Legislative and Political Gerrymandering?


As I wake today we have a zombie, resigned, but not gone Prime Minster, a vote of no confidence in the opposition leader and half the Shadow Cabinet resigning.

Why ?

Because a resounding England and Wales voted to leave the EU.

Against the direction of both their Parliamentary representatives.

With a graphic illustration that our United Kingdom is anything but.

So what does this tell us about our political representatives?

They do not represent the people. And proves what we have known for years ,we have no democracy.

But why were the people given the power to expose this fundamental defect in our constitution ?

Why was a referendum really called ?


And Parliament has now been hoisted by its own petard.

At great expense to our reputation, financial markets and political governance.

We were lead to believe the referendum was needed to quell the Tory rebels and hear the people’s voice.

It would not have been called, if the establishment had known the people’s voice would be so loud and be its own.

The government was manipulating, as it did with the Scottish Independence Referendum, that almost shouted loud enough, but luckily did what the government wanted, and secured a Tory majority.

This time the bet did not pay off.

Boris and Nigel were supposed to almost lead the country to victory, leaving Cameron mortally wounded, the EU scared and ripe for fresh negotiations ,and glory for Gove, Nigel and Boris, put in prime, popular position for a further 5 year Tory majority government.

As with the Mental Capacity Act and Carers Act, not only does our legislative not do what it says on the tin, neither do our politicians.

But this time their manipulation went too far, and the referendum has revealed, as we all know, our government does not care about us or our country.

Both are pawns in their games.


  1. It was a farce, a damaging, scaremongering, farce which has left the country and families divided. I know a few couples not speaking to each other after this vote, a few families I’ve heard screaming at each other about it and my entire community does nothing but argue about the outcome 😦 Politicians might as well be renamed “trolls” as they have the same affect.


    1. It will be interesting to see how they can manipulate, smile be indignant, and slither out of all this chaos. Note their salaries, perks, power, remains unaffected. Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated, Best Wishes, Finola


  2. My anger shows no sign of abating any time soon, can’t remember being quite so angry politically in my whole life, didn’t feel this angry in 79 when The Evil One conned a nation or even in 15 when the Pig Fancier also conned a nation.
    And now the followers of a discredited politician with discredited policies want to overthrow the democratically elected with a massive mandate from the membership the only man that has truly restored my faith in the Labour Party?
    If the Bitterite Bliarite Tory-Lite traitors succeed there will be a mass exodus from the Party and the next Party Conference will be held in’t Scout Hut beyond the Old Gasworks!


    1. If Corbyn goes, we have no Labour Party, it will just continue, as the hollow hypocritical shell that it has been since Blair.

      We cannot allow our country, our money, our people to be hijacked on the lie of democracy, when we have neither Labour or Tory parties, just thirdway/ Blair dictatorship.

      Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.

      Best Wishes, Finola


  3. The Economist has a very good article. They played us for suckers as usual. We now have worse than anarchy, it has opened up Pandora’s box, and we are in the situation that Germany was in the 30’s. I lived in Switzerland for 30 years and there will be no EU trade agreement without open borders. The Swiss are still trying to get round this


    1. And all those paid handsomely, with their consultants, experts, civil servants, know all this. They knew exactly what chaos Brexit would cause, but they called a Referendum, but never explained why.

      We now know why, because they were using the public for their own political purposes as always, and were so arrogant/careless, they underestimated how much the public now hates the present position their country is in, which successive governments have caused not the EU.

      The PM can just resign with impunity, escape the mess and accountability, yet he caused the Brexit by calling for a Referendum.

      The other orchestrators, who proclaimed our day of independence, had no plans for a Brexit, because they never intended we would, are to be the next PMs.

      And the only real politician, who was forced by his labour MPs, not his party, into remain, is the only one blamed because he is the only one,WHO actually represents the majority of labour and the country, so the Blairites use this turmoil, as an excuse, to replace him by another Cameron/ Blair.

      Yet it is the same LABOUR MPs, with their third way dictatorship lies, which ARE now absolutely apparent, for all to see, who have condoned in their third way politics, ripping off education, NHS the old, sick vulnerable and the destruction of free press/ media, the courts, NHS, welfare and legal social work professions and any independence from their THIRD way neither Tory or Labour dictat.

      As least we all know the truth now but what are we going to do about it ???


    1. If we are not herded, via the Court of Protection or Care courts, into state captivity, to make billions as commodities, or part of the cabal, that is doing this, we will soon be all sleeping on the streets.


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