Safeguarding Taskforce and Rip off Agency Social Workers

A huge recruitment drive is underway to man the Task Force of intervention of the newly formed ‘adult focused safeguarding service’.

5 temporary social worker vacancies appeared in just 2 weeks in the Simply Hired site.

The Indeed website shows 1876 new jobs in Adult Safeguarding, and 879 in Adult Social Worker, more in Reed Health and Social Care and other agencies, and 3 month contracts for  Adult Social Worker Assistant specialised in writing assessments and reports.

Why are cash strapped LAs using recruitment agencies allowed to take a cut to simply recruit.,

And often advertise on behalf of yet another agency like Capita Social Care Resources etc who get another cut.

Worse still these agencies, Reed , Capita are actually employing temporary social workers and claiming more then half the social workers rate for doing so.

Social services is now increasingly expensively outsourced, with less legal accountability and continuity of service.

Reed agency Care Workers are paid £8.50 per hour ,yet Reed are paid £24 per hour by the Local Authority for their services almost 3 times what the worker is paid.

For what? Recruiting, a days induction and the administration of providing the service.

A similar arrangement will be applicable to the outsourced social workers .

At £25 per hour that could mean £100 per hour for agency social workers.

Such is the rip off vulturistic privatisation of our social services, and betrayal of those most in need.

Qualified Social Workers are required by law for court assessments and s48 MCA applications .

The big recruitment is of temporary ,  3 month contracts, full time social workers ,’supporting established teams’, within an ‘adult focused safeguarding service’

These ad hoc, disposable Social Workers can have no professional autonomy.

Their work, is controlled and prescribed, and if they are to maintain employment they must produce ‘the required outcomes’.

Which, if the outcome is preventative safeguarding, can only be, a successful court application for eventual removal of the person in need of safeguarding.

The job description eludes to this , by the  word ‘effective’
‘effective review and monitoring of services and support’.

As little support is provided to family carers ,this is reviewing mainly family support and the affect of non existent services .

This will be within the adults family,home, not within supported/independent living.

As Adult Services Managers, not Social Workers review residential placements.

And,as the LA commissioned these placements, these Managers risk unemployment for an unfavourable review..

So no effective regulation of residential placements by the LA exists.

As for the CQC.

Kingdom House where Thomas Rawnsley was abused and died in February 2015, is still half empty with 4 residents.

Its first ever CQC inspection was an announced one, after concerns were raised by Thomas Rawnsley’s mother just before his death, and was rated Good in all areas.

In November 2015, a second announced inspection took place and again it was rated ‘good’,10 months after a quarter of its residents ,Thomas, died in their care at a cost of over £3,500 a week..

One wonders what would be needed to force an unannounced inspection. Let alone closure/end of  commissioned  service provision.

Family assessment workers for the under 5s

Read the detailed, jargonised, complicated, mysterious job specification for an Adult Support Worker

Childhood Support Services team, which are responsible for the countywide strategic, policy, commissioning and service development for universal and preventative services for children and their families.

All is now a ‘preventative service’ to remove to state care if any risk can be foreseen.

So social work, as a vocation/profession that supports those in need to remain living with families in their community no longer exists.

Social Workers are forced by funding, and government control to assessment and ‘prevent’ risk of abuse by removal to residential care,..

The government set up a Social Work Task Force and Reform Board in 2012, creating a new social work degree and required continuing education , overseen by a new education body, the College of Social Work.

‘As The ( Social Work ) Task force noted social work calls for a particular mix of analytic skills, insight, common sense, confidence, resilience, empathy and use of authority.’

The government have criticised and taken control of social work education and training.

Social Work Academies were set up in 2014, for newly qualified social workers which provide a year training and support and state their priority to be safeguarding children and supporting vulnerable adults.

It would appear, Social Workers have lost their professional independence by employment structure, training, government policy, and funding constraints.




  1. Once again you have found yet another scam, You should win investigative journalist of the decade.


  2. Thanks Shirley.

    It appears ‘commercial awareness’ ie sanitised rip off, is now the modus.

    Gone is truth, integrity, reputation, experience, and doing a good job. All is trying to earn money by doing nothing, and better still managing doing nothing.

    Thank you for your comment. So much for austerity and budget cuts.

    Debt is the excuse to oppress and make even more money………….

    Brexits think they’ve claimed their country back, but do not have it anyway


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