Dereliction of Duty and Why Jeremy Corbyn is our last chance for Democracy.


Our government was in dereliction of its duty to its electorate to call a referendum on the terms it did.

They, and successive governments had for years, encouraged the media to manipulate the public to believe the UK’s problems were largely because of Europe,and not government policies, and then risked Brexit without  an exit strategy.

Gove/Boris than hoodwinked the public,never thinking, with the Scottish and Northern Irish vote, that they would achieve BREXIT.

So along with Cameron, they to were in dereliction of their duty to the electorate, and  Country , and worse, did not even have a basic plan in place, for the country’s exit.

Jeremy Corbyn has always personally, been against membership of the EU, but was forced by his ‘leadership’ role, and his own belief in the democracy of his MPs, to hold a Remain campaign .

As it appears now, going against the majority of his Labour supporters .

His reward – his own MPs used his support of them, against him.

Ironically, doing what they wanted, which appears to be how they interpret  ‘Leadership’, is now the Labour MPs’ excuse, his ineffectual leadership shown by Brexit vote, to declare no confidence in his leadership.

Most would call this objectively, hypocritical  bullying.

And  in dereliction of these MPs’ duty to their Country and Constituents.

And, doubly unfair on Mr Corbyn, as he was forced to campaign Remain, as the Leader of the Opposition, that Opposition knowing  that this was largely against the members of its own party, who had elected  Corbyn to represent them only 9 months earlier, and, Mr Corbyn’s own personal beliefs.

It is the Labour MPs, who do not truly represent their constituents, not Jeremy Corbyn, he would have been a Brexit supporter had he been allowed to be, and has the public vote..

So the government, opposition, and the very Brexits themselves, had no plan in place, even in respect to when the exit should be triggered, let alone the unravelling of all the EU laws, and counteracting the affect on employment and our economy.

And thus, they made the UK ,the laughing stock of the world..

And the UK and public now, and for a long time to come must pay the price for their manipulation and reckless disregard.

But our ruling elite are unaccountable, no matter how deceitful, or incompetent.

As we have seen from our ‘no weapons of mass destruction Blair’, and our ‘ending boom and bust Chancellor’.

The referendum stands for the public’s dissatisfaction with the way our country is being run, this must be resolved, if we are to regain our country, and its democracy.

It cannot, and will not be resolved, by merely leaving the EU, as the polices that the Referendum vote was against, are those of Gove/Boris and the Tory government.

So a new Brexit PM such as Gove/ Boris will achieve nothing.

We need a Prime Minister that represents the majority of the Brexit electorate’s policies in England and Wales.

And not the interests of the establishment and our non representative MPs.

That Prime Minster can only be Jeremy Corbyn, as he is the only person elected by the majority of the people , not MPs and the establishment.

And the only person that can unite the country and restore democracy.



  1. Jeremy Corby is probably the only one who is not corrupt, and without being corrupt you do not survive in a corrupt society. He himself must see this moral dilemma. If he became Prime Minister he would only have power by being more corrupt than they are. Haven’t we all seen this.


  2. But this is a fight to stop blanket structural political/constitutional corruption- no rule of law, separation of powers- which has taken hold since Blair big time.

    We do not have a Tory or a Labour Party that represents their electorate, or these parties’ core values, OR OUR CONSTITUTION.

    They are both the same third way, assassins creed, truth is irrelevant, all is allowed for the common purpose groups.

    Both believe we should have ever bigger controlling states, which in the guise of ‘privatisation’ make huge profits out of the public sector- Universities, Schools, Courts , Prisons all welfare .

    There is to be no separation of powers, the executive dictate to the courts, Law/Charity Commissions, Police, Media, and the legislative implement vague laws, interpreted and implemented as the executive want.

    We have no real privatisation/ capitalism, as there is no competition, or regulation, just needless outsourcing rip off.

    So this is not Conservative, or Labour, and neither is our huge corporate state that controls and profits from all.

    Corbyn, but more importantly the people he represents can stop, or at least halt this third way totalitarianism.


  3. For your blog After 10 years Martin now has a RPR who is backing Martin to appeal his DoLs. Please everyone who reads this – at last someone has acknowledged his right to due process. After 10 years, a quarter of his life. Someone to fight his corner, and take the responsibility of me.


    1. Still not sure, what role the RPR is legally allowed to play in the decision making process, do you?

      And, do not understand, why the MCA, passed to empower the vulnerable, like Martin, creates a role to speak supposedly for him, a RPR, paid for by the state, together with an Official Solicitor, again appointed and paid for by the state, as the only representation provided for in the MCA, at the expense, not only of the vulnerable, the act purports to protect, representing himself, but also at the expense of the vulnerable’s family, who love and have cared for him for all of his life.

      It would appear, the state rather dangerously, without any independent voice, controls the whole process, which is then effectively carried out in secret.

      This is very worrying, if we are to avoid conflicts of interests, and to ensure transparency and accountability, not only of legal process, but also, the life long monitoring of the for profit private service provision, that results from it, and is solely monitored by it..


  4. You must, for the first time in 10 years, be almost over the moon about this new hope, which was a very long time coming.

    If the RPR manages to change his DOLs, will you and Martin be compensated for his loss of 10 years freedom , all your time and suffering ?

    So glad Martin has received the help he should have got 10 years ago and hope he gets somewhere with the service provider.
    Best Wishes,


  5. Finola I am not really sure how I feel about anything at the moment I just know we are one step forward. Legally I should of course be Martin’s RPR (unpaid) but I have fought that one for years, and “they” wont have me. I have no idea how the RPR will deal with an LA fthat for years fights in the Courts that Martin is eligible for Continuing Health Care, then abandons the case for 3 years, not a word, not an assessment since 2007, then inMay decides that he is not eligible, wont let me see the assessments, says Martin has them, which he has not, but decide that they will continue to pay the £2,400 a week divided between 50% LA nad 50% Chiltern Continuing health care. And a capacity assessment that is non-existant. I think speaking to her she is very good, but………. I’m just tired of corruption.


    1. Corruption and illegality.

      The sum total of this, and all those families, and those that have their lives stolen from them, and destroyed for ever more profits, is that neither you, or Martin have any rights over your own son and him over his own life.

      And he is not even mentally disabled. He is not incapable , of ‘unsound mind’, as Lady Hale describes it in Cheshire.

      He merely has a severe form of epilepsy, a neurological disorder. The blind, deaf, physically disabled will soon be falsely labelled with vague disorders and grabbed for profit.

      All is in secret, all is unaccountable , massive commissions , perks, etc can go on unchecked.

      In any event, anyone targeted, is made a cash cow for courts, lawyers, experts, private providers, drug companies, private NHS, all unchecked and for life.

      And this is what the MCA, was really implemented for, the buildings, care industry has now been set up it just needs the tick boxing of DOLs now because of Cheshire.

      And it appears impossible now legally to contest capacity assessments even though they are not time and decision specific..

      Those the state deem LD/Autistic/ Vulnerable, are being fed against their will, and their families, into secret, unescapable captivity. And this happens no where else in the world.

      And can only get worse.


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