,000 people who have a learning disability and/or autism are classed as ‘being at risk of admission.’

It is unknown what ‘risk of admission’ means, or, how this figure was arrived at.

Admissions, can be triggered by meltdowns, inappropriate behaviour, violent outbursts, parents unable to cope, reaction to medication or its withdrawal, or assessments.
Or simply a call for help to police, GP , Social Services .

A family with an autistic/ mentally ill member, can only contact the police in a crisis, the intensive HSCT,  has no crisis facility call out system, and GPs will not come out, unless a physical problem, and even then will not examine, if impossible/ refused, as it will normally be if a patient has behavioural issues.

On contacting the police, the autistic/LD/mentally ill is taken to an assessment centre and detained under the MHA he is unlikely to be returned home for life and can earn on average over £4,000 per week for private profit.


Now it triggers ‘community living’, and this, unlike hospital admission under the MHA, is under the MCA for life and held in secret with parents gagged, and prevented from even seeing their adult children ‘in the community’, if in their childrens ‘best interests’.

These projected 24,000 a year will now be fed into the ‘community living’ industry, and be made a  valuable commodity with an increasing income potential of at least £4000 per week, guaranteed for life.

Plans for a large autistic village community living has already caused concern.

Alarm over huge new ‘care village’ for autistic adults

And  those at ‘risk of admission’, and the 3000 ATU, are in addition to all other LD/Autistic, whose only adult support service is now ‘community living’ .

So this is the rounding up of lifetime captive cash cows.

So, other than the financing and setting up of local bodies, and chosen, private monopoly providers, receiving millions of public money, and billions of future guaranteed income, and the LD/ autistic/CB living being incarcerated in the area they originated from, how else has this transformed care ?

Already cottage style care villages built in eighties are being demolished to build cheaper smaller units to factory farm the disabled for ever  more profit.






  1. Well reported as usual Finola! Sadly true for so many 😡 After nearly 4 years of fighting the authorities our adult son now receives a DP that allows him the 24/7 support he needs to live in his own home in the village he grew up in very close to us and other family members 😃 But we will always be on our guard as we are well aware that this has only happened through force being applied (law)! At any time the law is open to manipulation!! 😡


    1. Thank you for your comment, and am glad it worked out for your son, but sorry it took so long.

      But for how long will his arrangement last ? How long before his placement is bought up by ever greedy providers at the behest of this,’make as much as you can’ from the disabled policy ?

      I would be interested to know, what law you used, and how.

      As Official Solicitors most often represent the disabled, once deemed or even suspected of incapacity, and generally agree the Local Provision offered.

      And it is alomost impossible for parents to obtain Deputyship, and if they do this can be revoked at anytime.

      The local authority need only consult with parents, who cannot take part in the ‘best interests’ decision, and the wishes of the incapacitated can be ignored in his best interests.

      Human Rights are difficult to enforce, even if you find a good lawyer and have the funds, as courts will hold whatever placement the LA want is in best interests and therefore proportional interference.

      If you sue under their statutory duty to provide adequate care you have to prove on the balance of probabilities they are not and their placement would be deemed sufficient in law.

      If you want to just in outline how you managed to get what you wanted, as it would help others.

      Thank you once again for your comment, it is much appreciated.

      Best Wishes, Finola


      1. We are going to compile a report when the case is confirmed closed so that others can apply any points to their own situation if required. I will send copy when completed 😃

      2. Thank you for this.

        But what is meant by ‘closing the case’. I assume it means you as a parent,and your son are now happy with the service ie his new home.

        The only problem is, that these services and his home, could change at any moment due to any factor change of support workers, support to go out, visits home, your visiting patterns, new location. So how can a case ever
        be said to be closed ?

        The crucial problem is, that neither service user, nor parent have any legal control over the day to day service, or choice as to what happens in that care service,which is run for efficiency and profit, and appears largely unaccountable and unseen, except by parents/families, whose oversight, and access to their children can be removed at any time.

        This is the continuing horror and danger the disabled and their families face.

        Best Wishes, Finola

    1. Very. very difficult.

      The ‘community living’ provision has been built, the figures projected for the finance, the roles and groups set up

      This has been planned by successive since Blair governments, the legislation has been put in place, by stealth incrementally- MCA, NHS privatisation legislation, Carers Act, it has been a subvertion of voter . parliament and the law. But all now act as one. It is the only adult care service.

      All welfare services, child care and education are of same modus.

      This is an all political party monopoly privatisation of all public services. It is not real privatisation, but public services imposed on the public, for huge profit, with no accountability.

      This policy has to change. We need competition, independent commissioning and monitoring and loss of managerialism.

      We need to reinstate the rights given to the disabled and their families, under the Cronically Sick and disabled Act 1970, so that families and disabled can sue effectively for the money to pay for the best support that they need and want.This money can be up to £200,000 per year, if under 25 for education, health and care, and is why disability is such a goldmine and why no support is offered at home. This money has been hijacked by the chosen commissioned support.

      Family can then, with a Deputyship/Power of Attorney, look after their children’s services. They can set up trusts in event of death or illness or if they do not want their child at home or if their child does not want to be there

      But we will need a government, that does not want to use our welfare/health, as a means of making profit for venture capital investors and boosting economy, at expense of deficit out of our public money, whilst giving the public no choice ie We need big political change.
      Best Wishes, Finola


      1. Finola we need a government stop. What we have is total chaos. Political change means moving from one corrupt form of “democracy” to another. The only political statement of any worth was the House of Lords Select Committee “DOLS IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE” and where did that get us.

      2. We need politics that is not third way Cameron/Blair, much of the same totalitarianism.

        With no separation of powers, so all act in one common purpose cabal, No courts, no enforceable law, everybody conning and ripping everything and everybody off. No moral compass, and media completely controlled and fed.

        Until we get out of this totalitarian bubble there is no hope. We have allowed our governments to do what they want to us for too long .

        They will continue to act illegally, and illegally apply the MCA, until the government is stopped by political change, that allows legality and due process, the rule of law, the separation of powers, freedom of information and a free press, the scrapping of the MCA, and full enforcement of Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 1970. so that power and money, is put back in the hands of parents/family and disabled, as it was only 20 years ago.

        Reverse the damage done in past 20 years .

  2. You are so right as usual Finola.

    When I was at school we were divided into four different houses, red, blue green and yellow. We all competed against each other but we all knew who was the real chief in these games of power. He was the headmaster. His word was final.

    I liken my school experiences to the government we have today and have had since parliament existed. They all serve under different colours but the real power behind them all is the big business corporations. While these vultures are able to pick the bones of every part of the care system we will never have a proper regulated compassionate care system.

    I agree with you that it was better 20 years ago. My son is 44 and I am witness to how much better his life was then. That was before venture capitalists were able to claim thousands of pounds setting up dubious care for our loved ones. I did hear that there is more profit to being in the ‘caring business” than there is in investing in gold bullion.


    1. Sorry Pauline, for not getting back until now.

      Your validation means a lot, and thank you for your comment, it is very much appreciated.

      As you say, our state has deliberately created a new gold rush, out the most vulnerable in our society including our children.

      As if these people have not enough to cope with, with their disabilities, and their families with worrying and caring.

      It is beyond cruel, or evil, and the antithesis to love and humanity.

      Your son is in fact lucky, in the respect that he is 44, imagine if he were 18 , he would now be bundled off to hell and you could only watch for as long as the state allowed from a distance.

      This is the horror. I hope he is now having a better life, with longer OK periods, and off as many drugs as possible.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Best wishes,


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