Winterbourne View- vital questions that remain unanswered.

Staff WinterbourWhy did the NHS pay Winterbourne View providers at least £4,000 per week to drug and baby sit the autistic and so called ‘learning disabled’ ?

Where else could a company charge £4,000 +, and be commissioned privately, to employ workers as shown on 12 hour shifts to drug, torture, and abuse very vulnerable adults?

Where were all the psychiatrists, nurses ,social workers, NHS managers who commissioned the services, and prescribed the risperidol  administered to the lady under the chair by pinching her nose?

Why were they not held responsible ?

Why were only these ‘care’ workers prosecuted and sacked ?

How and  why was this deemed ‘assessment and treatment’ under the Mental Health Act?

How and why were the residents legally detained under MHA per se and for so long ?

Why have successive governments allowed billions of profit to be made out of public money, at the expense of our most vulnerable ?

Why was insufficient support at home given to the Winterbourne parents, some becoming so desperate they attempted suicide.?

Why did the CQC, after being alerted by managers of the numerous allegations of abuse in Winterbourne wait for over 3 years from February 2008 and a national scandal revealed by BBC  particularly as ‘The recorded events between 2008-11 [were} fragmentary’ according to the  SCR, to do anything about such appalling abuse ?

Why did the managers and the police the abuse was reported to do nothing ?

Why was a BBC Programme only then commissioned and used to reveal abuse already known to the regulators, the managers, and the police ?

Why were no managers/executives sacked or prosecuted ?

Nothing has been done about, as CQC described,

the systemic failure to investigate claims of abuse’ in present and future residential care providers.

It did  not stop the abuse that Thomas Rawnsley suffered, only two years later in Homeleigh House, and then his further abuse in Kingdom House where he died.

Why was Winterbourne View, itself a private ATU merely used as horrific propaganda to convert and rebrand public NHS ATUs to private ATUs and ‘community living’ with the same inadequate safeguards, commissioning, staffing and oversight. ?

What has changed to stop Winterbourne abuse happening today, or in private ATUs or ‘ community living ?

How much profit has been made by investors, managers, banks, accountants. experts, lawyers, consultants, campaigners, PR gurus, pharmacies, care agencies, private company providers?


Read the serious case review here, my blogs and decide for yourself, if anything has changed, or will change, in the long awaited expensive solution to Winterbourne View abuse,- the use of similar for profit institutions as Winterbourne only more of them, nearer their original local community/parents.

And read the only plans for all disabled- ‘Community Living for Profit’.







  1. When this programme showed what was happening, I was working as a support worker in assisted living, it had every person I worked with fuming and watching it made me feel physically sick! Everyone involved in that institution should have been struck off! The managers/owners getting away with allowing it to happen is completely unacceptable and as for the CQC not doing anything about it, I’m horrified 😦


  2. Yes but systems are such that it had been happening since 2008, NAS has recently had similar in one of With homes, look at Homeleigh and Norcott Lodge House and then Lifeways/Cambian and Kingdom House with Thomas .

    The systems are not in place to stop this happening, and as profit becomes the most important criteria,see Lifeways comments, decent carers are leaving care work, and/or not allowed to do their jobs properly.

    There can be no check from parents, who are frightened of exclusion, and complaints can be silenced by court and parents gagged by MCA see Thomas, and in any event they are internal so get no where,so the situation is dire.

    This could still be happening is many placements. .

    If we had proper care, family parents with rights, competition between small players, with feedback from family and outcomes.

    A system that allowed adults to remain with family with support and respite, these things could be lessened, wishes of the cared for considered, proper care given, and service users and family given a choice.

    What we have instead is, a monopoly, charge what they like commissioned cabal of no choice and no accountability for maximum profit, which can only amount to poor care.

    Thank you for your comment . I know good carers are leaving in droves if they can, because of the systems they work in.

    Best Wishes, Finola

    Thank you for the comment


  3. Finola I’v just read Sara’s blog, and now yours. Yesterday I had once again proof of what is happening to Martin. Do you think this would be an appropriate time to publish extracts from Mr Justice Charles judgments in the Court of Protection, September, October 2007, the very first days of the Mental Capacity Act, and the first case where the Mental Health Act was used. This case has never been used as precedent, although I did ask the Court to do this. I also think the injunctions put on me would be of interest to all concerned.


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